Monday: Tigers at White Sox

If this lineup looks familiar to the last lineup the Tigers put up against the White Sox, it’s because with the exception of second base, it’s the same lineup they put up against Danks last time at Comerica Park. We’ll see if it yields similar results. The White Sox have brought back Carlos Quentin from the disabled list, but reportedly he is not in their starting lineup.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  3. Delmon Young, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Paul Konerko, 1B
  4. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  5. Dayan Viciedo, RF
  6. Alex Rios, DH
  7. Alejandro De Aza, CF
  8. Brent Morel, 3B
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: John Danks


no santiago again huh….ok whatev u say skip

for nothing else but to solidify our IF defense

I am so excited about this run, I love baseball and the Tigers. Whoo!

Will the Tigers cut Guilen from the divisional series roster?

Hope so.

The previous chain had the question about Cabrera batting 3rd and JL’s preference for hitting him 4th so if he comes up in the 1st inning a runner is on base. That whole 3rd or 4th scenario can be debated a few ways. How many times has he been in the on deck circle when the game ends? Would you rather have him get a hit with nobody on base and two outs or no outs. It seems like he starts a lot of rallies leading off the 2nd inning. Now that Young is hitting over .300 as a Tiger, the talk will lesson.

I do not think you Guillen can be on the Roster. The bigger question I have is do you have Penny on the roster. I would keep a true reliever on the roster instead of putting Penny in the pen assuming that the first round you probably only need 3 starters and if you need a 4th it goes to Porcello.

I’m always happy to see Sox Killer Raburn in there against these guys. Don’t know why, but Ryan eats those pitchers’ lunch for ’em. His 2ndbase play has settled down lately. I wouldn’t mind seeing Raburn and Santiago at 2nd and short for one of the next two games.

The first thing that is obvious to me (after watching Mister Fister last night) is how s l o w Rick is pitching. The batters are walking outside the box over and over and it seems he’s waiting on them instead of them anticipating what pitch he’ll throw. He looks timid to me.

Yes and Rick’s control has not been good. They have given him some run support so now we’ll see if he can gain some confidence.

Now there he had a 1-2-3 inning against 3 good batters. It’s almost like he is timid at the start of a game until his teammates get him some runs. Let’s see if he can finish this out. He is already over 50 pitches in 3 innings.

RP was annoying me at the beginning of the game with his wildness. I think what bothered me the most was the wild pitch that Alex had to scamper after and Rick didn’t come in to cover home. I know the guy was on second but still I think the catcher would appreciate a little hustle. It’s a blowout now and RP is cruising so I guess I’m just complaining.
As Ryan gets 4 hits tonight, I was thinking and wondering why, for a guy who is so criticized for his poor defense, he was developed as a second baseman. Or did he start out at a different position?

This is a torrid run we’re witnessing. Tigers are closing in on the best record in baseball. It’s nuts.

Inge now above the Mendoza line. Good to see.

He was a shortstop. The Tigers traded Don Kelly to make room for him.He has 10 errors.
Porcello has always been slow to cover at first .

When it comes to the Twins and White Sox, we are exorcising a lot of demons. Both those clubs used to own us. Interesting to see Guillen at firstbase for the first time in forever. When it comes to Chicago, Ryan Raburn is Miguel Cabrera. He should start every game of this series.
Nice relaxing game. Even got to work out some guitar licks while watching it.
Magic number 6.

In his interview, Leland is stressing how young Rick still is. Yes, we know that already, Jim. That’s the concern.

“We don’t believe in all that young business, that’s just something for managers to talk about. Fans can’t worry about those things because, like I said, that’s just something for managers to talk about. Managers think that just because a guy is young he’s okay, but what managers don’t understand is that results on the field is what counts and, like I said, managers worry about things like that but the fans have to do what’s best for the team. Next question.”

“He’s got to get a little sharper with his breaking stuff,” Leyland said of Porcello, 22, who also won 14 games in 2009. “But he’s just a baby yet. He’s still learning. There’s a lot of work to do. He’s still a kid>”

Has not happened since ’68 (winning streak that is). Why no Cabrera in the 3 hole? SOC. Why are we winning? We have the players and they are stepping up. Name 3. Delmon, Victor, and Jhonny. Did we have them in ’09? Go Tigers, 2011.

Gosh things are clicking like crazy, so no matter how frustrated we get with the skip, in the end the lineups are getting it done. Who would have guess Raburn would go 4-4 last night – what is it about him and the 2nd half of the season? I disagree on cutting Guillen – I know I am overly biased on my love for the guy – even I can admit his regular playing days are done – however, he is a veteran player and a veteran bat off the bench, he may still have a basehit left in him and I’d rather see him come up and get a hit then have Will Rhymes come in and run for him. Just my opinion.

It was nearly impossible not to get hits last night, just base hit after basehit, they are in a zone right now, but how to keep that zone going for the duration? I am impressed with Magglio – not playing as much but sure does seem to be getting his basehits – might not be a huge amount of power right now but getting on base is what we need from the 2 spot so that might be better for him, especially now that Jackson is getting himself on more and more.

Who would have guessed Raburn would go 4 for 4 last night? Well, just off the top of my head:
His other 4 for 4 game in his career came against Chicago.
He hit the game tying homer in the 9th against them on the 3rd.
Twice this season (I think), he has had 7 RBI in a series with the Sox.
He hit the big grand slam off Peavey in Chicago to win a series earlier this year.
In the final, must win game of 2009, he homered against the Sox in his first two ABs to get us into game 163.
He has another grand slam against them in his career.
And there are probably more that I can’t think of right now. Ryan Raburn has a lot to do with our recent success against our former nemesis. He should play tonight and tomorrow, somewhere.

That’s the thing abour Raburn—the unpredictable pop in his bat. He’s like a cobra, not sure when he is going to strike but a deadly force while you are watching and waiting. He can hit the fastball out or he can smoke a breaking ball or change. It’s not like there is one pitch you can safely throw him consistently.
(BTW, for the record, he was 4 x 5 last night.)
I tend to agree about Guillen. Now is not the time to worry about his brittleness. If he goes down again then you simply replace him with a guy like Worth..
Guillen is a veteran bat and does have baseball smarts. As painful as it will be to have two slugs like him and Magglio on the post season roster they both provide presence, experience and you just never know how much excellence can be squeezed from guys like that in the pursuit of a lifelong dream.
I would rather see Worth than Rhymes but my gut feeling is Carlos will be taken before either of them. Santos is also a call away if need be, No sense handicapping your roster with a seldom used RHB with no speed.
JL will surely be tipping his hand this week on who he intends to use in the post-season.
He needs to fit in Q and see what Marte has to offer. Pauley seems close to pitching himself out of a job if he’s not careful. You can bet JL will be leaning to take Brad Penny. Below also needs some work.

Guillen and especially Ordonez, while slugs, can hit quality pitching. That is why they will be on the post season roster. Ordonez has a 12 game hitting streak currently. Against the likes of Sabathia, Lester, etc you need guys like Ordonez and Guillen, not pinch runners like Rhymes.

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