Alburquerque to rehab with Triple-A Toledo

A day after Al Alburquerque threw another bullpen session and felt fine, he has been cleared to resume pitching again. Since he hasn’t pitched in a game in almost a month, though, the Tigers are going to take advantage of the few days left in the minor league seasons and send him out for a short rehab assignment.

Alburquerque will throw an inning for Triple-A Toledo on Saturday at Columbus. Nothing has been confirmed beyond that. The Mud Hens’ final game is Monday at home, so it’s conceivable Alburquerque could get one more game before he’s activated from the disabled list next week.

Though the Tigers have found some bullpen depth without Alburquerque, one look at Thursday’s game shows where they miss him. When they needed a strikeout reliever with runners at second and third and one out in the seventh inning, their choice was Luis Marte in his Major League debut. If they had Alburquerque, chances are it would’ve been him. They don’t have another middle-inning guy with that kind of strikeout rate right now.


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White Sox did exactly what JV needs them too. Come out swinging. He kept the all important 1st inning pitch count down.

Pierzynski seems to hit JV pretty well. I think it bodes well that there are only 3 LHB in this ChiSos lineup tonight.

For something it is called a game of inches…
Cabrera bailed out Brandon Robinson
Great base running by Jackson.
Magglio did the job, it was like bunting.
Young good running too
Cabrera hustling against Chicago.

I think we are going to get a bit frustrated with the home plate ump today. He is completely inconsistent so far. Danks was up on AJ and got the strike, JV didn’t get the high strike on Morel. GK—keep an eye on that will ya?

It looks like Magglio is enjoying himself. He made a really nice catch on Pierre. Never would I have thought he’d be able to come up with that catch.

Pitch count looks like JV might be able to throw 8 tonight.
Be real nice to get 2 or 3 more and try to make this one easy on his arm and our nerves.

Well Danks is settling in quite comfortably now. Better not take the lead fro granted and if we get the chance lets manufacture a run.

Tiger fans are also being treated to some wonderful play at 2B with Ramon. Obviously the diving catch was excellent but so was the way he stood in and completed that DP a few innings ago.
We need our infield to give us DPs to help their staff out. Seems to me that we have been hitting into more than we have been turning ourselves.

Speaking about heat—is Ozzie wearing a hoodie?
One thing I have found odd about JL and his defensive substitutions. Why is he not bringing someone in for Delmon in late innings of a close game? Delmons is not really a good fielder and with Dirks here now it seems sensible to use him after DY’s last at bat or in the bottom of 9.

I dont know if in the USA fans do that ,but in Venezuela when a team play so bad as Chicago today, they walk out of the stadium with paper bags covering their heads. i guess he was doing the equivalent

That’s great. Long inning for JV there let’s hope he has a good 6 th inning.
If he goes 7 that’s enoug. That would be the appropriate time to bring in Marte–not yesterday..
More importantly let’s get Coke right back in there.

May as well record my first disagreement with JL.
He’s always yakkin about giving JV and extra day’s res but he has an opportunity here to save him just a little by taking him out early.
I really don’t see the need to put him out there for the 8th. Freak injury chance of losing the shutout etc etc.

I hate when JL keeps JV in like this. I just don’t see the point of ruining an outstanding outing by pitching a guy who’s obviously thrown enough pitches.

Now a couple more hits and JV has to pitch stressfull pitches trying to finish off the 8th.

When are you ever gonna learn Leyland.
Perfect opportunity to have him head home after this game with a 7 shutout innings.
And a chance to pitch Coke.again.
If nothing else as soon as Flowers hit the bomb he should have been taken out.
It’s this stubborn blockhead stuff by Leyland that I just can’t get over.

If Leyland put Valverde in in the 9th he is a fool.

It was out. Still, Detroit´s pitchers nned to work on their fielding skills
Good work for Benoit.

This one was about all one can ask for. A very very good night. I hope Jackson can keep up the hitting. Appears to me he’s pullng his hands in and pounding pitches he’d previously been taking for strikes. Good team defense tonight too. Just a real good game.
This puts a lot of pressure on the Sox since they need to win two to make it worthwhile. It all depends on Mr. Penny and Mr. Scherzer, since the offense can’t do it every time. We’ll probably need most of the bullpen tomorrow regardless of what Penny does. Impossible to tell which Scherzer will show up Sunday.

KC has creeped back to within 1 run. It’s bottom of the 8th. Running out of out though.
Hopefully they can catch them in the 9th.

Drats—Royals popped up 3 times in the 8th.

I meant the 9th. Tribe won 5-4.
No hits for Hosmer, Giavotella or Moustakas.
Funny they didn’t do that against us!!!

Just got home from the game, NICE! It was hotter than hades down there, and I’m not just talking about the weather! Fun game JV was great, and there were contributions from a lot of people including Brandon Inge! By the way Dan il could tell that nobody seemed real pleased either side with the strike zone. And I am anxious to see a replay of the play at first when JV got pissed? Was he out, he sure looked out from my view?

It was close enough on the replay to want to look at it some more. Real-Time it was not an easy call. He did look out though, from the anle on the replay. I must say the ump was closer though.

That play was so close that even slow-mo wasn’t very conclusive.
The strike zone changed a lot, it seemed. That will draw some complaints.
Nice line from JL when asked about his 500th Detroit win. “Verlander is responsible for 104 of those so let’s focus on him.”

It’s time for Brad Penny to step forward and show us his experience was worth signing him for. Some guys find a new level of pitching in September. I’m not suggesting Penny will because I’ve not seen enough positive pitching from him to make me believe that. But you never know.

It looked to me that Justin had his foot on the side of the bag, just like the infielders play it. The guy was out, imo. I never questioned it until the ump signaled “safe”. Oh, well, what a great game for the team. Everyone contributed and we all could breath easy for one night.
Ozzie was wearing that sweatshirt from the start of the game. Why, I don’t know. Maybe he’s trying to lose weight by sweating. It was so hot in MI today, felt like it was over 100 degrees and extremely muggy. It’s supposed to cool down real fast next week……the weather, not the team. Go Tigers!!!!!!

Cleveland isn’t going to go away quietly. I want to believe we’ll win the division, but I can’t. Can’t believe it til I see it.

Got to see the the last half of the game. Isn’t it great to have Verlander on the Tigers! He reminds me of Morris. When you need a win, here’s the ball. In fact, didn’t Jack talk with Justin a little while ago? Hmmmmmm. Congrats to AJ and Magglio is proving he can play. Dan, I know you like Pepsi so nice to hear good things about Coke. Did anyone read JV’s lips after the ump said safe. Justin knew he got the bag with the side of his foot and then felt the runner hit the base. Replay, 2 challenges per game and booth review in the 9th inning. Oh well, he was out because the ump said so. Go Tigers!

Don’t feel bad about not quite believing, Pup.
3 game lead with 4 to play.
I had my playoff tickets. Refundable.
I had my hotel reservations for the playoffs. Could be canceled.
I did NOT turn in an advance request for the time off work to make the trip.
That says it all.

Ozzie wears that same hoodie every game.

Let’s face it. Many of us have an underlying “misgiving” about the skipper. Too many times we have had bizarre decisions or choices (like Alfredo Figaro??? throwing game 161 in ’09???)
And back to 2006 when he started the rookie Verlander in the Series opener instead of the hottest pitcher in baseball, Kenny Rogers.
There are things this guy does that has us always waiting for the other shoe to fall.
Maybe this year he will not feel he has to show he is a genius or prove a “hunch”. But his history leaves a trail that doesn’t exactly navigate the comfort zone.

I give kudos to Benoit, was very worried about him coming into that situation last night, not usually his thing, but he did it. Nice win guys.

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