It’s official: Saturday’s game on FOX in Michigan, Toledo

Not even blackout rules are beating the Tigers these days. After a couple days of talks and logistics, Saturday’s game against the A’s will be broadcast on FOX network stations throughout Michigan as well as Toledo beginning at 4pm ET.

The move is basically an end-around to the blackout rules that state FOX can have the only broadcasts going during their national game of the week time slot. Saturday’s Tigers-A’s tilt wasn’t among the regional broadcast, but they basically added it specifically for the Tigers market. Fox Sports Detroit will produce the game, with Mario Impemba and Rod Allen on the call.

“We worked diligently with our colleagues at FOX Sports, Major League Baseball, the Tigers and the FOX stations and affiliates in our area to make this possible,” said FOX Sports Detroit Senior Vice President/General Manager Greg Hammaren in a statement. “We really appreciate FOX Sports stepping to the plate and granting permission to show the game. They understood the significance of our request so Tigers fans can have the opportunity to watch what could be another memorable day in the team’s storied history.”

With the Tigers’ magic number at 2 for clinching the AL Central, there’s a fair chance the Tigers will have wrapped up their first division title since 1987 by Saturday. But if it happens Saturday, Fox Sports Detroit will handle the postgame show with a special version of Tigers Live.


Thrilled. I’m off work at 4:30 Saturday and can be home in 3 minutes. We have to be thankful that all parties worked together to make the fans happy (as if we weren’t already):}

Oh, and Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!

My question would be, since the game is being broadcast would MLB.TV pick it up also? Even blacked out, I can view the archived game. I do that for all the Fox blackout Saturdays.
Best bet is to win it tonight (or tomorrow). I’m planning a late evening or two here. Hopefully the entire Saturday clinching issue will go the way of second half collapses and leaving men stranded on thirdbase.

Oh thank gawd it’s Mario and Rod, as opposed to a couple of knuckleheads from the FOX network

First things first…..A Tiger win in Oakland combined with a Sox loss in KC and an Indian loss in Texas clinches it, right? Is anyone superstitious about tonight’s #13?

A Tiger win or a Sox loss eliminates them. For Cleveland, they need to lose and us win to clinch tonight.

FYI: Jackson CF, Ordonez RF, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Betemit 3B, Santiago 2B, (Scherzer P)

Playing out west this late in the season is strange. I mean, it’s been dark here literally for hours, and the game hasn’t even started yet. Feels like the middle of the night.

Both Sox and Indians losing by 5-6 runs.

I’d love to win tonight against one of Oakland’s best.

Good grief. He’s getting shelled.

Crap two quick outs and a three run homer for DeJesus of all people? Max gives up more homers!

Funny how certain guys hit certain teams.
If we get the call at first on that DP attempt, none of that happens.

We can do some damage against McCarthy IF we make him get the ball down in the zone. Unfortunately, Jackson is the last guy you want to see up with RISP.

Dan and Jim don’t like it. They’re gonna have to yank him.

Max gives up waaay too many home runs! And tonight to a team which doesn’t hit home runs in a park which doesn’t give up many home runs! Tonight may not be the night, but too early to give up on this team!

That was a double play when they showed the re-play. Another umpire blunder. The Sox have lost. Indians still losing. The Tigers have come back from 4 down but it looks like it will be more than that now.

The guy was easily out. Maybe we’ll catch one of those breaks later in the game. At least Delmon hit one out. We can get to him but Max has to do better.

Dan and Jim said Mr & Mrs. Ilitch flew out to this game. Let’s go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!1

Well it’s going to be a long night if Tiger hitters keep swinging at that high pitch out of the strike zone!

It’s gotten to the point where batters got their act down even after striking out. Little hop and flip of the bat, and….yeah I’m cool.

Rod said the two PH homers yesterday was the first time the Tigers had done that since 1968. I thought he said in the same inning, but maybe not. At any rate, Gates Brown and Wayne Comer both had PH homers that day, but not in the same inning. So that leaves the question: when, if ever, have they done it in the same inning?

That game was the 1st of a DH and the Gator had a walk off hit in the 2nd game too.

Yep, four runs in the bottom of the 9th, Stanley with the game winner.

Both of them lost so magic number is down to 1? Tigers are in control of their own destiny then. Early day tomorrow so I’m turning in. Several times when I missed a game they came back to win. Cheer them on fellow fans!

Max another homer? Really?

Well they squandered a lead off homer by Miguel. Time to go to bed?

I apologize if this subject has been discussed in previous posts, but tiger info is limited here in Atlanta…I was wondering what the situation is with Andy Oliver. I haven’t heard anything about him in a while. Is he hurt or did he regress this year? I am just curious.

I have no idea how he’s done in Toledo, but his start(s) in the show were awful. Not ready for prime time.

Jason, to answer your tweet about “Your Love” by the Outfield, yes. That piece jumped the shark months ago, maybe years. Valencia, Beckham, tonight Willingham, and lord knows how many other use that for walk up music. And everytime it makes me gag. It’s become a family joke here.

So Chicago is eliminated (we did do that in 2006) and we’ve clinched a tie for the division. There is a possibility that we win the division in mid-game tomorrow night, but Cleveland is playing the woeful Twins, so I wouldn’t count on that. Somewhere within the bowels of the Oakland ballpark await several cases of champagne.
More importantly as of now, Texas gained a game on us while we rooted for them to beat Cleveland.
For a fairly good pitcher, Max sure is inconsistent from start to start and pitch to pitch.

Decided to go to bed in the 7th, glad I didn’t stay up. Kinda a buzz kill that the didn’t clinch it, but not worried they won’t do i, they couldnt just keep winning like that. However I was disappointed in Max Scherzer. Giving up all these homers to guys who don’t really hit them in a park that doesn’t yield them is in my opinion not good. Max confuses me. I would sure feel more comfortable with last years good Max compared to the inconsistent one we are seeing now? Especially going into the playoffs.

Ugh, I stayed up and my head hurts now! I’ll just have to do it again tonight – can’t win em all. Max can be Jekyl and Hyde out there – striking them out like crazy and giving up homeruns. Didn’t you just know DeJesus was going to hit that homerun while Rod was talking about how he hits so well against us?

LOL I did think da Je-sus was going to work us there. I didn’t even care if we won last night => all i wanted was max not to walk people and the rest of them to play good baseball. We didn’t do either.

well i guess max did not walk many (only 1) – he just hit 2 guys and it just felt like he pitched with no control/accuracy.

I shut the TV off immediately after the game. Didn’t want to watch interviews. My opinion is this: they should never revealed that Mac and Jim were wearing the same underwear til the streak broke. That broke our lucky streak. Now, we have to start all over again. Should of saved that little piece of history when we won. Seriously!

Fell asleep in the top of the first. I get up at 6 am. I think VMart is the real hitting coach. Tigers did not score many runs. Tonight’s the night. Kinda sounds like song. Go Tigers, 2011.

eh Trevor Cahill is 2-0 with a 1.26 ERA against the Tigers over the past two seasons so don’t count it yet

At least it’s OK to sit near JL and McLendon again! No wonder all the players have been on the other side of the dugout.

To ATL_tigerfan: Oliver had a sub-par year for Toledo. He was 8-12 with a 4.71 ERA. Gave up more hits than innings (147 IP) and walked 80 guys. A WHIP of over 1.5.
My biggest concern with Oliver is that he seems far too timid to be successful in the bigs. He has a big left arm, however, and I think there is still a possibility we can get something for him in a trade. To me, that would be his biggest value. Drew Smyly is the guy to watch with Casey Crosby still a chance of materializing.

I’m not at all superstitious but it’s my opinion that the topic of Jim Leyland’s underwear should never be on the table. And in that, I’m serious. The fact is, we were due to have a game like that. And it still feels very strange to be playing there at this time of year in a nearly empty ballpark.
Due to rainouts, we have the odd situation of the second place team being eliminated but the third place team still alive.
Remember last winter after all the transactions were done and many people already had the Red Sox in the World Series? Here we are, Boston fighting for their wild card lives and the Tigers with a better record than them. I’m sure some people saw that coming, but not many, I’ll bet.

I’m in fully agreement here: y the heck were our guys (JL, coke, etc.) talking about winning the game -> when they should have been talking about playing good baseball. What, were we going to win the game bcz of JL’s underpants or because #13 is superstitious? Disappointed today – really am. I’m not going to chew yesterday’s lunch tho – today we have a game and we need to focus on playing it the right way.

all that clinching/streak talk was, as the great skipper once said “It’s a joke. Let’s face it. It’s a joke. I don’t want all that silly stuff.”

You never say “no-hitter” or “no-no” til the game is over. Should have kept their traps shut about the underwear. Jinxed themselves.

Once again, we are spoiled. A 12 game winning streak? Look at the comments from 2 months ago. We could not hit or get a runner in from 3rd. Our starters were not performing, etc. Has the manager made some good moves? Yes. But as I have said before, the players have confidence. Reminds me of March Madness, you have to be playing your best at the end of the season. The Red Sox, The White Sox, The Indians are not. Speaking of spoiled, what is Miggy’s average? Go Tigers!

So……if I say “we’re going to win the division” it will cause us to lose our final 12 games while Cleveland goes 15-0 then they beat us in a tiebreaker in our own ballpark?

One game at a time. We gotta win this one tonight.

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