Saturday: Tigers vs. White Sox


  1. Austin Jackson, cf
  2. Andy Dirks, rf
  3. Delmon Young, lf
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
  5. Victor Martinez, dh
  6. Alex Avila, c
  7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
  8. Carlos Guillen, 2b
  9. Wilson Betemit, 3b

P: Brad Penny


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Alexei Ramirez, SS
  3. Paul Konerko, 1B
  4. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  5. Dayan Viciedo, DH
  6. Alex Rios, CF
  7. Alejandro De Aza, RF
  8. Brent Morel, 3B
  9. Gordon Beckham, 2B

P: Gavin Floyd


Getting ready to head out for the game. Got to get their early for the free green ball cap for first 10k fans. Its so darn hot out. Remember you can bring unopened plain bottled water to comerica park. Also juice boxs if you have a kid with you.

Here again, the majority of damage that Guillen has done vs Floyd dates back to when Carlos was, among other things, an All Star shortstop, and Floyd was not the pitcher he is now. If you want to play Carlos, that’s fine, but don’t base it on a 10 for 26 performance. In the most recent three seasons, he has 5 singles in 18 ABs for a .277 BA vs Floyd. Those seasons are ’08, ’09, and ’10. Need to drill pretty deep for stats to be meaningful.

Hot again today! I was looking at the numbers for all of our hitters against Floyd and reall nobody has good numbers against him! Could be a rough day.

Im more worried about the starting pitcher for Detroit than for the usual blank space in the lineup

I am really ticked off at Dirks for not getting the bunt down. That is his job as a minor leaguer coming up to the show.
Not real happy with Penny either. When will the Tigers learn they can’t depend on him as their 5th starter.
Not enough strikes, too much time delivering, fielders on their heels, behind in the count all the time, eminently hittable.
What’s to like?

Nice error Guillen just cost your team and pitcher a double play and runs.

#thingyoudowithPennypitching Ramón Santiago enters as defensive replacement in the 4th inn.

They played perfect defense for Verlander , who usually does not need it, but play the usual for Penny , who really needs it.

No sooner said then done. Guillen boots one. Guys get hits that aren’t hitting (Morel, Beckham).
Now a bad call and now a 3 run home-run—maybe that’s the one that Leyland has been waiting for?
The Tigers do not play well behind Penny.
Simple as that.
Guillen’s error is proving a real killer.

Absolutely Dan on evrything. But Peny got his double play ball Guillen freaking blew it. Should of been no runs this inning and now it is 6-1. Guillen should hang up his spikes along with Penny.

Only 2 ER but all count the same

1st Base ump has cost the Tigers a bunch of runs this inning on two calls.
Konerko doubles now—Penny is done and I don’t mean this game—he’s done.
Leyland will be making a Figaro mistake every 5th game if he keeps him in the rotation.
Bring in Marte.

The basic fact is Penny can’t pitch anymore. At least Guillen has two jobs to do and maybe he’ll do one of them most of the time.
Penny has one job to do every 5 days. If he can’t do that andt it’s obvious that he can’t, he shouldn’t be allowed on the mound at all. It wouldn’t be the 1st time DD has had to recognize and admit a bad contract.

Penny makes me not enjoy the game when he’s on the mound, I can only imagine what it’s like for his defense and teammates. He takes the fun and the excitement right out of the game and makes the whole day just flatten out.

From bad to worse. Please JL, do not delude yourself into thinking this guy is going to rediscover himself. He’s been hit hard all year, has been in trouble more innings than not all year, and is at the stage that every time he gets an out you feel blessed.
This is crunch time and if you can’t trust someone now on your roster then he should not be on it, or at least not be in a position to cost you losses.

Unacceptable game.

I am blacked out of MLB.TV and the Cardinals are on Fox so I haven’t seen any live action today. Why didn’t Guillen complete that double play on De Aza in the 2nd inning? Then he commits an error in the 4th inning that might have been a double play. What was Avila’s error, a bad throw to third for a double play? Ramirez never should have gotten to bat in that inning. Now Jl leaves Penny in there to get pounded for 2 more homeruns?

Guillen just doesn’t play 2nd well. He is gun-shy on pivots. Avila’s throw hit Pierre who whold have been out on a home then 1st DP. Pierre was running on the inside of the line and should have been called out for intereference.
AJ is playing baseball now as well as he has in his life. He even got robbed his first time up.
Tigers have to take advantage of this time when he is playing like this.
Dirks is not taking advantage of his opportunity. Boesch hurt. Leaves Kelly as an alternative to Magglio. That’s 3 weak postions down the stretch.

The last inning is now even worse.

Guillen makes up for one error by scoring on Austin’s triple? Dirks swings at a pitch that Gameday shows hitting home plate? Delmon comes through with a homer. Now 8-4. Closer. Four more innings to close the gap. Do we want Floyd out of there or will a relief pitcher be better?

Oh, no. David Purcey. Or is it David Pauley? Clones?

Just got home from work to see 8-0 score, but not that shocked with Penny. Awful. Just stood there and we got 4 runs. Guillen can’t play 2nd, not in a playoff run. We gotta have Santiago in there especially with a pitcher like Penny. Dirks missed a bunt? Awful. You just have to be able to get a bunt down, especially if your coming from AAA. Like I said, winning the division is possible, but we have Cleveland and Sox breathing down our throats. Cleveland isn’t disappearing. Go Tigers!!!! I hope we can make a comeback.

I am far more worried about how Leyland perceives his roster and how to deploy it than I am about this one game. If he goes into stubborn old coot mode and becomes determined to pitch Penny until it works, or play Inge until he hits, or, play Guillen until he hits so well that everyone else forgets about his defensive range, or starts to play an injured Boesch, then we will be in a heap of trouble.
Dirks has to get his game back. He lost it, went to the minors and from what I’ve seen is nowhere near to getting it back. As much as I don’t like Maggs in RF, if he hits like he has been he probably should play against RHP too.At least until the 7th inning.

The heat is not helping the defense , but the air is thin

AJax is on fire. Jl said the told him to bunt more and it worked. Why he wait so long to tell him?

There is no doubt that this would be a very different game if Ramon had got the go at 2B today.
As off as Dirks has been today I would not have PH’d Raburn for him.

Well, for one game but only 3 innings, I guess i will have to eat my words about Pauley. Why can’t he pitch like that when it really counts? Getting closer. Down 3 runs with VM on 2nd. Oh, oh, rain delay. If it is the rain we have here it won’t stop anytime soon.

It looks more and more like Guillen won’t be much help in the field. I guess he needs to be a PH or occasionally the DH. Otherwise bench. What is he making? $13 million? The Sox had to bench their $14 million man Adam Dunn. He hasn’t hit. I saw somewhere that he may set a record for poor BA. Even worse than Rob Deer back in 1991?

To justify Guillen in the field he has to be hitting. 300 and driving in runs.
I don’t see it happening.

Too bad Guillen stinks this game would o been a diferent story

The missed bunt
The ump.
And not pulling Penny out when the game was close enough

AJ is just so much fun to watch right now. Wow!
Too bad in the same game that Penny started.

It is september , so they could have a couple of bat there to pinch hit , but JL is no fan of expanded rosters.

Ok, i typed to soon

That shot must hurt, one down

Holy sh*t!!!!! They won.

I guess they are getting serious about this.

Ajax, Raburn and Cabrera : clutch

Holy Cow! Unbelievable! Veleity comes true again!!!
The most incrdible victorty of the year. Perhaps the most important.
In terms of what was overcome (a poorly played loss), against who (Sox and Santos), who did it ( the Big Guy).

Cab missed another tonight by an inch. Pulling the ball into the seats in left is what I have thought is going to put him on a roll. We have seen him when he gets in this zone. He might be there.

Hey Max! Can you smell and spell “sweap?”

I’m sure he can – but it looks like you can’t.🙂

They rally need a second bat. With Ajax back and Young profiting on being before Cabrera ,the lack of a second spot batter is the only thing puting them apart from a truly murderers line


Hey El Tigre, how about Ramon or Magglio.
Illinoifan, I couldn’t resist. Loved your reaction by the way. I was blacked out of this game (thank you FOX). Was following the game on Game Day when it was delayed. Had supper and came back to see if they had resumed. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Raburn hits a 2 run dinger, and Miggy follows with the walk off (I assume). Carlos and Penny are let off the hook. Can’t wait to see the last two or three innings archived. Will the Raburn bashers please have a seat….at least for a day🙂

Ramón wil never be a regular for JL. And Magglio, he is doing well but with rest,so he wont play everyday and not the whole game. And Boesch must wait until fully healthy. He is needed in October

With this monumental win, all bashers need to take a day off. This is the stuff of pennant winning.

In the bottom of the 9th, I took my radio outside and started up the lawnmower. Mowed like a maniac for 15 minutes. Fastest I’ve every done the back yard. Put the mower away and heard Jim Price say he’d never seen anything like it. I thought he might be talking about the wasted opportunity. Nope. We won!!!!! Neighbors started shooting fireworks. OMG, I missed it. What a great win. We put on a show…..on National TV. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!

I agree El Tigre, Ramon will never be a regular for JL. But there are only 21 games remaining. I’m saying he should start most of those and Magglio should have a few starts as well. Either of them could fill the two hole nicely. Magglio can hit behind the runner and Ramon can bunt plus he is hitting the ball with some authority right now. He is approaching his AB’s much more aggressively, instead of tentatively taking pitches. Nothing wrong with taking pitches but his mo had been to take a strike (mind set being how can I “not hurt” the team with my bat, as opposed to, I can “help” the team with my bat) which seemed to more often than not put him behind in the count. Ramon is not Polanco, but he can fill the 2 hole in my opinion.

The problem with Magglio:he can make contact.He can draw a walk. He can bat for the opposite field ,like last night, an advance the runner. But once on base , Young or Cabrera will be stopped at first because he cant run (well, last night he really was like roadrunner in the RF and the day before he stole 3B). They need to hit a homer to take him to home
At yahoo, a journalist was calling him names in the report of the game for his lack of speed.

How is that the monday game is at noon on the road after a night game?

That’s funny Pup. I’m trying to picture you mowing like a maniac…. with a radio. Isn’t that illegal?

A way to burn off stress and also the approaching clouds. The radio was on the patio table so I really couldn’t hear it. However, Marty, I did mow like a maniac. I just didn’t want the Tigers to lose and took it out on the grass. The neighbors probably thought I was possessed. I am with my Tigers.

Holy crap!!! Can’t wait to wait to watch some of the replay! Did get to see Cabreras homer but missed most of it. Unbelievable!

Let’s not forget the bit RBI single by Peralta in the 8th to drive in VMart. That put the Tiger swithin reach.
And kudos to Pauley for coming in hopelessly behind but pitching, really pitching, to keep the team in it.

One can go for years without seeing such an important, exciting, and dramatic moment and, thanks to Fox, Bud Selig, and all the rest involved, many of us were deprived of the experience. I’m ecstatic that we came back to pull that one out, but not being able to see it happen in real time will leave a hole in this entire season for me. I mean, this is the kind of stuff we watch the games for, and we were robbed of this one. These blackouts……….I only got to see last week’s game because a massive hurricane hit the east coast. That’s what it takes?
Anyway, enough crying about that. I did watch the 9th inning a few minutes ago and will go back in a bit to look at some of the other highlights and failures in this one. I thought JL was trying to blow it for sure by sending Penny out there in the 5th but he failed in his attempt. Jackson is like unconscious right now. Raburn inexplicably continues to kill the White Sox; that must drive them and their fans nuts. He sees the Sox and turns into Roy Hobbs. I hope Cabrera’s game winner will stop some of the talk I’ve been hearing lately. It would appear that Pauley is the unsung hero for his work today. That trade just started to look better.
Some weather today. Even the Michigan game I was watching got curtailed.

The Fox blackout is the most stupid one as a lot of teams have Fox Sports carrying their broadcast.

It is not Fox but the owners. They dont want other team taking a pice of their pie. With other team meaning Y´s or Bosox.

Lest I forget, good job Royals!

Cabrera was his devastating self tonight. I don’t care what his numbers were or how many people complain about anybody complaining about him, he has not been his devastating self as much this year. I believe in him, and I have been saying that I expect he will return to the superior and elevated form that we have become accustomed to.
He hit the ball tonight, didn’t see him fouling back pitches ( missing pitches) that he has been doing. He can get hot with power and become hard to get out for long stretches. I hope he is entering that phase again.
Omir Santos getting called up can’t come too soon. AA needs a break, it was a bit more obvious today.

I am so happy for Miguel, but I stand by my assessment of the last few weeks, he hasn’t been the same guy since the all-star break. I don’t know if he is tired or what, but the numbers are the numbers, he is well below his career averages in RBI’s and homers. I would love nothing more for him to prove me wrong.

I thing your right Rich Pauley is an unsung hero of yesterday. AJ is insane right now, and couldn’t happen at a better time.

News and quotes from Cleveland:
Saturday’s starting lineup only featured two players (Carlos Santana and Jack Hannahan) from Cleveland’s Opening Day lineup. Four positions were occupied by rookies. Only 12 players currently on the the Tribe’s active roster were with the Major League team when the 2011 season began.

Injuries are predominently to blame. All-Star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera sat out Saturday with a left knee injury, but hoped to be back in the mix for Sunday’s series finale. Also absent due to injuries: designated hitter Travis Hafner, second baseman Jason Kipnis and outfielders Michael Brantley, Grady Sizemore and Shin-Soo Choo.

Acta is not a fan of excuses.

“It’s our team,” Acta said. “They ran four guys out there that were in [Triple-A] Omaha and we ran out five that were in [Triple-A] Columbus. You’ve just got to get out there and fight and try to win the ballgame. We’re not going to sit here and complain. That’s our team.

“They have won six out of the last nine. We just have to continue to play and battle until we can get some of those guys back from the [disabled list]. You can’t take anything away from [Hochevar], regardless of our lineup out there.”

It’s abundantly clear that Guillen should not be playing 2ndbase and Penny should no longer be in the rotation. Santiago is the clear cut choice at second and even Raburn is better than Carlos. If I’m in charge, Guillen is a pinch hitter and I have enough players in the dugout to insert a defensive replacement for the player Carlos PH for. At this point, anybody would be better than Penny. Below, Turner, Smyly, whoever. Even Bonderman was better than this. Sure, Penny’s defense let him down and there were some questionable calls. That doesn’t give him leave to go ahead and blow up. You have to pitch over those things.

Absolutely. I love Carlos, but he just doesn’t have the ability to play the field any longer. His body has just let him down. I don’t know as far as Penny and Porcello it’s a toss up to me right now. While his defense let him down, to the tune of 4 runs, you have got to try to pitch around it and pick up your defense!

Thanks bloggers for all the comments. I did not see the end of the game as I went fishing with my son (caught 15 nice bluegills). I saw Miguel’s yellow line shot and then had yard work to do. Heard some of the bad inning (6-1), came inside and saw the 2 homers, now 8-1. Time to go to the lake. Did not watch the news but woke up this morning to everyone’s play by play. Seems like the players want to win it all. Go Tigers!

The difference between Porcello and Penny is that Porcello has immediate potential. It is not a given that he will pitch consistently poorly. Penny is odd man out in post season and knows it.
DD would have been far better off trying to find a journeyman LHP rather than RHP.

Absolutely right on Pauley being the hero of yesterday’s game Dan. Let’s take him off the “unsung status”. It takes a certain mindset, exercise of the will, to come into a game like that and determine to do your best even though the game is ugly and seemingly finished. It would be easy to just think “I really don’t care because I’m in a mop up role here. Apparently Pauley had something else to prove and this was the right situation in which to prove it.
As far as I’m concerned he proved his mettle yesterday and all I can say is welcome to the team Rich. Your effort did not go unnoticed.
Oh and thanks Fox, or ESPN, or Selig, or the Y’s or the Red Sox, (someone is responsible) for so many of us not being able to watch this game. Much appreciated.

Dan, when you say Penny is odd man out, will he not be on the post season roster? or will he just not be starting any post season games?

The latter Marty.
They would certainly go with a 4 man rotation. If circumstances permit you could actually get away with a 3 man rotation for awhile at least.

The winners of the West and Central will obviously draw NY or Boston. If we were that team, we match up best with NY. In addition, the division winners with the two best records will have home field advantage for the first round. We trail Texas by 1.5 games in that regard.
Not counting chickens yet, but just putting that out there for anyone who isn’t familiar with the playoff setup.

Looks like the Jeff Francis that shut us down last Tuesday didn’t show up today. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Royals, with your Planet of the Apes facial hair. Somebody needs to teach those kids proper grooming. Obviously too young to have wives. 🙂

I am hoping we get a well played Tiger ball game tonight on the national stage.
Austin Jackson, CF
Magglio Ordoñez, RF
Delmon Young, LF
Miguel Cabrera, 1B
Victor Martinez, DH
Alex Avila, C
Jhonny Peralta, SS
Ryan Raburn, 2B
Brandon Inge, 3B

I must say I am not thrilled seeing Inge’s name in there. Betemit looks downright dreadful striking out on sliders in the dirt sometimes, but he also is able to reach the seats and drive in runs, left-handed or right handed.
I also hope Avila can get a break tomorrow.

Tomorrow , its a noon, road game. And Omir Santos won be there until sep 8 if im not wrong about the date when he can be called. And VMart wont catch unless there is no option.

Detroit won the season searies against the Yankees 4-3. Penny won against CC. But they are 2-8 at the New Yankee stadium ( Cabrera bats over the top there).Since 2006, Tigers have a little adavantage over the Yankees. Detroit won the last series at Yankee Stadium ( In the lost season of 2008). But last year only Verlander was able to beat them.
Season series against Boston 1-5. The sole victory for Verlander,132 pitches ,over Becket in the second of a doubleheader broadscasted locally by a special waiver by ESPN. It was Boston, the second evil empire.

Detroit as today would go against the Yankees with home field advantage for NY.
And would go against Boston with home field advantage in the second round . The wild card never has home field advantage.
If they pass Texas( or Angel, Texas is a streaks team that wins 10 and then lost 8) they would have home field advantage over Boston.
But said that, both evil empires are saddled by injuries , age,and a inconsistent starting pitching.

That sucks about Boesch! That really hurts. .
Isn’t it amazing how even mediocre pitching can shut down KC yet Scherzer and Porcello in their games gave up more hits in their individual games than Cleveland gave up all weekend. It amazes me that with the group Cleveland is throwing on the field they continue to win.

KC battled us like their lives depended on it, then turned around and dropped 2 of 3 to an injury-riddled Cleveland team in their own ballpark. Sometimes it seems like they are just in the division to mess us up. Well, that comes with being in first place. The Yankees and Red Sox deal with this constantly.

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