Wednesday: Tigers at Indians

As he said, Jim Leyland has his fresh legs in the lineup for the series finale — Will Rhymes at second, Don Kelly in right, Andy Dirks in left batting third. Rhymes, fittingly, is batting second behind a red-hot hitting Austin Jackson, which allows him to move Jackson along if he gets on base. That was his purpose batting second earlier in the year, but Jackson wasn’t hitting then.

Count the hitters, and the Tigers have four left-handed bats and three switch-hitters against Masterson. The only righties are Austin Jackson and Miguel Cabrera, and they’re pretty good these days in their own right.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Will Rhymes, 2B
  3. Andy Dirks, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  8. Don Kelly, RF
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  2. Kosuke Fukudome, RF
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Carlos Santana, C
  5. Jim Thome, DH
  6. Shelley Duncan, 1B
  7. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B
  8. Jason Donald, 2B
  9. Trevor Crowe, LF

P: Justin Masterson


The fact JL did not insert Guillen here is interesting. He could have had Guillen DH and Victor play 1st giving MCab a breather.
He could have played Guillen in left and shifted Dirks to CF and given AJ a breather.
It testifies to the fact how important those two guys are (MCab and Austin).
JL knows they give the team a better chance of winning and he is not willing to make this a throw-away agame.
Good on him.
I’m actually OK with this lineup today. I think a guy like Peralta will benefit from the extra day.

I think Raburn could be playing here somewhere.

Just heard about the plane crash in Russia. Future and former Wings on that plan, so very sad.😦

Plane that is.

This is one wacky strike zone? I can’t imagine either of the teams are going to like the inconsistency today?

Is the strikezone on Gameday messed up, or is it the home plate ump who’s strike zone is messed up? Ball 3 to Wilson looked like it was right down the middle on Gameday.

The strike zone today is very bad. This home plate ump is horrible. Not one-sided but just horrible.

This umpire is giving me a headache. Masterson is getting some very generous strike calls. While its not the same for. JV.

It is too bad for Brennan, he has been a big part of the Tigers this year and you just know he wishes he could be a part of the next few weeks. Out of curiosity, someone recovering from injury, can they still travel with the team and do rehab and can they be in the dugout to be a part of it all?

The full energy lineup is not showing much till now

JV antagonized to much the umps in he last game. He was right on the 1b play but you dont confront tthe prima donna that call the game.Otherwise you get a worst strike zone.

Shelly duncan, are you serious how could he let him beat him once let alone twice! Not good JV!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Appears JV is having a rough go, but they can’t all be one hitters. You just know the team wants to get him the win, his ERA will climb from today but a W would make them all happy. Is it just me, or when Justin does give up runs doesn’t it seem to come a lot of times on a homerun? Teams don’t usually single him out of a game or get a whole lot of hits against him, just usually a couple of big ones.

Pick him up team!

Really? JV just got Homered twice by a guy with 260 avg? lets hope Tigers offensive explodes again, i want JV win this game!

Interesting observation Tiger Girl, because when I opened Gameday in the 4th and saw he had given up 2, I guessed it was a walk and a homer before I even read the play-by-play.

From what I’ve seen in just a couple innings so far, he’s throwing high and even at 97 major league hitters can hit a high fastball over the fence.

God Dirks, you have to put the ball in play.

Ok bases loaded, can V-mart come through yet again?


Freaking blew that opportunity!

Verlander just threw 4 straight pitches to Carrera, all whic were strikes, but only 1 was called one. They weren’t even borderline.

Anyone know about a radio station on the web where i can listen to the Detroit Tigers games?

depends on where you live.

Tigers so far just don’t have it today, from top to bottom.

They better get it together. I want a broom for my birthday. Well, I wish they would give me a broom. I’m not gonna demand it, but it would be so sweet.

Guys, I think we’ve been spoiled lately.🙂
5 out of 6 against the Sox and Tribe is still amazing. I’ll take that anyday.

I want the Tigers to come back and win this one.

we truly have been spoiled, but I say we deserve it for hanging in there! I do think however if it was anyone but Verlander today we’d say ok, we can’t win them all – I think at least I know for me I want him to win every game to keep him in the Cy Young race. We can’t win them all, but sure if fun hoping for it.

Oh Lord! Bases loaded for Cabby! Please Lord Let it Happend i wan a Grand Slam!!!!

Happy Birthday Pup – Martinez is just a stud, no 2 ways about it.

He’s a sweetheart, that’s for sure :-]

wow, VMart is killing his former team

I’d pull Verlander now, time for the bullpen to finish them off. With an off day tomorrow there is no reason for JV to come back after the long top of the 7th

Oh no Phil Coke you are better than this!

Well let’s get a few more runs guys, because apparently Indians aren’t going to lay down and Clevelands theme for the day is two run homer!

well that game was filled with awesome sauce!

Made my day, fellas. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12, 13.
Verlander was able to keeep his adavantage in era over Weaver .

I guess I shouldnt doubt them right now!

Miguel is now: third in avg, second in obp, second in ops.
Career:315 .393 .945
2011:331 .433 .995

heck ya fellas – today’s game was another well played game! DK putting that lil extra out on the Tribe was “pennys from heaven”. Honestly tho – the Tribe’s pen is so overworked that it could not hold them in the game. <- that's why we won.

Face it Cabby – V-Mart – Avila is a deadly combination im proud to be a Detroit tigers fan, this is the year guys!!!

And Peralta, the unsung heroe according to espn.

Well, until they figure out a way to win 7 of 6 games, we can’t ask for more than what this club has just accomplished. One of those cases where Victor hit the slam before I was even done visualizing how cool that would be. The strike zone was very high today which I think had something to do with Duncan’s second homer. JV is able to put the ball wherever the zone is on a given day. He wasn’t as sharp as he has been, but he pitched a 3-hitter. We had a bad break on the double by Rhymes when it bounced over the wall, cost us a run, but when it’s going good, you can play over that kind of break.
We lost 13 in a row in Cleveland, but now have won the last four. And seven in a row overall. The Tigers’ Central division play is winning it, they’re .500 against the other two divisions.
Yeah, that’s awesome sauce.

Verlander only gave up a few hits it’s unfortunate for his era that 2 of them were homers! And fortunate hs team backed him up as he has done for them!

This would be the first time since 1968 that we’ve eliminated Minnesota while in first place. Right?

Sorry, but it would be since 1998.They werent in the same division until that year

Wow! All the way back to 1968? 2011- Tigers 81-62, Rangers 81-63. If that holds then the Tigers would face the wild card winner? NY and Boston cannot meet in the first round of the play-offs because they are in the same division? Somebody mentioned that the Tigers would match up better with the Yankees. Anyone agree? Whoever it is, the Tigers are going to have to pitch and hit like they have the last 6 games to have any chance of moving on. If the Indians and White Sox split their last 8 games vs each other, I hope that means neither one can catch the Tigers.

Detroit against NY: 4-3. Only 2 games won ever at New Yankee Stadium . But Cabrera fests on the short RF.Yankees has a higher avg and scored more runs against Detroit than Boston but allowed twice the runs that Bosox allowed Detroit.
Boston : 6-1 against Detroit. Detroit scored two runs in avg against Bosox. They are 2-10 in the last two years against Bosox. They have been unable to beat them since the Porcello-Youkilis incident. Detroit would have field advantage but lately against them there was no difference.
The best case escenario . Detroit with worse record than Texas and the Bosox as wild card.Detroit would have Verlander to take one in New York and must win two at Copa.And would have field advantage against Bosox because wild card never has home field advantage. Or would play Texas and Detroit was 6-3 against them. Again they allowed more hit and more runs to them than to Bosox but scored more against them

Oh, hey, Rich, at my age I don’t think as fast as I used to but what about 1984? Didn’t the Tigers have first place from Day One when they started the season 35-5? That would be a year when they would have eliminated Minnesota while in first place.
Thanks, El Tigre, for the update.

It’s a trick! Minnesota wasn’t in the same division as Detroit from 1969-94. 1984 and 1987 don’t count because of that. We can’t eliminate a team from another division. And since 1995, our only chance to do it was 2006 and 2009 and we didn’t eliminate the Twins either year. In 2007, Cleveland was in first place to eliminate them. Trivia………

Today’s game was a lesson. Acta inserted Duncan for power, he hit two homers, but cost them the game with his play at firstbase. Or as some wag on another site suggested, JV deliberately gave up the two bombs to Duncan in order to trick Cleveland into thinking Shelly was the answer at firstbase.

that’s too funny (re: JV tricking CLE)

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We still have several important series at home,and a trip out west. Minny coming to the D for 3 games this weekend and then a long road trip to Chicago, Oakland and KC (ugh). One game at a time. We gotta win the division.

Enjoyed watching Justin’s reaction to VMart’s grand slam. The laugh and covering of the face like I cannot believe I am going to get the win here. The way he has pitched he deserves the team bailing him out. It is nice getting a win like this for your ace. Kinda makes up for a 1-0 loss to the Angels when the run was scored on a bad call from the umpire. We are all hoping this strong play continues through October. We have faired well against the Yankees and Rangers this year. The Red Sox seem to have the Tigers number, but they do have injury issues and their top two starters pitch well against the Tigers. I would like to see the Red Sox over take the Yankees and the Tigers to finish ahead of the Rangers and Angels, so they start the playoff at home. I would rather see the Ranger than the Angels win the West as the Angels have better pitching for a short series. Go Tigers.

You got me, Rich! I warned you that I don’t think as fast as I used to.
And you are right, pup, about getting ahead of ourselves. A collapse now would have to be monumental and permanently pin the label “CHOKE” on the Tigers. If they can win just half of their 19 games remaining, the Indians and White Sox would have to win 20 games to tie. Those two teams have to play each othe 8 more times so one of them would have to totally wipe the other one out.

I have to admit, I had no idea what you were getting at Rich. The statement and question made no sense. But I didn’t have the confidence to call you on it. So I googled final standings and pennant winners since 1901, mainly to check when the AL created divisions. First time was 1969 after the 1968 Tigers were WS Champions.
I remember the Tigers going against the Oakland As in 1972 in the AL Championship Series. It was a big disappointment as they lost 3 games to 2. Nothing after that until 1984. Tigers defeated KC from the West 3-0 and then of course won the World Series 4 games to 1 against San Diego.
The ALCS format changed to best of 7 in 1985. Tigers had a strong team in 1987 but lost 4 games to 1 to Minnesota in the AL Championship Series. The Twins came out of the West with 85-77 record while the Tigers had a 98-64 record. That one really bothered me. They just ran into a hot Minnesota team and it seems like the Twins have had our number ever since. I always felt like they stole that one from us and didn’t deserve it. Haven’t liked them much since…..well they were OK in “Little Big League”.
After the strike in 1994 the AL and NL both re-aligned creating 3 divisions. During this time our Tigers went through a rough period until finally the breakout year in 2006. The Twins amazingly have only made it to the Championship Series one time since the re-alignment and that was in 2002 when they lost to the Angels 4 games to 1. But the Twins burned our Tigers in 2006 and again in 2009…. not this year.
All this because you asked a trick question Rich.

Great stuff everyone. I had forgotten most of it. except for the 35-5 start in “84. Watched the replay, did you see the “wow” reaction from JV when Duncan hit that 2nd homer? The pitch was up in his eyes! He guessed right and that is what you have to do with a great pitcher. Go Tigers!

I hope the skipper can find a way to rest some of the boys – but still keep this team hot. I’m mostly talking about getting a little rest for Alex Avila(‘s knees) but I can see if JV is tired you might get him an outting with < 100 innings (assuming he has the win already i guess) or if Cabby wants a day or two off. These boys have played a LOT this year and fatigue is a rally killer (even moreso than inge). With that said, my 2 cents on the 1st round matchup would be the REDSOX because I heard Beckett hurt himself (ankle) the other day. HEY we have to play both teams if we want to make it to the WS and i'd like to play the harder series while we are still hot/fresh.

I’d like to see him rest Penny.
Seriously, you could start Turner or even Below against a LHB ball club in a spot start somewhere down the stretch.
An argument could be made that Penny will need the work as he will be the long man in the post-season. Fair enough, but Penny is a threat to a Tiger victory everytime he toes the slab. His walk/K ratio is horrid.
Fister is very instrumental in the club’s resurgence and success. He has walked THREE hitters in his 7 starts as a Tiger. That is a pretty amazing statistic.
DD has made some really nice moves this time round. He had me freaked out with the Sizemore for Purcey deal and has redeemed himself IMO.
Penny was a good gamble. It just hasn’t worked out as well as had been hoped for. The guy is so experienced that I keep waiting for him to deliver, figuratively and literally.

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