Marte gets call to Detroit as bullpen addition

The Tigers don’t have to worry about playoff roster eligibility with their September call-ups, since they can turn disabled list spots from Joel Zumaya and Brad Thomas into open spots to add guys who aren’t on the active roster until September. However, guys have to be added to the 40-man roster before they can become September call-ups. That’s apparently happening with right-hander Luis Marte, who’s turning a statistically big season in the Double-A Erie bullpen into what would be his first Major League stint.

Word from the SeaWolves after Tuesday’s game is that Marte is being called up to Detroit. He’s expected to be a September addition. The Tigers have not yet announced their September call-ups, and likely won’t until Thursday.

The numbers from the 25-year-old speak for themselves. With a 5-foot-11 frame and a nasty breaking ball, Marte allowed just 29 hits over 53 innings, walking 18 and striking out 68. He did that over just 23 games, including seven August appearances that all lasted two innings or longer. With that kind of role, his 1.70 ERA looks more significant.

Marte basically heated up around midseason. Add together his last 10 outings, and he allowed three runs on 15 hits over 27 2/3 innings, with six walks and 35 strikeouts.

The Tigers will have to purchase Marte’s contract to add him to the 40-man roster. However, they have an open spot still left over from Chance Ruffin’s trade to Seattle, so they won’t have to make any return move.


Well, I will comment about last night’s game on this thread. I, too, enjoyed the game from start to finish. I kept looking at the clock to see how fast the game was going. Sure, we like a lot of scoring but I enjoy a pitching duel. That is why I do not like to comment during the game. I felt all along the Tigers would win. Congrats to Marte. Welcome to the big club. Also, thanks Jason for all the info on September call ups.

Way to go Ramon! Couldn’t be happier for him and for my team. Fun stuff watching walk-off’s. Valverde sneaking up with the shaving cream was great too, and I loved the bench’s reaction when Maggs came through with that tying base hit, you know he is well liked, those guys want him to get some of that mojo back and not just to help their team. Fun game last night, Fister was impressive and I like the support the fans were giving him.

Im just getting my gamebag packed and going to grab an early lunch before heading down to the park for todays game. Go tigers.

What’s worse than losing a game? Losing your internet connection. After Scherzer’s “start” I was so angry and left to put gas in my car only to return 10 minutes later with no phone, internet, tv connection (Comcast). Won’t be fixed til tomorrow. I wanted to rant so bad about Scherzer, it just about drove me crazy. What a game last night. I was able to listen and was so relieved Ramon came through. Benoit was terrific, too. He’s a humble guy. In McDonald’s, so hopefully, will join in discussion tomorrow. Comcast is giving me the blues. Anyone got a better idea for internet. I’m lost without my computer. Go Tigers!!!!

Interesting call-up. On Monday Marte threw 3 2/3 innings and, get this, had TEN Ks!!
He is not a big guy by any means and you have to be wary of stats compiled at AA (Lester Oliveros had similar success there), but maybe he’ll end up being another bullpen surprise.

Pup, I know the feeling. More than once I have taken my laptop to Starbucks to watch the game. The combination of the game and the caffeine can create a bit of a spectacle for other Starbuckers though!

Thanks, Dan. I’m headed home. The battery on this thing doesn’t last long. Hope our Tigers win today. We gotta have somone other than Verlander and Fister to get us some wins. Hope our bats get hotter, too. Go Tigers!!!!

Headed down to the game today. Hopefully Porcello won’t have a similar outing to Scherzer the other night. Porcello as we all know has been highly hittable and if he doesn’t get the low strike it is doomed!

Speaking of internet watching, I have a question for the locals. A few weeks ago while in Ohio, I tried to watch the Cleveland game on my laptop but I was blacked out because I was within the TV viewing area. Being in the TV viewing area does no good if the place you’re staying doesn’t carry the station. This happened the next night in Michigan for the Tigers game. I went to the game the next night (try to black THAT out) then on Thursday afternoon I was able to watch the Tigers game on my laptop. What the heck are the rules for this business?

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