First pitch estimate: 7:55

The downpour that soaked Comerica Park for almost an hour has passed, and Brad Penny is starting to warm up. First pitch between Tigers and Twins is estimated for 7:55 p.m. ET. Looks like scattered rain, but nothing nearly as bad from here on out.


Dang, is he even going to make it out of the 1st inning?

A rain delay was better

Penny = 44 pitches, 4 runs. Slowey = 9 pitches, 3 outs.

Glad I waited through this. Hate to break it to ya folks h is coming back out

Beginning to wonder if Penny has worn down this far into the season. It seems like he allows runners on base every inning in most of his recent starts. JL must be trying to show confidence in him. Against Slowey the Tigers should be able to score some runs but you never know for sure.

Back in the game. TY Avila!

As Rod Allen would put it: Better lucky than good

Penny toughed it out but the truth is we might be better off giving below a shot. Turner could use another start or maybe even two.

Don’t waste Jose here. Throw Coke or Q.

I guess Benoit will go for the saved game


67-0 when winning after 7.


I suppose a whole bunch of people noticed Inge scampering to third for the force out. Never too old to learn something, I always say.
So that’s 10 wins for Penny. That’s good for him; it will help when he’s negotiating with a team for next season. The reality is, this Twins team doesn’t hit much. I would have pulled him but JL sees these situations differently. It worked out tonight. I’d like to see Below get a start or two. I’m wondering if he’s one of those guys who get hitters out but no one can quite see how he’s doing it. I expect Turner will get one more start.
Santiago is becoming a feared slugger. I know he worked with David Ortiz a couple years back and it looks like he’s getting results. A well hit ball with lift will go out no matter who hits it. Avila had the biggest hit of the game, a rare 3-run homer. Good workman-like effort by the team tonight.

Rich, that is the first thing I thought with Inge, I imagined in his head he was wanting to throw it but could hear JL yapping at him so went for the easiest play. Nice comeback and Penny sure did settle down – kept me interested in the game! Nice to be calm when down 4 runs knowing your offense can get that.

lol inge did learn something! hahah – but seriously, great win for the tigers -> offense is so nasty right now (slowey stinks right now so that helped too). Great to see the big potato be so shut down in a non save situation. Lets take this saturday game (at least lets pitch well)

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