Boesch to have season-ending surgery on right thumb

The Tigers and Brennan Boesch tried all they could to get him back to playing, but in the end, the torn ligament in his right thumb still isn’t allowing him to swing. So they’re going to go ahead and schedule surgery to repair it, which will end his season.

Boesch and the Tigers will try to set up the surgery for this week while the Tigers are in Cleveland, where noted hand specialist Dr. Thomas Graham is based. He’s been taking care of Boesch ever since he tore the ligament on a swing against the Indians at Progressive Field last month.

The good news for the Tigers is that he should be fine for Spring Training. The bad news, of course, is that any postseason run is going to have to take place without him.

“We tried everything,” Boesch said. “We started with injections, moved on to the protective pad [on the batting glove] that didn’t work. So basically I was trying to change my swing in order to get back out there. I wasn’t able to do a swing that would allow me to compete. We tried everything we could. It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to deal with, but it’s part of the game.”

You might also remember from the other day that he tried wearing a splint that helped out Jeff Francoeur when he played through a similar tear two years ago. But as mentioned yesterday, the swings are too different. Boesch’s swing puts too much pressure on his bottom hand.

“It’s very painful,” Boesch said. “The ligament is torn and it’s in my bottom hand. Anyone who has watched my swing, it’s not a soft, easy swing. It’s a violent swing. Every swing I took since I had the injury, I felt it to varying degrees.”

The recovery process, he said, is relatively easy. However, even if he had the surgery tomorrow, the process of getting back to a Major League swing, not simply getting healthy, would take too long to have him ready for any part of the postseason. He’ll stick around with the team and travel with them, but won’t be active.

“Next season won’t be impacted in any way,” Boesch said. “I’ll have a full offseason to recover and be back for next year.”

As for this year, replacing Boesch falls on Magglio Ordonez and Andy Dirks. If Ordonez keeps hitting like he has this week, replacing that production becomes a lot easier.


Boesch had a very good sophomore year. I hope he keeps growing, he is a potential all-star. Get well soon BB.

I would add Santiago and Raburn as being part of the Boesch replacement group. Ramon frees up Ryan to play some RF. But it’s true that Maggs can have a big impact on how things go. He might have one good month in him. That would be great on a number of levels.
Bottom line, though, we have to pitch.

Hopefully 2 good months.

Love Delmon Young swinging out in the field he leaves a lot to be desired!
Boy Rios sure looked safe on that steal. Got a break there!

As much as I lovve Brennan Boesch I am actually glad that management has not pulled blinders over their eys and sacrificed the kid.
It’s the right thing to do for him and for us in the long run.
Avila got a nice little hit there but I must say that everything I am seeing from him right now is indicative of being worn down. he’s been striking out, he’s been late reacting to some pitches behind the plate, he’s not been throwing as well, and he has not been blocking pitches very well.
He’s dog tired.
They really need to get Santos going.

Wonder if gk is at the game. No comments from him yet. ESPN is giving us beautiful shots of Comerica Park. It looks and sounds like a playoff atmosphere.

Nope I’m not at the game tonight, watching on tv. Looks like tonight we are getting the good Max so far!

A beachball on the warning track! They are having some fun tonight.

Maggs hit that well! De Aza made a nice catch on him.

wow smoking these chumps! Time to sharp the golf cleats chicago

Shortest start for Buehrle vs. Tigers (I think Dan Dickerson said 34 starts).

Hilarious butterfly backpacks!

Well let’s enjoy this today because the act goes to Cleveland tomorrow and they are throwing their top 3 against us.
Our LHB have to get it going and that includes Dirks and Betemit. Would not be surprised to see Guillen get a couple of starts too.

If I am JL though, I am bringing in Worth, Rhymes, Dirks and probably give Al an inning as well as Perry, Below or Schlereth.
No need to have Max throw too much.

Dan and Jim are saying Scherzer needs to prove he can go at least 6 or 7 innings.

They said he’s their #2 pitcher behind Verlander and must prove he can pitch into the playoffs.

I’d get Cabby out of there too!

All right. Time to be a psychologist. Max has pitched 5. He just pitched himself out of a jam in the 5th with 2 excellent strikeouts.
Would that not be a good time to take him out? Leave him with a sweet taste in his mouth?
I’d be tempted but if I were to let him go one more I would only let him go one more.


I personally think you leave him out there. I agree with what pup said

He’ll come out now! But good job Max!

Save some hits for tomorrow!

Kinda feel sorry for this kid from Ausralia.

Gollly, this has been a great broadcast by ESPN. Look at that great ad with Justin in it.

No, that’s a mistake. Especially after a long inning.
Max has proved he can pitch. He’s pitched well tonight, he’s thrown enough pitches, we have guys that need work.
It’s a no brainer.

This is ugly. It’s out of control. Hope they save som hits for tomorrow.

Not much to say except to hand out accolades to everybody; great weekend of baseball. The tide has certainly turned on the White Sox series this year. I am left with a slightly uneasy feeling in that we have to go to Chicago for three. By then, they will be loose and looking for revenge. Hope we’ll have a comfortable lead by then. Too bad the Lindsey kid had to take this one for the team, but they have a doubleheader tomorrow. I’m sure they’re no more happy with this ESPN nighter than we are.
In Cleveland, job #1 is to avoid a sweep, as we’d leave with a 5.5 game lead at the least. Add one more win and we’re good to go.
When is Santos eligible, anyway?

Scherzer was kept there to save the bullpen. Anyway the long inning , one bad call( the other one was right )and the missed catch by Magglio or AJax( They were seing each other like : it was your play) made him work a little too much
The aussie was there for the same reason.
I would have pulled out Avila and replaced him wth Inge and sent him to Cleveland early like Fister was.
I guess everyone is aware that the main candidate for Manager of the Year is the ineffable JL. He is doing the most with less

Not so sure about that. Manny Acta’s club has been wiped out by injuries. He should draw a lot of votes. Joe Maddon has done a good job again.

Why the Lions were playing against the Bears at Copa?

It was good to see Dirks come alive today. Replacing Boesch will be important.
Not so sure they shouldn’t bring up Clete Thomas. He’s been coming around lately and had another good day today.
I’m still confused over who is playoff eligible. Especially with Boesch’s situation. I don’t think they have put him on the DL!

They should have put Boesch on the DL last week and kept Santos on the roster. To go a month without a backup C is insane.
Clete Thomas is not coming up. Dirks has passed him by in the depth chart.
I would like to see another arm come up, Ni or Wilk make the most sense.

Great game, great series. Did anyone notice the announcers (Orel?) kept saying that Max was good but if he went against the Red Sox or Yankees he would not be that effective? Almost reminded me of Joe Morgan. I liked Bobby Valentine. My card to Brennan, Get Weill Soon. –Dave

Yeah, Hershiser talked like NY and Boston were some horrible monsters that we’d never seen before. The fact is, Max has dominated NY and been beaten up by Boston. It’s one of the reasons we match up better with the Yankees.
There were also a number of factual errors in the broadcast, but that’s usually the case.

They couldn’t figure out why AA was still in the game. Duh! Isn’t it their job as professionals to get some back ground on the teams you are talking about so you don’t look like an idiot calling the game.

I keep that in mind when I’m watching a national broadcast of two teams I’m not as familiar with. Can’t take what the announcers say as gospel. The local feeds available these days are golden.

I noticed the Avila comment too. General baseball knowledge was good though. i.e the Sox infield making a mistake with runners on 1st and 2nd going on the pitch where Morel covered 3rd base AND 2nd base was also being covered. Valentine suggested there is no reason to have two infielders vacating their position.
I too would like to see Ni on the roster.
I would not take Thomas ahead of Dirks but his LHB and defense might be helpful.
Thomas has good wheels and skills. Even though JL does not want a cluttered bench he would not be a bad reinforcement with Boesch down and out.
To get Santos back and in the lineup today is a blessing. I expect Alex will start to see some days off against some LHP.
I do not EXPECT the Tigers to win today. Not after the highly charged series they went through and the late game last night followed by the day game.
But, if they do win, it will be as impressive as their last 2 as it will deliver a message of invinicibilty that Cleveland will not be able to dismiss.
Two victories would be great but just don’t get swept.

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