Sunday: Tigers at Athletics


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Don Kelly, 3B
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Andy Dirks, RF
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Jemile Weeks, 2B
  2. Scott Sizemore, 3B
  3. Coco Crisp, CF
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. David DeJesus, RF
  6. Chris Carter, DH
  7. Brandon Allen, 1B
  8. Kurt Suzuki, C
  9. Eric Sogard, SS

P: Guillermo Moscoso


Pretty good defense in this lineup -> i like that. I’d like to see Carlos’s road trip continue to be solid (he’s 4 for 7)

Apparently nobody is going to hit though! Pretty pathetic so far!

Interesting how JV is Cy Young (probably) yet he still is getting squeezed. A couple of pitches really could of been called strikes and in fact a similar pitch location struck out Jackson?

Uugg what happened to our offense? This is awful.

Interesting watching the club with no stress on my living room couch.
As expressed earlier and by quite a few other posters, AJ is a deep concern.
He is absolutely lost right now and the concern for me is how abruptly that can happen.
I am also a tad concerned with Alex. He’s starting to whiff with men on and watched one go right down the middle today.
When those 2 guys are hitting it makes this a very lethal lineup. Without them, the pressure starts to rest on the the very middle of the lineup.
No point to taking Santos.
Is JL going to be a SOC or a LOC with the Austin Jackson situation? You cannot afford to give away outs. You can’t afford to waste the very 1st inning when you know that is the time the opposing starter is most vulnerable.And you can’t afford AJ getting an extra AB over someone who is hitting and getting on.
I like AJ and feel he is going to be a star player but the reality of the now and the impact on the now should not be overlooked.
Obviously this can be avoided with AJ picking his game up but in the event that doesn’t happen or if AJ again gets into this kind of rut, JL needs to have a contingency plan and not be inclined to subbornly “will” the situation to self-correct.

I know it is only a statical quirk but september was supposed to be bad for Avila.
April .329
May .246
June .346
July .197
August .360
September .302
More or less in coincidence with Martinez injuries ,his average goes down

and AJ responded!

MCab is having no puck luck this series. Hitting the ball hard to RF but getting put out almost every time. May as well start pulling the ball Miggy!

Are we going to clinch and get no hit the same weekend?

Did a fly just land on Carlos’ ankle and send him to the DL? Sucks man – i hope he’s ok.

They’re gonna score 2 runs here GK.
Carlos has just made things a little easier for Leyland. Carlos is a great guy and a very important Tiger but he seems to be made of porcelain.
I feel bad for him and I know pup is probably pretty disappointed.

I’m disappointed we haven’t scored any runs yet.

carlos’ calf -> not ankle, my bad. Seems it’s a strain and should be fine with a little rest

The bats must not have been shipped to Oakland. JV will need to bear down hard because he is not likely to get many runs from his mates today.

Runs yet pup how about a lousy single? This is pathetic and disturbing? Yesterday I gave the offense a mulligan today I’m mad and nervous!

If hitting is contagious, I guess so is not hitting. We gotta get a new lead off man.

I guess he heard me.

What are the Oakland baseball people thinking? Their attendance is poor, and it has been historically, and they have drivel being substituted for play-by-play?
Bad enough the bore the fans at the park they make sure they keep themj away by boring them on the tube too?
Here they have a good baseball game being played and you would not even know it by watching the telecast. Ridiculous..
I am watching on MLBTV, hopefully Tiger fans are being spared this travesty.

Well there ya go AJ!

And that is the way no hit are finished. 10 hr, 10 3B and 20 sb and history is done

I can’t say what I’d like to say about that umpire behind the plate!

I can just hear you now GK!!!
Holy Cow, I’m not sure how an ump can miss a pitch like the last one to Sizemore and the one before had them both fooled. I try not to get too caught up in balls/strikes/umps but that was bad.

You know it JV was screwed there!

As I said before, it is happening to JV in a permanent basis, ump seem to be offended by his protests.

Umps in general in the AL, not this in particular

Much to be concerned with. No offense to speak of.
But I am encouraged to see Dirks getting good wood on the ball.
Tough game for JV–you know he wants to end up with 25 in the W column now that things are clinched and this one is one of those games that can go either way.

Well this ump is trying everything he can to get Oakland a run here. The only thing I can think of is that he needs glasses, or he hates JV or he is an Oakland fan. There has been at least 5 pitches that were strikes and another 10 or so that were close enough to be called strikes!

Just as dramatically AJ is now stinging the ball. ????
2-0 and Leyland’s moves are paying off.
I’d be inclined to take JV out. Not because I think he’s tired but because he has thrown enough, has the lead, could use the lower pitch count, and is in conflict with the ump. Especially the latter, I don’t think it is prudent to have him out there stewing.
Get him out on a high note.
The ump was awful in those last couple of innings.

JL is sending him out after all. I have a feeling this is gonna get ugly.

Even the Oakland announcers were flabbergasted with the ump’s calls on JV.
Very pleased to see JV get through that inning without incicent.
Raburn is staying hot.

Not sure how Santiago got that bunt down?

WOW yea i know how the heck did he get a ball above his head, down?

Precisely why Ramon needs to be playing. no one else on this team get that bunt down. He’s fundamentally sound and reliable. To get the bat on the ball up around the bill of the cap is hard enough but to get the bottom of the bat to probpel the ball down to complete the sueeze was simply elegant.

Let’s see what Below’s got Skip. And Pauley. Q is essential. I hope he is OK. At least his arm has been well rested with everything else going wrong!
Not sure if it is wise to trust Perry.

Sorry for the typos above.

Santiago…..a successful bunt on that kind of pitch is almost unbelievable.
He knew the runner was on his way to the plate and he had to get the bat on the ball somehow, even if it turned out to be a foul ball. Otherwise the runner is dead out at home.

How lucky are we to have Verlander on this team, the guy is amazing. Poor Carlos, I about cried in the car hearing he left with yet another injury, I am going to a game next week and was hoping to see him one last time, he has gotten so fragile and can’t imagine how he must feel with his team going to the playoffs.

Nice win today, enjoy the day off tomorrow guys, you earned it and then some.

Seems like even the umpires are fooled by JV’s pitches. I expect better umpiring than what we’ve seen all too often. What happens when it’s the deified Yankees or Red Sox? That could become a serious concern.
That was the darndest bunt I’ve seen in a long time. It was amazing that Ramon got enough bat on it to knock it foul, but to get it down in fair territory borders on miraculous.
I don’t know what to say about Guillen. He can injure himself eating breakfast, it seems. I was really counting on him for some pinch hit duties in the playoffs, so I hope this isn’t serious enough to keep him from hitting.
I’d feel better about Jackson if there was any indication that he knew why he hits and why he doesn’t. He and Lloyd can work on the leg kick all they want, but I would suggest laying off all high pitches. He singled on a high pitch today, but his homer and most of his big hits come on pitches down in the zone.
I’ll take the split, especially since it finishes off a 5-2 road trip. This schedule is crazy; we played 8 games in Oakland and they played 2 games in Detroit. How is that even close to equitable?

good pts about jackson (being central to the offense, needing to know why he is/isn’t hitting) – it seems the organization is going to have to either get a leadoff hitter or straighten AJ out this offseason (“give him whatever granderson took”). Mike Dimuro owes JV a dinner – cuz he was doin the dirty to him all day. Honestly, Eric Cooper wasn’t much better but this kinda shit happens to every team from time to time – good pitchers learn to deal with it appropriately. Let’s enjoy this last day off of the year.

The worst thing about umpires is when they have been centred out. They just hate it and the bad umps take it out on the pitcher or the hitter the next opportunity. It’s OK to miss a pitch but not to make a call based on being pissed off because one was argued the pitch before.
That’s bad umping. we saw that tonight. It was evident to the A’s broadcasters too..
Umpire -in-chief needs to be reviewing this and making appropriate decisions.

A well earned day off.
It would be great to beat the Yanks out but imediately more important to beat out Texas.
We’re fortunate to have meaningful games after having clinched.

It is exciting, isn’t it. We already know we are in the playoffs. Oh, the excitement going forward. The Royals up next and they have been hot. Ugh! I always say that when we have to play them. I’ll miss watching a game tomorrow so will probably remote back and forth between some of the other games going on. My goodness, we are going to have over 90 wins and may have home field advantage. Let’s keep everyone healthy! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!

It will be “awesome sauce” if we get the home field for the ALDS, but it will create a logistical nightmare for me to get to Detroit on that particular day. Does anyone know when they decide gametimes? I realize they need to know who’s playing who and where, but it seems TBS would know already if they want to go on the air at say, 5 PM and 8 PM. I don’t think they’d roll any earlier in the day, would they? There are only the two games on the 30th.

Rich last time we were in the playoffs some of those games were switched just avdy or two ahead of time. We had tickets for the Oakland series but had to sell the tickets because of thecswitch to the earlier time! Yes I know whenever I hear that Magglio walk off home run call I cry a little bit because I was supposed to be there and wasn’t.

dang that sucks man

OK guys, help me out now that we can discuss postseason without if’s – how is it decided who plays each other in the first round? Is it based on number of wins? Just wondering once it plays out who plays who and how that is decided.


The first round is the Division Series, which is a best-of-five series that matches up the top four teams in each league. The team with the best overall record gets the top seed and home-field advantage in the playoffs. It hosts Games 1, 2 and 5 in the Division Series round. The team with the second-best record will hosts Games 1, 2 and 5 in its series.

Typically the wild-card team plays the team with the best overall record. But if those teams are in the same division, then the wild-card team will face the team with the second-best record.

2nd round (Championship Series) sees the team with the best record given the home-field advantage.
In the event that the wild-card team has the better record the DIVISION CHAMPION STILL gets the advantage and hosts Games 1, 2, 6 and 7.

Now that the Tigers have won the Central, they still need to play hard and go for the best record. That is why Verlander pitched the 8th. Home field advantage is great but not everything. Winning the 1st game is big. Nice article Jason about Dave Dombroski. People can be so negative because the player did not perform. Did anyone really know how good Jair Juirjens was going to be? How about Miller and Maybin? We got Cabrera and I think he is 2 points from the batting crown. I would like to see Victor work with AJ. What more does Ramon need to prove? The manager is still a SOC but he sure does look LOC when the players perform.

Myself and a whole lot of people could see how good Jair Jurrjens would be, and he’s still only 25 today. Likewise, I was very disappointed the first time I saw Andrew Miller pitch and that didn’t change. I wasn’t keen on Cameron Maybin either, so DD fleeced the Marlins on the Cabrera deal and I thought so at the time. It’s all in the archives.

If i remember correctly, juirjens pitched like crap his last game his started for us…..i think i was there….and “nook logan v2.0” (aka curtis granderson) had a in the park homerun cuz Jenny (johnny damon) can’t throw.

Yes , he allowed a ton of runs against A´s. The next game he got a no hitter against the A´s until the 7 th. He left with 6.1 one hit. . He won the next game before falling to the Hernandez ´s curse. Every single starter but JV and every single reliever was in DL those two years.
He was recovering from a neck injury from a car accident when called to sub for Miller.
Detroit had then JV, Miller, Bondo and Robertson . I think Porcello was already signed too.All them below 28 yo and with a great future making JJ expandable

Amazing the year Granderson is having, good for him as long as he doesn’t bring it if we play him.

I finally saw a replay of the squeeze bunt – that really was terrific. I like how Papa wants 50 saves before the season end – lots of goals to achieve before post season but also time for guys to get a day off here and there.

Tiger Girl: Did you see the posts on the playoff seeding?

I did Dan, thanks for clarifying it for me!

What’s cool is that this is the team we have now! A playoff team! Finally! Hey Rich, been meaning to ask, you said you got playoff tickets a while ago. Someone at work said they tried to get them on line and waited forever and finally gave up because he could not get 2 seats together. I think he said they went on sale at 10 am and were sold out in 1 hour. Go Tigers, 2011. –Dave. P.S. where is statman?

Playoff tickets showed up today! Yippie!
Regarding Jurrjens, I didn’t like seeing him go either. I think the knock on him is they thought he was injury prone, which he has turned out to be. But when he is heathy he is awesome!

I only waited about two minutes, Dave, before I was able to order. Maybe I was just lucky, don’t know. There was no time to be picky about seats because they were going fast. I’m happy with my game 2 seats, and not so much with game 1. Probably because I ordered game 2 first.
And the tickets arrived in yesterday’s mail.

And this time they won’t be collector’s items like the 2009 tickets became.

Forgot about that (the tickets). To this day, I still want to go back and change the outcome. Can’t do it.

The planning meetings are today, and one looming offseason issue will be Ramon Santiago (yes, I’m his campaign manager). He’s a free agent and it wouldn’t surprise me if a team, say Atlanta, who is nothing if not smart, will make a run at him. I’ve always thought the guy could be a starter, but if the Tigers want to go out and get another secondbaseman, you still want to keep Santiago for the simple fact that he’s about the best utility infielder in the game. The best at anything will cost money. Pay it. Take it out of the postseason income we’re about to realize, a postseason that Ramon had a lot to do with. Since becoming a regular, we’ve gone 24-7. That’s right, 24-7.

The Mendoza line, no I am not going to bring up Brandon Inge.
I’m talking about the guy Penny faces today. The guy has given up 4 dingers this year in 4 IP. Has a horrible career record and hits come off hiim like fleas inaa bath tub.
Should be a field day for Tiger hitters.
Here’s hoping Q is OK. He is a key to the bullpen in the playoffs. Without him you have to go to guys like Penny, Perry or Pauley. Alliteration aside, there is not much consistency with those guys.

It seems like some people want every position to produce 30 home runs and 100 rbi. Solid defense, smart baserunning, being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… I meant able to put a bat on a ball over your head when the squeeze is on, is Ramon Santiago. If anything, reward him for what he has done. I hope that DD realizes this. Really? 24-7? Wow.

yea – ramon’s playing time and the recent streak are no coincidence. Personally i’d be fine giving Ramon 2-3M a year for the next 2 years. For all i care he can be our starting 2B. And in regards to our righties besides AL^2…..well Perry is OK but nothing else.

Fine by me, too. I think Ramon is 32 this year? Yes, I’d like to keep him, but his value has gone up. He could also be used as trade bait.

Can’t trade a free agent. They’d have to sign him first. Well, if DD wants another Renteria/Polanco type flap, just let Ramon walk.

Forgot about that. It will be interesting to see if Detroit offers him an extension.

The record is 24-7 because that what’s Santiago gives you: 24/7

Aha, that’s a good one, Dan!

Jackson CF, Kelly 3B, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Rirks RF, Santiago 2B, (Penny P)

lol, that’s DIRKS nor Rirks

What’s with Kelly at 3B all of a sudden?

I wouldn’t have kelly at 3rd today

i’d have him pitching :p jk

Betemit is banged up. Remember that slide home the other day??

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