Saturday update: Game appears headed to FOX

The Tigers are making progress towards getting its Saturday afternoon game at Oakland on television somewhere, according to a source. But instead of working around the FOX blackout rules, it now appears the game would end up on FOX itself, at least in Michigan and Toledo.

The Detroit Free Press first reported the shift, saying the game will be on FOX 2 in Detroit beginning at 4 p.m. ET. While progress is being made, talks are still ongoing with FOX and MLB. Some details need to be addressed before anything is finalized.

Another challenge that needs to be worked out is finding a production crew. Though Fox Sports Detroit has some crew members on the trip, that doesn’t include such behind-the-scenes cogs as cameramen and some folks in the truck. On a college football Saturday, that can be tough to round up. They should be able to do it, but it’ll take some work.


It better be on or I will be angry , with fox!

Had to go to Chicago for work the last few days, wound up at the game at the last minute for Verlander’s game on Tuesday. I after hearing so many horror stokes about the fans there, they were actually very nice, at least the people in my section were.

People are usually nicer at the host ballparks when their team is out of it. I’ve seen it a lot. They’re also nicer during interleague games.
I was all set to watch today’s game but had a massive network failure that had to be addressed immediately. I DVR’d the game and watched most of it this evening. Is this fun or what? Knowing the outcome in advance helps one see things that might otherwise be forgotten, such as Santiago’s inning ending defensive play in the 8th that saved a run and kept us behind by only three. That stuff doesn’t show up in any stats, and I hope management is going to do whatever necessary to bring him back next year.
In the “when it’s going good” department, AJ ripped a walkoff single in the 9th off Coke, except he scalded it right at Guillen. Was well worth kicking a helmet over.
It looks like I may get my wish, which was for you folks in Michigan to get Saturday’s game even if I didn’t. I should have expanded that wish to include me. 🙂 Well, we’ll have two shots at clinching before that game, so I Iike the odds.

What if someone sling box’s it over to ya, Rich? You down to watch it via your computer if you need to?

The Saturday game should be televised at least for you fans in the Detroit area. But it looks like the clincher could come Thursday or Friday night. And that would be a very late game indeed.

Yesterday’s 9th inning PH games between Ozzie and JL was a def. victory for the skipper. Everyone knows i’m a fan – but yesterday JL was out of his mind at managing the ballclub!

Skip did look awfully smart yesterday – kudos to him and his players for making him look so smart. I can barely stand the excitement right now, I am downright giddy thinking about it. I won’t be able to watch Saturday’s game so am hoping they clinch the next 2 nights, although staying up that late for an Oakland game is tough with a head cold! Maybe I’ll take a nap at 8 to make it !

I tell ya, when it is going good, it is ridiculous, never thought they would have won that game yesterday.

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