Division Series tickets go on sale Monday

The magic number for the Tigers to clinch a division title is down to 12. The magic date for fans is now Monday. That’s when Division Series tickets go on sale.

With an AL Central title now firmly in their reach, the Tigers announced that they’ll put postseason tickets on sale Monday at 10 a.m. The only ways to buy them will be online at tigers.com/postseason or by phone at 866-66-TIGER. The Comerica Park box office will NOT be selling tickets in person.

Fans are limited to buying six tickets per game. For ticket pricing information, click here.

At this point, while the dates for AL Division Series games are set, which games the Tigers would host are not. They’re up a half-game on Texas for the AL’s second seed. If they hold onto that, they’ll host the first two games of the Division Series on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1., and a potential Game 5 on Thursday, Oct. 6. They would host the AL Wild Card, which will be the second-place team from the AL East.

If the Tigers finish behind Texas or the Angels, whichever wins the AL West, they’ll be the third seed and face the AL East winner. That would leave Detroit hosting Game 3 on Monday, Oct. 3 and a potential Game 4 on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Tickets for a potential ALCS or World Series will on sale later as needed.


Bought my tickets today!! I believe!

Is it single game sales or the entire series? I can’t remember from ’09.

A lot of “if’s still, but getting closer and closer to reality.

Well its single games. They offered it to season ticket holders to buy the whole playoffs a few weeks ago (I didn’t do that). Then starting today they allowed us to buy any or all games of the alds I bought all 3 for that. Wasn’t willing to shell out nearly $3000 for whole playoffs.

Thanks Gk. In ’09 I bought tickets for games 3 and 4. If we have homefield this year, I could only do games 1 and 2; couldn’t stick around for a game 5. I have the feeling it might be a tougher ticket this year than two years ago. We’ll see.
Chicago drew first blood tonight. I hope Cleveland hasn’t fallen completely apart after our series. If we’re holding the same 8.5 (or less) game lead by Monday, the Sox are thinking of drawing close with 13 games to play. Like to avoid that. Maybe Cleveland can get a good start or two, as they don’t seem to hit much.
Have a quick hook ready for Mr. Penny if he struggles again. He should be able to shut this Twins club down if he has anything at all left in the tank.

It must be a magical year. Saturday’s Tigers game on Fox will be shown here. It didn’t even require a hurricane this time.

I am so happy that you out of towers will get to see the game on Saturday!

I was also thinking it would be best if Chicago and Cleveland could split, however none of it matters if we continue to win! Going to the game tonight hopefully the weather turns around a bit, it’s been cool and rainy here.

Well, we needed a winning streak. It happened while playing Chicago and Cleveland. The players have stepped up despite some of things you might not do if you were the manager. The players have experience and veteran leadership. Victor and Jhonny make you forget about the other questionable trades and/or big money signings. Add in the year that Avila is having. Oh yeah, and the pitching. Of course the Cy Young year of Justin and the addition of Mister Fister. When you continue to find ways to win, that is the sign of a great team. Have you seen the chemistry? Yes, winning is fun and the Tigers are finding ways to win. Like in 2006, I think the Tigers have the make up to beat any team, I don’t care what Orel Hersheybar say about Boston, New York, or Philly. Also, watch out for the Brewers. Go Tigers!

How do you purchase tickets before the series is set? Do you just buy a ticket then trade it in for a specific date later?

You buy tickets by game number; home game 1, home game 2, etc. This year those two games could be on Sept 30 and Oct 1, or Oct 3 and 4. Someone correct me if I have that wrong.
It’s not a huge issue for locals, but it takes some fluid planning for those traveling in for the games. One possible scenario, for example, is that we may not know until Wednesday night if there’s a home game on Friday. It’s requesting time off work that gets sticky, and even more sticky if you have kids.

This talk makes me think of the 1972 playoffs. The Tigers had fallen behind in the best of 5, 2-0, but won game three at home. Northrup won game four with a walkoff sac fly/single and suddenly, there would be a game five played tomorrow in Tiger Stadium. I called my brother, asked him if he wanted to go to tomorrow’s game, then called the box office and bought tickets. Nothing to it. Imagine that scenario played out today.
By the way, it was a sad day to watch all the ’68 heroes go down to defeat. Dark chilly afternoon, 2-1 game, several fistfights breaking out in the stands, etc.

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