Monday: Tigers at Indians


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Andy Dirks, RF
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Doug Fister


Boy I thought for sure that Avila would get the day off today?

Me too. I know the guy is as tough as Sherman tank but if there was ever an ideal time to get him some rest it would be this day after the late night last night. Maybe Leyland is figuring he’ll rest him in JV’s start on Wednesday to give him 2 off in a row (with eht regular day off on Thursday)?
I would not mess with that combination though and would be far more inclined to be able to give a blow today and the other one scheduled for Thursday.

My guess is it has to do with matchup stats for the series. I haven’t looked those up, though.

Ubaldo started off strong but to be fair, those 3 guys are not the hardest guys to whiff. It’s early!

Ugly first couple of innings for the Tigers hitters. Could be a long day!

It may well be. But, at least let’s put up some better at bats.
We may not be able to pull this game out but we certainly do not want to play poorly in the 1st game of a series against a contender.

Hopefully that 2nd baseman error doesn’t come back to bit us in the butt!

That is one helluva pitching performance by Fister to get ACab. The look of determination and resolve on him is a good thing to see for Tiger fans.
Ramon was trying to make a play at 2nd before he had the ball. He doesn’t make many mistakes like that. He won’t again.
Shaping up to be a pitchers’ duel—I do hope that our hitters can provide fister with some support. I’d take a third of the runs we scored yesterday!!!

We have waited long enough—VMart—-time for a 3-run Dinger!!!!

Ok I am going to have to become psychic!!!

Yes V-mart

Fister could die of a heart attack. Tigers give him more run support in one inning than his former team in five games

Weird inning for Fister. Hit batter. Error by Ramon on a possible double play ball. Possible out he deflected to Peralta. But he kept composure and got out of bases loaded situation. Then another weird hit by Thome in the next inning didn’t faze him.

I like AJ showing bunt in the 5th, I don’t like JL taking the bunt off.
A 4th run is huge.

2nd error of the day😦

Cost himself a run unfortunately

Its going into the top of the 7th right now, Fister has only thrown 75 pitches, and Marte is throwing in the pen? He really isn’t thinking about taking him out is he?

Fister is throwing like an Ace. He’s an excellent fielder and his head is in all aspects of the game. Some guys (Scherzer for one) seemingly don’t understand much about fielding their position.. This guy knows what he’s doing.
too bad about the throw over.
Tigers ned a couple. They should be able to get to Jimenez now. He doesn’t have a lot of pitches working so maybe sit dead red.

Ugly day at the plate today. I figured they would use up all their hits last night.

Getting a little tight now. Tigers have only 2 hits. Luckily one is a 3-run homer by Victor. Fister is not perfect. One mistake could cost them. They need another run or two but against Indian relievers that may be tough.

Come on.Miggy bases loaded 1 out!

The lack of fundamentals is hurting this team.
The inabilkty to get the bunt down by AJ was very ominous. Let a good buntable pitch by and then offered on one he should have let by.
We need to be able to move runners up.
We have a classic DP hitting team in the middle of the order and it is imperative for Jackson and Dirks to be able to get the bunt down.

We caught a break with MCab’s grounder or that non-bunt would have looked even more frightful.
I would leave Fister in for the 8th. Two RHB coming up and his pitch count and pitching acumen today is in his favour.

No ground ball MIggy. Whew! Safe at first and there is one more run. JL save Coke in case Porcello needs help Tuesday.

I love Fister! Best trade deadline pick up.

I was critical of the Fister trade earlier, especially after his rough outing in Baltimore. But wow, 13 Ks and just in complete control. Impressive.

Can we officially say Fister ain’t no Washburn? While we are at it, Young and Betemit ain’t no Huff either.

Fukodome got a little lucky.
Who does Fister think he is? Has JV even struck out this many guys this year yet?
He’s throwing like a demon out there.
I must admit I am a tad worried about Valverde and his proclivity for making life interesting in the 9th. Especially against this team, in this park and without having thrown in a while.

Hard to criticize AJ after the tear he has been on but it is also a bit disconcerting to see him slip backwards so easily. Sometimes he just can’t hit fastballs.
Fingers crossed—this is one of the biggest saves possible for Papa Grande.

Rod, regarding Santiago, “He seems like he’s been getting two a day every time JL calls his number.”……..He should call his number a little more often.

Well to be fair none of our hitters looked very good, not just AJ. Hopefully they and he are just tired and it’s not a sign of cooling down.
Nice win guys!

Well, yeah, tired. Only 4 hits after 24 yesterday but they made them count and Fister wasn’t tired at all. Now 7 1/2 games ahead. If you can count on JV Wednesday, then the icing on the cake will be Porcello if he comes up with a good game. At what point do they try Albqq to see if he still has his stuff after the concussion?

The Tigers needed a win from Fister with the way RP has struggled against the Indians. Fister is looking like the number two starter now.

Huge victory.
I would imagine we will almost certainly see Q tomorrow. Hopefull it’s in the 7th inning.

Mister Fister. I liked him right away, but he has just been incredible for the Tigers. What a great trade for Mr. D.

Is Verlander even the best pitcher on the team? 🙂 One heck of a performance from Mister Fister. I now think it was a good trade regardless of what Pauley does. Anything from him is just icing on the cake, and he provided some icing on Saturday. Fister was sent to Cleveland early and it was on him today. Excellent job. I think he could deliver three pitches in the time it takes Penny to throw one.
Nice called shot, Dan. I can’t believe Mario actually said “what’s the vector, Victor?” (from the movie “Airplane” for those not in the know).
Cabrera is a little gimpy from that play at the plate last night. I did like when he threw dirt at As*drubal. All in fun……..I guess.
Texas lost so we’re a half game behind them now? This is important.
Hey, while I’m doing a 180 on my opinion of the Seattle trade, I’ll throw in my opening day prediction of 85 wins. We’d have to go 6-15 to hit that mark.

I too have admitted to being wrong on that trade Rich. Sometimes it’s great to be wrong. Dan, I see you did “tangentially” make the call before V-mart’s HR. Keep your day job though:-) I kind of misread your comment thinking you were celebrating after it.
Picked up on the vector Victor comment too Rich. Couldn’t remember where I’d heard it. He kind of slipped it in there just as they were breaking. That may have to be a “keeper”.

I liked getting Fister, but hated to give up Wells and Martinez. Wells is a solid 4th outfielder and I liked his attitude. His skills can be replaced. He has cooled off after a good start with Seattle. He has hit six homer, but is now hitting .220. Furbush is 2-4 with a 6.39 and Ruffin has a 3.68 era. I think that this trade will be in Detroit’s favor over the next three years. The Martinez kid could end up as a star.

Fister was impressive. The guy throws strikes, has good command, rarely bounces pitches up there, and works quickly keeping everybody on their toes. That being said, this is not the same Indians team that we faced just a couple weeks ago. Without Hafner, Brantley, Choo, and Kipnis, they just aren’t as formidable. We really need to put the hammer down and end their season by taking the next two.

Well that would be nice Ed. Real nice.
JV will have to be at his best on Wednesday. JL plans on loading up the lineup with LHB so that means there may not be the best defense out there.
Talking about resting some guys. Does this mean Cabby?
We might see Santiago at short, Rhymes at 2nd and Betemit at 3rd. Kelly and Dirks in the OF, maybe Martinez at 1b and Guillen DHing?
I would not be unhappy with Clete Thomas and Ni being called up,
Worth may seem redundant but it doesn’t hurt having a good fielder who can bunt and run. I don’t imagine he will get any appreciable playing time and he is slated for the Arizona Fall League I believe.
The win today was a very big one. A bonus win in my opinion. I figured if there was a game to lose this would likely be it. If Porcello were throwing I would have really felt that way.
Leyland is doing a pretty good job. It may seem fashionable to say so but he does have these guys playing and winning games they shouldn’t. I still think him to be so stubborn as to be a problem but he is keeping everyone busy and making the appropriate defensive moves late in games.
His players seem to like him and believe in him.
He really does need to start emphasizng the importance and necessity of fundamentals, bunting and pitchers fielding, being of prime importance.

The only rest Cabby would get is to DH while VMart plays 1B.

was up north for the weekend – listened to the games with the family & extended family. Sure is sad about BOESCH – if anything because i feel like he’s earned to play this fall…o well hopefully next year he’s fresh and swinging as he was this season. Glad the bats are HOT and our top 3 (JV, Sherzer, Fister) are simply lights out. It seems the SKIPPER is doing a horrible job – just terrible – I am so bummed he go the extension this year (psssh). It’s still very important to continue playing good ball, but also important to give Alex, Victor, Cabby and JV some time to rest. JUST NOT AT THE SAME TIME JIM😉 Oh and J. Beckett got hurt the other night -> and so i don’t mind playing either AL EAST team now.

One more ,and the Twins are out for the season

Hey pup, I trust your internet is back. Were you listening to the radio when Fister struck out #13? I watched the first half and then was traveling. Mr. Dickerson sures does get excited! I know it is radio but Surely they could be a little louder. Sorry Mario, I did not mean to call you Shriley. Roger, Roger. Go Tigers!

Yup, back online. Seems there are still thousands still experiencing glitches from the “straight-line winds” tornado on May 29th.Love the Legends are Born in October commercial showing Maggs in ’06. Still brings tears to my eyes and reminds me that my son and I were there together. Loved the commercial on ESPN with Justin in it. Detroit was never mentioned, only alluded to, as they showed Justin pitching and walking off the field. The smooth ride, press on the gas and go, take it out once a week and everyone else is jealous. Only a town like this could appreciate it. One of the best sports’ commercials featuring a player, I’ve seen in a long time.

TV could get a little louder that is.

Can Anyone please recommend me an internet radio station please? anything but The Ticket 97.1 (blah)

Everyone in TigerLand seems to be happy today. I hope that will be the case 3 weeks from now. Cleveland and Chicago playing a 4-game series this week gives us a huge scheduling advantage, since 4-gamers tend to be split. Here’s hoping this plays out well for us. No matter what, I expect next week’s Chicago series will again fall into the “just don’t get swept” category, so there are still some big games looming.
I was considering setting another short term goal, since that 6-game goal in late August worked out so well, but I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead. Just win games, fellas.

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