Saturday: Tigers at Athletics

Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez both went to Jim Leyland in the midst of last night’s celebration and said they wanted to be in the lineup Saturday. And they are. Alex Avila is not, though he didn’t ask off. Omir Santos gets the start behind the plate, while Danny Worth gets his first start at second since he was recalled from Toledo.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  3. Ryan Raburn, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Brandon Inge, 3B
  8. Danny Worth, 2B
  9. Omir Santos, C

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Jemile Weeks, 2B
  2. Coco Crisp, CF
  3. Hideki Matsui, DH
  4. Josh Willingham, LF
  5. David DeJesus, RF
  6. Cliff Pennington, SS
  7. Brandon Allen, 1B
  8. Kurt Suzuki, C
  9. Scott Sizemore, 3B

P: Gio Gonzalez



What kind of nutty lineup is that?

(Just Kidding!!!)

Funny. That is the hangover lineup!

Rick is struggling so far today, he isn’t getting the ball down. Out too late or just the typical Porcello who is inconsistent?

Has anyone ever seen Jackson leave his feet? I know he has a ton of range and often doesn’t need to leave them, but he never makes a diving play.

I can recall one.
I am pretty sure AJ will become a star player. If so, at least we know he won’t be injured very much!!!
In the playoffs, I hope he re-thinks his defense and is willing to sacrifice his body if need be.

Porcello just isn’t good enough. We basically have two good pitchers, one soso and teo poor pitchers.

how could they call Pennigton safe on that bunt? Unless there is something we couldn’t see?

Not being satisfied with the status quo, I’d like to see Santiago at leadoff and Jackson 9th. Ramon does all the things you want a leadoff hitter to do, so if JL is finally going to start him on a regular basis, put him there. Hello?

You know how stubborn Leland can be, Rich. Look what we went through with Boesch last year for months. I’d like to see him move Austin down in the order sooner rather than later. You can see the frustration and almost painlike expression in his face every time he strikes out. It’s got to be stressing him out.

How’s Porcello looking? Gameday shows a lot of groundball singles. Are those hard hit?

Porcello is leaving a lot of pitches up. They aren’t hitting anything terribly hard, but they arent exactly seeing eye singles either?

Sounds like a frustrating day. I suppose my look at the archived game tonight will be brief. But hey, at least it was televised. We’ve got Boston-Tampa here, not surprisingly.
I guess Rick was able to pull a halfway decent game out of it. I’m pretty sure he was drinking the alcoholic champagne last night.

I’ll give the guys a mulligan today, but if I see this tomorrow, well I won’t be as forgiving. Porcello was okay, but not great. Perry is not good today.

Boy a pretty decent strike zone today, but that at bat that Avila had in the 9th, not one of those pitches he called strike was even close. Too bad Perry gave up those two runs it would of been a tie game. Like I said a mulligan today, tomorrow I hope to see a whole lot more. For some reason these crap teams from the west (Seattle and Oakland) cause us trouble and I don’t know if they don’t take them serious or what, but it hasn’t been god this year.

They pitch well.
Those add on runs from Perry were the killer.

Well the 1st day at school should have pointed out a few things to the teacher.
-Tigers hit into too many DPs. You have to do SOMETHING to combat that. Hit and run at times, certainly a willingness to bunt. More selectivity at the plate.
-Perry can’t be counted on. He is not overpowering and he is not in the strike zone..
This is a concern because the othr “P” in the bullpen has also not shown he can be relied upon.
-As Rich pointed out, AJ is not doing his job at leadoff. In fact, let’s call it as it is: Right now he is useless in this regard. You simply cannot afford to give away outs in the 1st inning and to offer AJ an extra AB over a more experieinced hitter later in the game. He can’t drive in a guy from 3rd either. He is a strikeout in waiting. Totally lost. Hard to imagine this is the same guy that looked like a young Barry Bonds in that series against the Sox. He was so effective and having so much fun. Sure wish we could bottle that somehow.
-Porcello may not be exciting but he is better than Penny. This has been one frustrating season for pitchers whose surname start with “P”.
-JL needs to get VMart in catching condition. He won’t need to catch but if an emergency develops with Avila or we are fortunate enough to play ball in a NL ballpark, that offers us a more potent lineup.
-Santiago needs to be the regular 2nd baseman. You can throw Raburn in there on those rare occasions where there is a tough southpaw.
-Let’s see what Below can do. He may be a pleasant surprise to have on the roster.

I do think Santiago leading off makes a good deal of sense. As we have seen, he can actually bunt to get on as well. (A leadoff strikeout is so deflating!)
You can certainly follow him up with Magglio/Dirks or get really innovative and plug Avila in there.
Avila followed by 2 RHB causes some disruption in thought for the opposing manager late in games.
AJ needs to bat at the bottom of the order unless he goes on one of those wildass tears again.
I am a tad scared that JL will lean on Guillen to play 2nd.

Diving plays? That is a recipe for a triple or worse at Copa. A failed dive and …. The only sure way to do it without risk is the Tony Armas, Magglio style with the face up and the body keeping the ball from go to the wall. And not too many are able to do it

Do you mean like Curtis Granderson?
I totally disagree. There is a time and a place to dive—especially a time. And if that time comes, I want my outfield to go for it.
You don’t have to look like you are in a diving competition but you do have to be willing. My argument with AJ is that he is simply unwilling.
Shoud he have dived today? No.
Should he in October? Yes.

Detroit is third in MLB in avg, fourth in Rbis, fourth i Slg,fourth in Obp.
Ther is nothing wrong with the offensive. Its not broke, dont fix it. ( But fire Lamont)

Befrore the trade Granderson was struggling with his defense almost as bad as with his offense. He even said that playing at Copa was hard for him. He made many errors. His MVP credentials are tarnished by his low avg and his defense

There have been a number of times since Santiago started playing regularly where he turns the lineup over with a legitimate scoring opportunity, only to have Jackson, our worst hitter with RISP, come up. I’m not down on Austin by any means, but I think we can improve upon our already good offense by swapping the two. It’s a simple switch, doesn’t disrupt anything, and it will work. The excuse that “we don’t have a leadoff hitter” doesn’t hold water when we have Ramon. I feel like I’ve been in a never ending campaign to bring to light what Santiago can do for us. It won’t show up in the stats, but he’s a winner. If that’s not enough, I’ll bet Jackson’s hitting would improve 100% if we made that move.
I think Jackson has had some opportunities to go to the ground on some bloop hits. Those don’t lead to disaster, plus the other outfielder is often in the immediate vicinity to back up. I am leery of diving for line drives, because those really can blow up in your face. Of course Austin’s OF play is of little concern in the big picture, and I don’t want to give an impression that I’m dissatisfied. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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