Tuesday: Tigers at White Sox

Pick and choose your Tigers second baseman with good numbers off Gavin Floyd. Ryan Raburn (12-for-32), Ramon Santiago (4-for-15, 2 HRs) and Will Rhymes (3-for-4) all have them. But keep in mind two factors: Lefties are batting .276 off Floyd this season compared to .220 from righties, and Jim Leyland wants to start Ramon Santiago on Wednesday with Brad Penny on the mound. Add in the fact that Leyland was looking for a spot to get Rhymes a start, and today was the day. He’ll bat second, where he began the season.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Will Rhymes, 2B
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Andy Dirks, RF

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. A.J. Pierzynski, DH
  4. Dayan Viciedo, 1B
  5. Alex Rios, CF
  6. Alejandro De Aza, RF
  7. Tyler Flowers, C
  8. Brent Morel, 3B
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Gavin Floyd


JL needs to be playing Raburn tonight. After a 4-hit game on top of his previous success against all Chicago pitching, it’s a bad move to bench him. Raburn could replace any of Rhymes, Jackson, or Dirks for this one. Just because we’ve gotten hot doesn’t mean that JL’s methods are suddenly the correct ones. Rhymes can start in Oakland.

i agree

JV has a tough time with Pierre, i n fact \i think all our pitchers seem to.
We were fortunate to get out of the 1st inning withough giving up any runs.
Rhymes looked pretty nervous on that play, they gave AJP a hit on that AND i SIMPLY DO NOT AGREE.
So far JV does not look JV sharp.

It seems to me that JV has been throwing primarily fastballs tonight, and if memory serves me, last outing too. He has a good one and all, but eventually major league hitters will catch up to it. Why is he seemingly reluctant to throw that slider and change? He is looking to me more like the pitcher of last year trying to overpower the hitters time and time again. Lots of pitches through three innings, and not a lot of strikeouts to show for it. Seems like he needs to mix up his pitches more. I thought he was doing that through this year much better than tonight and last outing. Maybe I’m just imagining things.


is the home plate ump smoking crack tonight? watching on MLB gameday and all game long strikes are being called as balls.

good to get out of the 8th w/o a run score by CHI (though i was secretly hoping they’d score 2 runs to give Valverde his 44th)

9th inning.. GO TIGERS!

btw, i still think this blog system on MLB is probably the worst i’ve ever seen. hands down. that’s why i stopped posting years ago.

While I’m not a fan of Gameday’s strike zone, it appeared the umpire wasn’t calling the outside edge, which is common for the guys that work in the slot.
I think that actually was sparks flying from Avila’s mask. I never say never, but I may have seen everything now. Should Alex wear eye protection BEHIND his mask? Crazy. I’m becoming concerned about long term damage to his head and neck. I suppose no one tracks this kind of thing, but it would be interesting to see which pitchers are out there the most when he takes those foul tips. It’s got to be the types of pitches these guys throw. It’s gone beyond mere coincidence.
Some home team hitter friendly scoring tonight. Those have to be errors to Betemit and Rhymes. Sure, they’re hard hit balls but this is the big leagues, not slow pitch softball. The scorer set him/herself up for a sticky problem tonight if Verlander is throwing hitless innings. Talk about potential controversy. Imagine that outcry.
I’m not sure if Texas beating Cleveland is necessarily a good thing.
Ramirez/Ortiz, Mauer/Morneau, Maris/Mantle, can anyone think of other 1-2 punches like Cabrera/Martinez?

Same here, Rich. Those knocks to the head can take their toll and I worry about him. He’s had his bell rung a few times and there’s only so many a guy can take. Maybe a new type of face mask? Although, they have to be able to throw it off to make and out of bounds catch. More padding? .
To me, the official scorer’s are a joke, although I’d love to be one. We’ve seen many a play at Comerica changed. Some for and some against our own players. Polanco always got the benefit of those calls.

23rd win by JV, 86th win for the team, 12.5 division lead… It’s unbelievable…

This is all simply amazing, and I am now eating some words I am sure I wrote this year which may have been complaining or concern – the team is playing terrific. I do think those were sparks too – Alex is going to need a well deserved vacation after this season, he sure does seem to get knocked around back there. Funny how different JV can look in games, but it worked again for him last night, he was firing them in there like crazy. I don’t even know what to say about VMart anymore, he is money as Rod likes to say.

I am not expecting a win today and lets face it 11 in a row is simply amazing. That said, I have not expected wins in other games and we have gotten it so who knows. Fun, fun, fun stuff – this is why we keep hanging around as fans.

11 game win streak, 11 straight for JV, Vmart’s 11th home run, Sparky’s number is 11. How many playoff games do you need to win the World Series?

I didn’t like the lineup. IMO, JV and all the rest of the pitchers should have the best defense behind them. I won’t mention names. They won and that’s all that counts.

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