Boesch has surgery on right thumb

Brennan Boesch underwent surgery Tuesday morning to repair the torn ligament in his right thumb. The surgery, which the Tigers had been hoping to have done while they’re in town this week, officially ends Boesch’s 2011 season.

Dr. Thomas Graham, the renowned hand specialist who has been following Boesch’s situation ever since he first injured the thumb during the Tigers’ last trip here last month, performed the operation at the Cleveland Clinic.

If this was a situation earlier in the season, when Boesch might be looking to come back, head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said the typical timetable for recovery and return would be 10-12 weeks. In this late-season case, he’ll be on a much more relaxed timetable, and will be ready to go when Spring Training begins in February, if not sooner. He’ll have his thumb in a splint for the next two weeks before he’s re-evaulated.

Boesch spent Tuesday evening back at the team hotel after the surgery. He’ll be traveling with the Tigers when they return home Wednesday evening. He’ll continue to travel with the team through  the postseason, Rand said.


I feel badly for Brennan. I know he’ll be with the team but he won’t be able to play. The Tigers needed to see just how he fared this September compared to 2010. I hope Andy and Maggs can fill in well.

Quick start to the night. Hopefully Porcello can do a better job with a lead than he did last time (when we got out to a 7-0 lead against these very Indians and Jimenez ). Jackson made the 1st and last out of that inning.

Supposedly, Boesch ´s problem was caused by his swing. So, would he need to change his batting instance?

He’ll probably need to wear a special batting glove with better support next year.

We are going to get spoiled with all this Tiger hitting. But go ahead, team, spoil us good. Maybe 8 runs has given Rick some confidence. Only 4 innings but he is doing well.

Tigers are having good days at the plate. Porcello looks great.

Porcello just reached the number of pitches by Carmona. Has 40 less than Scherzer thru seven innings.

Porcello 75 pitches, 7-run lead. Gone? What’s better? Leave him in and let him work his way out of the inning or protect his fragile personna by not letting him give up any more runs? Oh, JL.

But left less experienced Alburquerque there after three weeks without proper working

I wonder who is pitching tomorrow? Do you think they can sweep the Indians? The Twins look like they have shut down for the year. Hope they don’t come alive vs the Tigers.

Actually I think he handled it well. Rick was starting to get the ball up and the pen needed some work. I had no problem with his decisions.

I think Rick probably could have carried on, but the pen needs work. They may not get much tomorrow, then there’s the off day. It was a good time to get Alburquerque back in there.
We’ve won six in a row vs Cleveland all of a sudden. This is not the same Tigers team as the first half of the season, literally. The acquisitions have worked wonders.
This has been quite a show the past few days. 49 runs, by my math, against 14. I’m wondering if Cleveland will be able to get the split with Chicago. Texas won.

Thought the bullpen decisions were good. No need to let Porcello go any futher. Good to see ABQ in the game, I hope he gets his strength back.
Only thing I would have done differently is put Santos in the game in the 6th.
Minnesota and KC eliminated with the Tigers win. 2 down, 2 to go.

A sweep would be real nice, especially for a birthday present. Hint, hint.

I thought it was the right idea to take out Porcello too. Coke got much needed work and the results he needed to confirm his role.
Q needed to throw and did. Rusty but still tough to hit.
Schlereeth got his job done.
I agree about Santos—I thought it was probably a good move to put him in after avila’s 3rd plate appearance.
Santiago playing 2nd base when RP is pitching is finally making it’s way into Leyland’s head. Needs the same thing with Fister. Actually Ramon should be getting almost all the PT there though I think I would still use Raburn there against soutpaws at times. He needs at bats, and if the lead widens it won’t hurt.
Gonna miss tomorrow’s game. Darn.

What have you done for me lately? With the pick ups, VMart, DYoung, and Mister Fister, this Tiger team is not the same as April and neither are the Indians. Fun game last night with all the hitting and way to go Ricky. It looked like ABQ threw way too many off speed pitches. I kept saying “make them hitters” Go Tigers (sweep)!

Pretty fun being a Tiger fan right now. I can sit and watch us blow other teams away and enjoy every minute of it knowing how some of the other games have gone and how frustrating the offense has been at times. There is a whole laundry list of what is going right at the moment which is terrific, I just hope it is like this in 3 weeks. The guys are very confident right now. And looks like Miggy will get his 100 rbi’s this year as some were saying he may not make. Always glad when the guys can prove some of us wrong!

Has anyone envisioned a scenario where the Tigers clinch the division on the 17th in Oakland? The game that is NOT on TV?

Not on TV anywhere? Yiikes! I can only think of one other game this season, that was not televised and I’m not talking about those games that get separated on national TV by geographic location.

If that’s the case, I would hope somebody is able to pick it up. Or at least show the replay.

I’m not going to allow myself to get too far ahead. We’ve been down this road so many times only to have our hearts broken. I believe in the Tigers, have confidence in the Tigers, but won’t believe it until I see it (Divison Title).

I think many Tiger fans have the same feelings, but it’s okay to discuss playoff matchups, clinching dates, etc. Unless one is incredibly superstitious. Nobody’s counting chickens or “putting the cart before the horse” but it’s okay to talk about it. It’s part of the dialogue now.
I will say that I don’t put much stock in magic numbers until it hits 10.

Let me add to that. I could never quite envision the 2009 team winning the division, right up to the final games. I can envision this year’s team doing it.

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