Tigers place Boesch on 15-day disabled list

The Tigers took care of the roster part of Brennan Boesch’s season-ending thumb surgery by placing the outfielder on the 15-day disabled list Friday.

The move is a formality, but an important one. It makes no difference for the regular-season roster, since rosters are expanded for September and they don’t need the extra room. For the postseason roster, however, it might allow them to carry a player they otherwise couldn’t. Though players usually have to be on the 25-man roster or DL on Aug. 31 to be eligible for the postseason, teams can fill spots left open by players on the DL. Anyone who’s on the 40-man roster as of Aug. 31 can fill those spots, even if they’re not with the team until September (think Andy Dirks, for example).

The Tigers already had two potential spots with Joel Zumaya and Brad Thomas on the DL with season-ending injuries. Boesch makes it three.

Boesch underwent surgery Tuesday in Cleveland to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb. He’s expected to be ready in time for the start of Spring Training, but won’t be ready for the postseason no matter how far the Tigers might advance.


2 things I want to point out: a) Boesch off that roster might make room for Omir Santos-> because we NEED to have a backup for Alex and the tigers have said VMART is NOT catching the rest of the year. Unless ya’ll think JL is nuts enough to use KELLY or INGE?

b) after last night, I think the TRIBE is done for. They got beat up last night badly…on another note brent lillibridge got hurt last night….and while he isn’t a major contributor he did help out a bit.

Correct. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that we’re still talking about just 25 active players for the postseason.

I get the feeling Santos will NOT be on the post season roster. If he is not valuable enough to play in August (when VMart was hurt) then he will not be on the team in the post-season. And he is not catching tonight either (which would have given Alex 2 nights off in a row). Avilia will catch all the games in the post season, and if needed Vmart could catch if needed. I think Dirks will be on the post season roster for speed and defense.

Well, Brennan, I wish you well. Rich, thanks for the reminder about the 72 Tigers. I was 15. I googled it and found all the box scores with summeries. I do not remember watching the games. My hero in the top of the 11th inning hit a homer only to have Oakland score 2 in their half to win it. Catfish and Blue Moon. Those were the days. Anyway, Go Tigers!

today’s lineup
Jackson CF, Ordonez RF, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Betemit 3B, Santiago 2B, (Penny P)

gotta say it looks good!

ALSO i heard that The Minnesota Twins trio of injured pitchers are all making progress toward returning this month as Scott Baker and left-hander Brian Duensing and Francisco Liriano
Games left against the twins AFTER this weekend:
tigers = 0
sox = 0
indians = 7

I don’t think it’s any accident that the Tigers went on this roll when Santiago was made a predominantly starting infielder. We’ve gone 16-6 during that period. Ramon has hit .306 with 3 homers and 13 RBI. Taken over a full season for reference comparison, that would be 23 homers and 96 RBI, so that’s a lot of production there in this short timeframe.

wow those numbers are telling!

If they are entertaining thoughts of adding Santos they had better get him in some meaningful games in the next couple of weeks. I’m not so sure VMart wouldn’t be ready to catch some in the Playoffs if need be. Avila will start every game and his injury proneness factor is almost negligible. He’s a tough nut.
If he were to be injured during the playoffs he actually can be replaced (by another catcher). So there may not be the need to carry Santos.

I did not know that last facet of the situation. thanks dan – I agree with you then.

But if say Avila gets injured in the 1st round and they want to replace him with Santos. That’s that. They can’t get him back after 15 days or in another series.
He’s done!!!
There’s no coming back!

Right now I must repeat that I am pretty happy with Leyland. Sure winning makes people generally happy but I do like the way he is not stubbornly going to Inge, Magglio and Guillen. He is using the lineup properly and is giving his team a better chance by playing Ramon. Who as Rich pointed out is doing the job offensively as well.
Defensively, Ramon is a no-brainer. He is as good (that one rushed error being an anomaly) as anybody in baseball in the middle of the diamond.
Ramon can bunt. That will be needed.
Speaking of which, JL needs to insist that AJ, Dirks, Raburn, Kelly, Inge and Magglio start bunting during BP.
Some will say not Magglio but he is too much of a DP risk. He can help out if he can lay one done if the occasion calls for it. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Helping out?

Magglio has publicly taken his demotion to PT status with class. A true professional. That said, he will not become a bunter in his last month in a Tigers uniform, just won’t happen.
Dirks put down an excellent bunt on Wed. Ramon, Kelly and Dirks will be able to bunt. Maggs is an RBI guy (I know, it hasn’t happened this year but he cannot change his striped over night).
Inge… I don’t recall him ever bunting. Or hitting the ball to the right side to move a runner over. Both very frustrating.

Agree with you. And Magglio can drive the ball to the opossite field like he did last week to advance the runner.That wil be shown in the box score as a groundout, the fans will boo him but the manager and his teammtes will greet him for getting the job done.
Dirks singled with his bunt

Not that it would happen, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Maggs was able to lay down a beauty. This guy has had lots of ABs. I remember Inge laying one down at some point over the last few weeks, but that’s all I remember. A big part of bunting successfully is the desire to do the job correctly and take pride in that. Sometimes you’ll see a guy sulk his way through two weak attempts. At that point, I always want to flash the bunt sign to the sulker with two strikes. You want to look like a fool, here ya go.
Didn’t we have Sean Casey on the DL for one of the series in 2006? I can’t remember the details of that.
One thing’s for sure: we couldn’t use Santos in the WS if we got that far. With no DH, there’s no way.

I agree about JL, Dan. I will add the disclaimer that “managing better” is doing more of what WE want 🙂 but seriously, he’s demonstrated a true desire to win this, no matter what. I’m enjoying not having to complain about him all the time.

Yeh Sean Casey had that weird injury when he was batting and i remember the back of his leg just wiggling like it became detached. He did play in the world series though because I remember he got two homers against the Cardinals. One of only a few players who did anything in that series. Still makes me mad when I think about all that went or didn’t go on in that series and the stupid weather. And I will think to my dying day when I saw on the news the Tigers practicing in Ford field when the weather was bad thinking oh no they are going to be cursed by going where the lions go. And look what happened they were unstoppable in the first few rounds and bam they play in ford field and they fell apart and looked like they never played a game before in the big leagues

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