Saturday’s game could be televised after all

When the Tigers released their TV schedule for this season over the winter, they had 161 games slated to air between Fox Sports Detroit, Fox national network and ESPN. The lone game not scheduled for broadcast at  that point was a Saturday afternoon game in Oakland that fell within the FOX national window for exclusive broadcasts.

Oh, if anybody could’ve imagined then how much might ride on that game now. Depending on how the next few days unfold, it could potentially be a clinching game for the Tigers to wrap up their first division title in 24 years. With those implications now abundantly clear, it could end up on the air after all.

“The possibility still exists,” Tigers vice president of communications Ron Colangelo said Tuesday.

Tim Bryant, director of media relations for Fox Sports Detroit, said much the same thing.

“Needless to say, it’s on the radar of us and the Tigers,” Bryant wrote in an email Tuesday.

The FOX blackout doesn’t come up very often with the Tigers, who have had a fair number of Saturday games on the network as a regional broadcast this summer. When FOX has its games on the air Saturday, no other games can be broadcast in that same three-hour window. That’s why you see a lot of teams scheduling 1:05pm games when FOX has games slated for 4:05 or, earlier in the year, 7:05. It’s also why the Tigers ended up not having a mid-May game in Pittsburgh on the air when the Pirates chose a 7:05 start time.

For a Sept. 17 visit from the Tigers, the A’s chose a day game — a 1:05pm start local time, or 4:05pm ET. That wasn’t going to change. FOX has three games scheduled for regional broadcasts, but Tigers-A’s isn’t one of them.

To get the game on Fox Sports Detroit, the Tigers and the network would need to get FOX to waive its exclusivity rights. If there’s a lot riding on that game, it’s a possibility. From a logistics standpoint, that would seem easier than getting a FOX crew in, since FSD will have its crew in town already.

Stay tuned. Had to figure that line would show up at some point, right?


Saw this coming. If they do get the waiver and broadcast the game, I’m not entirely sure how that will play out with out of market viewers, as many of us here are. I’ll just say that I hope it’s on, even if only the locals can see it. I’ll just bite the bullet if that happens.
Funny story on this type of scenario: on Labor Day of 2006, there was no broadcast of the Detroit-Seattle game for whatever reason. I went to MLB.TV and the game was being shown. The “broadcast crew” consisted of one guy in the upper deck with a handheld camera, coupled with the radio broadcast. It was about as entertainingly chintzy as can be imagined, what with the camera operator leaving the game action to follow various young ladies walking around the stadium and such. The guy obviously liked blondes. I doubt you see anything like this ever again…………

I don’t remember that game, but I remember those early MLB.TV broadcasts. Basically, they were in-house stadium camera views that were usually meant for the scoreboards, paired with the radio broadcasts. Thank goodness that’s over. The online broadcast for the Pittsburgh game in May was surprisingly good, though replays weren’t the same.

If I remember correctly, that game was Dimitri Young’s last appearance as a Tiger.

I haven’t looked it up, Rich, but I think he got canned on my birthday, the 7th and it was during a rain delay.

How does one pick a Tiger MVP?
With arguably 4, perhaps even 5 if you include Jose Valverde, strong season performances to choose from, I do think it should be an everyday player. Avila has been amazing. If it were not for the strikeouts, he should be right up there. VMart has transformed the team with his consistency and leadership, not too mention clutch hitting. MCab is an EVERDAY guy, who has been playing very god defense as well. He has been the backbone of an in infield with limited range and minimized the damage from poor throws. He’s off a bit offensively, strange as that may sound, but day in and day out, I do believe he, and Raul Gonzalez, have earned the Tiger MVP

While I would love to see the game – sometimes the games are more special to me when I listen to them on the radio. Jim Price and Dan Dickerson feel like family to me – even if Mario and Rod are fun they don’t come close.

additionally, I have a cousin in the bay area who i think is willing to tape the game from whatever seat i buy him – just saying.

If Verlander finishes strong, he deserves the MVP. While all the players in contention have had great seasons, Justin is the stopper. How many games has he won after a Tiger loss? Oh, and if they televise the game in Oakland, I predict we will be down 2-1 in the 9th, Magglio will hit a 2 run homer and Valverde will get the save. Tigers Clinch, Tigers Clinch (ala Dan Dickerson)

Tigers go for 11th straight tonight which would tie the 1968 streak. I remember that streak well. It featured Denny McLain’s 29th, 30th, and 31st wins, Mickey Mantle’s last AB at Tiger Stadium (homered off a deliberate groove pitch from McLain), one potential pennant clinching game and then the actual clinching game. I had to travel to The Corner four times to see all that. Running onto the field with the rest of the yahoos made it all worth it. What a party.

The radio guys are a joy to listen to, I always say i am going to watch the tv and listen on the radio at once but never get around to it. As annoying as Rod and Mario can be they can be just as entertaining. Jim and Dan to me bring more truth to the broadcast, they don’t sugarcoat an underperforming player.

Wait a minute……who is Raul Gonzalez? How good will JV be tonight?

This is why I listen on the radio. None of this blackout crap.

Just realized I won’t be watching or listening on Saturday afternoon, out of town for a kids birthday party so it won’t be on either way. Of course getting way ahead of myself, Saturday could be just like any other game. If there is a chance though I’ll DVR it if they do get it on tv. And how do you tape off a radio – should I find a cassette recorder and lay it next to my radio like the old days?

Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone doing that. I guess you could do it that way or maybe there’s a way to do it if you have one of those high tech boomboxes.

Jackson CF, Rhymes 2B, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Betemit 3B, Dirks RF, (Verlander P)

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JL needs to be playing Raburn tonight. After a 4-hit game on top of his previous success against all Chicago pitching, it’s a bad move to bench him. Raburn could replace any of Rhymes, Jackson, or Dirks for this one. Just because we’ve gotten hot doesn’t mean that JL’s methods are suddenly the correct ones, as some on air and print media would have us believe. Those people are having a good time rubbing “the fans” nose in it, as if “the fans” are a single entity. Foolish to paint millions of people with one brush.

well it aint about JL’s managing.Its about the players finally playing well.He finally has a real team that can play.He dont manage any different than when they are losing.Managers dont win or lose to many games.Players matter and they are on a roll right now.They believe they can win every game no matter what the score.Sparky rested players and play nobodies too.Thats good for the team

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