A new level of scoreboard watching for the Tigers

For the most part, Jim Leyland has tried to steer clear of questions about the postseason or about clinching a spot in it. They’ve put themselves in a good position, he would say, but that’s all. On Friday, he said more than once that they have to find a way to get to 1.

Still, he was a little more open about their situation Friday. And when a reporter asked him if it would mean more to win their way in tonight rather than counting on a Indians loss, Leyland showed no difference. However they get it done, they get it done.

“If they happen to flash up Minnesota 8, Cleveland 2 [on the scoreboard], that wouldn’t bother me,” Leyland said. “We have to get to one somehow.”

Leyland admits they’re checking the scores, which isn’t hard to do given the out-of-town scoreboard posted on the right-field wall here at Oakland Coliseum. But, he cautions, he doesn’t take their attention away from the task at hand.

Tonight’s Twins-Indians tilt just started as I write this point. The Tigers-A’s game begins a couple hours later, so they could have a fair idea before Austin Jackson leads off the game. We shall see.


A few weeks ago I thought AJ was finally really coming out of his almost all year funk. Just heard he is 2 for his last 22. Guess not huh?

Another bad start, squandered opportunity and a solo shot. Again I have to listen to Rod and Mario tell me how this team doesn’t hit homers especially in this park! Ya right. And again our pitcher isn’t sharp!

AJ is an enigma. To go from being cold to hot to cold so dramaticaly indicates a problem that needs correcting. In my opinion this is something that the hitting coach needs to immerse himself in. AJ will be crucial to wiining ballgames in the post-season.
We have seen our offense, and when I say offense I mean the whole damn thing, simply vanish at times this year. It’s hard to imagine this happening in light of what we have been treated to lately but it is something that has taken up residence in the back of my mind.

I don’t think Jackson knows how he got all those hits that one week anymore than he knows why he’s not hitting now. He’s stopped bunting for hits altogether. I don’t know how many teams would have him at leadoff, but I wouldn’t think many. Too many Ks. We don’t have a typical leadoff hitter so you may as well put a higher OBP guy in that slot. Whoever that may be. As it is, our weakest hitter is getting the most ABs.
So who turned the lights off?

They just won 12 games. They cant win forever. A little regression is due.
No team is as good as it looks when is winning neither as bad as its looks when is losing.
Ajax batted around an unsustainable 400 before compensating a little. Still , he walked a little more than the usual during that 2-20 stretch

Bad running for Cabrera.

More squandered opportunities. Yippie! I don’t think it’s necessarily bad base running, it’s a contact play. But it certainly stinks they blew it again!

Yikes. He’s my favorite Tiger but you gotta blame Avila for that fiasco. He didn’t look any better the 1st time with 2 guys on either.
That one hurt.
Not sure what else MCab could have done on that play El Tigre. That was a play where they simply go on contact.
Bad at bats by Avila, Peralta and Betemit. Id’a had Peralta green lighted on the 3-0

Our pitcher is cutting sharp

With runners on first and third you go on contact to break the DP.
With runners on second and third you wait until the ball leaves the infield

The freaking did it again! Can you say choke?

My head hurts!

I guess Fister is feeling right at home with this nonsense tonight. How many men left on? How many glorious scoring opportunities?
This is one facet of the game that does concern me with the Tigers. It hasn’t been relevant lately but we went through a really tough time earlier where the offense became impotent in situations like we’ve seen tonight.
I thought those days were over.

And I’m mad. By the way this home plate umpire is horrible! He can’t decide what is or isn’t a strike. It’s amazing some of these guys keep their jobs. There have been some horrible calls both ways but none of them worse than to Martinez there in the fifth.

On a positive note and I am not very positive right now, Fister has settled down and been efficient, now if the hitters coukd do something right.

Looks to me like Betemit hurt.
What is our problem when we get guys to 3rd?

A’s are getting awfully lucky in this game a lot of bounces are going their way.

My nerves are shot.

Looks like Darth Vader throws like a girly boy. I’m sorry. Just a reference to Hans and Frans. Fister on the other hand is dealin’.

Mister Fister! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!11

Jim and Dan think Benoit is coming in to pitch.

Mister Fister is coming back out.

A thing of beauty.

3 outs to go. I am way more excited than I thought I’d be at this point.

3 more outs!

Oh man, here we go.

Kinda wish Fister was staying in. Not that in don’t trust Valverde, but?

Let’s get a DP.

I’m sippin my wine.

Congrats to the TIGERS! AL CENTRAL Champions 2011. A pleasure to watch all season, (I am sure glad mlb.com is with us for TIgers in other places). Now let’s WIN IT ALL!!!!!

Way to go, Tigers!!! Congrats all the way from Illinois.

Congrats to the Tigers and all us fans. Well worth the wait. Doug Fister was outstanding. What a great win!
Now, let’s not stop.
Go Tigers.
— Bob

I like this team. I like um a lot.

A job well done.
It will now be time for other things to be accomplised:
Keep everyone fresh, sharp and ready to play,
Get some attention paid to Austin Jackson and turn his game around. he better be willing to dive after balls in the post-season as well as hit, and steal some bases.
Get some work for Below. His left arm could be very important.
Get Q in condition.
Get Avila regular rest the rest of the way.
Raburn needs work at 2nd and in the OF.
MCab could use some days off and a game or 2 at DH only.
Guilen needs some work as does Magglio and Dirks.
Is Pauley going to contribute?
Does Penny have anything to offer the squad in the post-season?
I would keep pitching the rotation but I would not let JV throw more than 100 pitches in ordinary circumstances.
Questions and answers. JL has been doing a good job. It will be important that he does an excellent job these next 2 weeks.

You know what? I took off my Tigers t-shirt yesterday and the Tigers lose to Oakland that day! Today I asked my wife to wash this t-shirt, so it might be helpful for our team to clinch. It looks like it was the right move!

Amazing. Unbelievable. Incredible :)) Awesome winning string in September and deserved Division title.

Congrats to the team, congrats to the fans! We all did it, I think🙂

Oops. I meant “streak” not “string”…

Still yippie!


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