First round of September call-ups arrives

With rosters now expanded, the Tigers made their first batch of September call-ups on Thursday. Most were already unexpected, some were not.

  • Carlos Guillen was activated from the 15-day disabled list. He wasn’t really a September call-up, but by waiting until Sept. 1 to activate him, the Tigers didn’t have to send down anyone. He isn’t in the starting lineup Thursday, but he likely will be on Friday. How second base goes from there is anyone’s guess.
  • Will Rhymes was recalled from Triple-A Toledo. Though the Tigers’ abundance of second baseman would seemingly make it hard for him to crack the starting lineup, Jim Leyland said he might play some at second.
  • Andy Dirks was recalled, as expected. His left-handed bat in the outfield becomes potentially big with Brennan Boesch still working his way back. Even after Boesch comes back, he’ll probably have a significant role.
  • Jacob Turner was recalled for his scheduled start this afternoon. After that, he’ll stay with team and keep his arm ready as a potential spot starter in case of a rainout or a scratch. Would not be a surprise at all to see him get another start this month, maybe even in the final week.
  • As the SeaWolves announced a couple days ago, Luis Marte’s contract was purchased from Double-A Erie. He adds some depth to the bullpen. By all reports, he has a nasty breaking ball, so it’ll be interesting to see if he gets called into some strikeout situations.


Believe it or not, Raburn has been playing a better secondbase than Guillen was. Has anyone noticed? For the Chicago series, Carlos is most valuable as a pinch hitter if we’re having trouble hitting a RH reliever. Ozzie will automatically bring in a lefty for Carlos as he always does, and that tough righty will be out of the game. And I’m not kidding here.
Rhymes will make a handy pinch runner if nothing else. I’ll be ticked if Ramon gets lost in the shuffle again.
If Turner pitches well again today, they have to seriously look at using him for some starts while watching his total workload. Some of our current starters are getting a little dicey.
The biggest addition would be Alburquerque.

They need Santos up as soon as possible (which I believe is Sunday). I hope that either Wilk and or Ni gets brought up a well. They should not use Turner as a reliever, only a starter if needed.

Dirks should get some time, I think BB thumb is trouble as he becomes a left handed bat in the OF.


I would imagine Raburn will be at 2nd today against the rookie southpaw. I’m sure we’ll also be blessed with Inge at 3B and Magglio in RF.
I also think Raburn is better at 2B than Carlos. He positions himself better on the oivot and has more range for sure.
Do I like him there? No, I much prefer Ramon, especially today with our own rookie going. I do understand the need to get Raburn his bats though. As innocuous a season he has had, he is picking up steam and one of the few guys right now with long ball potential in every at bat.
It will be interesting to see what JL does with the deployment of his 5 2nd basemen.
I would suspect we will see Raburn agaisnt the southpaws and Ramon and Guillen splitting the rest of the time. Worth will be a defensive specialist and Rhymes a LH PH and pinch runner.
We need Peralta to start having better at bats again. He has cooled, particularly the long ball. Alex has come off a bit just lately as well though he hit the ball hard and well yesterday with nothing to show for it. Delmon catching fire would be welcome about now too.
I don’t think enough positive can be said about VMart. He and Alex have been the two most important everydayTigers this year.
Back to those 5 2nd basemen. Will any one of them become the regular starter in 2012? Remember when the Rangers wanted so badly to get rid of Michael Young in pre-season?

1. Jackson CF,
2. Magglio Ordonez RF,
3. Delmon Young LF,
4. Miguel Cabrera 1B,
5. Victor Martinez DH,
6. Alex Avila C,
7. Jhonny Peralta SS,
8. Ryan Raburn 2B,
9. Brandon Inge 3B

These RHB need to punish Duffy. No more bad at bats against these southpaws please.
Turner also needs to handle the potent Royals lineup and totally control the RHB of Butler, Francouer, Giavotella and Escobar.

I think Michael Young wanted out. You can talk all you want about the potential bat of Raburn but defense comes before hitting as in Ramon. If you were Mr. I would you pay the price to get Michael Young?

Illitch says he wants to win. He went through the saving money phase with the disposal of Curtis, EJ and Polanco.
Young is the 2nd best hitter in baseball. A leader, a winner, a clutch performer and a gold glover. oh yeah–he also plays 2nd base.

Look at Magglio!

What a waste.

.390 or not. Cab has been having these kinds of at bats in these kinds of situations.
Delmon not getting wood on the ball was less forgivable.
Magglio amps his game up and then no follow through by the heart of the order.
Not a good indicator today.

First inning Miguel comes through withthat big hit. NOT. But he will get a couple of hits later so his average stays up but not at a critical time.

Leadoff walk and Inge up? What do you do Leyland?
I’d say try to stay aout of the DP and choose to put a guy in scoring positions.

Of course not. These are the kinds of decions that make me uncomfortable with Leyland as a winningb manager.

We get 3 runs and none of them were the results of Inge or Leyland contributions.
I honeslty do not understand why Leyland refuses to bunt with Inge.
It can be argued that he’s not good at it. But get good, find a way to make this guy contribute someHOW offesively. Inge is not gonna run into one. His home runs will be in the in AAA at this stage of his career. Realize it, and move on Leyland.

Duffy has picked off a few guys this year but there is no excuse for Inge getting picked off in that situation.
The guy is drivin’ me crazy. He better catch every single ball hit to him the rest of the way to justify his roster spot.

The key, in my mind, was for Turner to manage these RHB. Still goes.
He has pitched a pretty decent game but I hope he can improve his 2 strike pitching.

That’s exactly what I was talking about—he was ahead of Escobar 0-2 and lost him.

Well Turner needs to be taken out. He’s lost his confidence with 2 strikes, can’t hold runners on, having trouble with the RHB (they have been responsible for all the runs).

One batter too late JL.

And now Perry is showing why he has never been able to be fully trusted.

OMG, I step away for a minute. Who gave up 2more runs. Turner or Perry?

Could have gained a game on the Tribe today Leyland.
Not blaming this on Leyland, though he has managed this game like the manager of the year either.

Inge nearly threw that ill advised toss into RF but was saved by Raburn. Rod says Inge made a great play. How you figure, Rod?

Boy the people who have said that Magglio is not done yet must feel pretty good about the kind of day he has had today.

Rod must be reading this. He just answered my comment……

Yes, we were blessed with Magglio in the lineup today. 400, 3 xbs since benched. 3 for 3 and a Sb??? today

So, he goes on base even if he is out….

I wish I was watching this game today, will have to catch some of the replay tonight, the offense just looks fun today. Nice to see AJax hitting again, he may be turning a corner, and Maggs is just having a heck of a week – good for him. Maybe not playing all the time is best for him, maybe Leyland is a genius for playing him today, who really knows and you know what, I don’t much care either way – nice to see us battling!

Ok, he has nothing on the balll today. Why he left him there?

AJ is really banging right now.
Not surprised to see Marte in the pen in a close game—that’s classic JL.
Coke was overdue for a stinker and it is a shame it happened after the amazing comeback.
The Royals are going to excite their fans and frighten their competition. They are good ball club. Hosmer is swinging the bat like one of the best LHB in the game right now.

Welcome to the big leagues.
Classic Leyland. Stupid decision to put Marte in there.

That is why I try not to comment during the game, it always comes back to bite me. Mum’s the word now…

Unforgivable: Peralta, Young and Betemit all striking out with a runner on 3rd and 1 out. This is one area that I supect is a huge discrancy between what we do here in that situation and how the oppositon has done against us.
Way too many times this year we have seen this result.

Didn’t Ruffin make a MLB debut with the bases loaded? I like the word used on the Guinness comm. Brilliant!

Did the same thing with Oliveros, Villarael. I kinda see his point but it does nothing for the incumbents in the pen who have to feel slighted.

If KC’s pitching develops, look out! That is a fun team. Reminds me of Tampa Bay a couple years ago.

I have to agree that putting Marte in was very suspect. Why not Pauley? We traded solid players for the guy.

Turner is close, but not ready. I hope he can be shut down soon.

JL once said that he liked the Twins style of managing their young pitchers: rushing them to the Big Leagues and putting them in to se if they deliver. If worked extremely well with Liriano and Miller. He is doing the same with his relievers and it has worked too

It’s worked with ALL his relievers? Name them.

Sorry , i was trying sarcasm. Both Miller and Liriano ended with broken arms. Miller is just recovering and became a essential part of Boston´s rotation. And Liriano is still struggling thanks to the aproach. Also Porcello´s ups and downs in the season.All they were rushed and put under the light.
The relievers ended in an elevator or traded
The Titus´faher aproach

Well I didn’t get to atch the game today, but what I gather is Turner stunk, Perry stunk, Coke stunk, Pauly stunk Cabrera stunk (a lot of stinking). Soem of the hitters realy had nice days but not nice enough and the big guy didn’t do much again. Magglio was the man along with AJ then spoty for the rest. Pretty disappointing. I suspect by the end of the weekend we will only be up by 4 1\2

Verlander went something like 2-9 against the BlSox. Tagged with 14 runs in two games to end his first chase of the Cy Young. Then he went 8-0 , almost two years undefeated against them,even if allowing 3 homers in a game under the rain. But lost the last time.
I think he is 10-10 or 10 -11 against them.
We know about Cabrera.
Magglio in the good old days used to have Blsox pitching for breakfast. Aroun 450 life avg against them

I missed the game today, as usual with these midweek day games. Would liked to have seen Magglio’s great day at the plate, as I am one of those who still thinks he can hit. Fielding is another story, although he still plays fundamentally sound defense, he just can’t cover ground any more. I know that’s a big deficiency.
After losing the opener I was hoping the Tigers would just get the split of the series and they did. So I’m OK with the result even though it was at home against KC. This is a very good young KC team. They will be a contender soon, but then we’re always saying that. Seems like they are perpetually building but never quite get there. This time they seem to have a core of good players who look confident and are playing loose.. For now they can help us by being the spoiler and it looks like they’re enjoying that role.

The Royals were able to add lucky hits to their usual offensive output today and that was too much to overcome. Some of those balls just weren’t hit all that hard but they dropped. It happens in our favor sometimes too. Blaming our own people for every little thing just brings misery. Sometimes you just get beat. As it is, those guys swing at everything, even the pitches that hit them! Don’t see that happen very often. They must feast on pitchers who don’t have their location that day.
I have the suspicion that Cabrera is worn out. JL plays him every day after day after day and, while he’s still fairly young, the fact is that Miguel isn’t a kid anymore. You can’t do that forever. For a manager who thinks that using the entire roster is so important (and I’m not saying that isn’t true), it’s strange that he plays Cabrera into the ground. We CAN win games without him from time to time. I thought Victor would get more starts at firstbase before his injury. JL missed an opportunity there.
About Marte, I’m not seeing what he did to pile up all those Ks. If Rod did a scouting report when he entered the game, I missed it. What does he feature in his arsenal? I saw a sinker and an average fastball. Anybody got anything on him?

I think it’s the numbers thing re Cabrera. You look at the guys who win the awards and the guys getting the big bucks and they play lots of games. But, I agree, he could use a day off.

JL did say something earlier about Turner maybe getting some spot starts. Man o man, does he have some things to work on. Maggs just looked wonderful and so did Austin. Our pitching kind of stunk up the place today or we would have won except for leaving guys on base. Sometimes I turn on MLB Network and listen, but lately I’m getting sick and tired with their obsession with NY and Boston. They love the Brew Crew and the Rockies, also. I have faith in our guys, but we just gotta have better pitching, timely hitting and win more games. Go Tigers!

Oh, and I was happy to see Carlos in the dugout. We may only have him for one game and/or maybe more, but he can still hit and drive in runs.

Drew Smyly threw yet ANOTHER really nice game for Erie tonight.

Did not watch the reply but tell me about Marte. He was facing AA hitters! Not! Anyway, if it was your team, would you put a rookie in a pressure packed situation? Maybe save him for the start of an inning. I’m just sayin……..On Miguel, said it before, it looks like he is carrying too much weight but this is not basketball. The Tigers win with the formula, starting pitchers going 7 innings. Oh yeah, I am a Magglio fan and I would play him all 3 games this weekend. Go Tigers!

Maggs will play Friday and Sunday. He has good number against both pitchers. Jackson had a great last two games of the KC series. If he can keep it going, the offense will be in good shape.

Hopefully we can get Q back in the pen. Depending on an untested rookie is not exactly a prescription for success in a a pennant drive..
I still say we would be better served by bringing in a little experience with a guy like Ni.
More importantly we need Max to start pitching like a top of the rotation starter and Porcello to pitch like a middle of the rotation guy. Get a few wins going and then try to rest JV a little. Use guys like Turner or whomever else after the deal is done rather than before.
BTW, Ni has been starting down in Toledo and doing rather well.

Is it just me, or do those matchups look to be not in our favor? Well, no more surprise rookies now, it comes down to the old rivalry. This weekend might turn on managerial moves made or not made. I’m thinking of leaving a struggling pitcher in too long, among others. Don’t wait till the game’s gone and be prepared in the bullpen.
Our big advantage is if we just avoid getting swept in these series, it still takes the other clubs a long time to catch up in the standings. I know, some “advantage” but we’ve been here before.

Yes, and let’s get Coke back in today’s game if a LHP is needed. He was brutal yesterday but so superb before—get him back on the track and don’t let him think about it for too long.

The keys tonight may well be the leadoff men. If AJ can continue to hit the ball hard and JV can manage Pierre, it could set the tone for the respecitve lineups. Pierre always gives us trouble and he has hit JV well too.
We also have to get Peralta going again.

Phil Coke is having a hard time answering the questions asked by Ryan Field. As would I. Ryan wants the typical scripted jock speech but Phil doesn’t seem inclined in that direction. You know, “how important is it blah blah blah” answered with “blah blah our team blah be prepared everyday blah blah one game at a time blah blah” and so forth. Not Phil. That’s why I like him.

Sort of a free spirit type. He sounded like he wanted to push Field on the floor and rumble.

Totally agree, Rich. Most interviews with players aren’t even worth watching because they’re so cookie-cutter. It’s easy to tell that Coke is emotionally invested in his team – it’s hard not to like him and pull for him.

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