Answering question about postseason rosters

The question came up by chance today, but it’s been asked by readers for the last week or so: Will the Tigers make any roster moves before Sept. 1 to make sure guys are eligible for postseason rosters?

The answer is that they don’t have to. As long as the Tigers have players on the disabled list at season’s end — and with Joel Zumaya and Brad Thomas, they’ll have two — they can technically use those spots to add players to the postseason roster who weren’t up with the team on Aug. 31. In past years, they would’ve had to use a pitcher to replace a pitcher on the DL. They no longer have to do that.

Thus, for example, if the Tigers were to want Andy Dirks on the roster for the Division Series as an extra roster, they can still wait until Sept. 1 or later to call him up. They can use the rule and “replace” Zumaya with Dirks, and use Thomas’ spot on somebody else. As long as they’re in the organization before Sept. 1, they can be used as a replacement.


THAT’S the one I was trying to think of. The Ricky Rodriguez rule from 2002. Thanks, Jason!

Make that Frankie Rodriguez.

Nice first inning for Fister. He historical has not done well against the Royals though. Time to change that!

Nice start by Fister. Uncanny really.
I would expect these Royals to start stepping out of the box a bit to upset his rhythm.

Tigers hitters on the other hand look poor through the first few innings.

Well I hope we can hit Francis better than this. Also, we would do well to provide Fister some support. Odds are he will get nicked up a little this game.

Peralta is 266 in the last 30 days and 216 in the last ten. Why JL rests those player when are hot and play them once and again when they needs a couple of days off? Having Boesch off and Peralta and Avila regressing at the same time is something to worry about

I used to love these kinds of games but I must admit I can’t see why we aren’t hitting Francis. Sit back and wait for that curve.

Oh boy!

Sure glad Jim Joyce isn’t umping 1st today.
C’mon Tigers, quit being Mariners. Get this guy some runs now.

Geez! Pitch can’t hit, hit can’t pitch?

Getting very concerned that our hitters are not going to get the job done. We can’t afford to lose games and we certainly can’t afford to lose well pitched games.

Cleveland is winning?

Traded from one of the worst batting team to one of the best but he had the same bad run support.

Are these Tigers hitters going to do anything. Fister is probably thinking he is still in Seattle with the same poor hitters. Confusing?

No excuse for that AJ. N-O-N-E.
A game like this you have to be willing to swing your bat. That, plus the umps are calling the pitches favourably for the pitchers. Should have been thinking about that.
I feel real sorry for fister. This is not what was supposed to happen when he came here.

The crappy thing is that the Royals are bloody likely to score. You can expect a bunt.

See how the game is played Leyland.
Hint. Inge up with a man on you should be bunting.

And just like that this game is most likely lost, because the Tigers can’t seem to manage anything off a nearly 5 era pitcher? Congratulations guys lots to be proud of (sarcasm). Slip sliding away?

Iad like nothing better than to wipe that smile off Billy Butler’s face.
Frustrating game to watch at this time of the season especially.

And even more confusing. A righ handed batters loaded team that bats beter against RHP than against LHP

Rod just said what I was gonna say—that’s 3 straight times francis has started him off with a crap curve ball over the heart of the plate. Delmon should be banging that pitch.

Ok , that was the pitch of the game

Fister came to Detroit looking for some run support?

That was pretty polite hitting by VMart and Avila..
VMart is usually way more disciplined than that. Quite surprised to see him hacking on a 1st pitch fastball out of the strike zone. He takes that pitch and everything changes.

Be careful with this rookie Fister.

Honest to god! Cabrera comes through with a big single (sarcasm) followed by an uncharacteristic AB by Martinez and we come up with another wasted opportunity with Avila grounding out softly. Slip sliding away!

I’m afraid we’re done now. Shame on our guys. Shame. I hope they make me eat my words but you can feel they are pretty unlikely to do much tonight.

Does history really repeat itself? I seem to remember another season when the last place Royals swept a series from the Tigers that caused them to lose a chance at a divisional title. What is it with this team anyway?

Fister deserved a whole better than what these teammates gave him. Sorry Francis just isnt that good! You said it Dan Shame on them for those lazy weak at bats!

Maybe not. Done yet that is.

Cleveland scored a few more runs, apparently they are interested in winning?

Are Oakland and Minnesota saving their best efforts for the Tigers? They certainly aren’t doing much against Cleveland or Chicago.

RHP, so Betemit as pinch hitter?

bunt, then Betemit?

Lefties batting 34 points higher off Greg Holland than right-handed hitters. They’re still just .194. 20 minutes ago

It could be argued that is why JL doesn’t bunt. Because he has less than a handful of guys that can get the job done. Still.
It’s his fault that the pitchrs can’t field and the hitters can’t bunt.

Unbelievable these guys can’t lay down a bunt?

AJ upa now against Holland. This won’t even be fair.

We need him on base so Magglio wont be the first batter in the night

Santiago? or Kelly?

We need a wild pitch!!

My oh My!!!

After apologizing, good

Nice Magglio!

Magglio was overdue to help this team.

I rest my case.

What was wrong with Coke pitching another inning?

Porcello pitching tommorrow, keeping bullpen fresh. Or simply JL´s way

All I can say is we are about due for a Miguel Cabrera walk off homer.
Maybe Alex??

Now JL may be committed to VV in the 10th inning even without any lead to protect and we all know how well VV pitches in non-save situations.

Miggy—don’t save your bad ABs tiill the 9th inning.

Another come through big time at bat for Miguel Cabrera in the ninth?

6 pitches in the middle for Cabrera in two at bats and now pitching around V.Mart to face Peralta

…Avila , after Vmart swinged at the 4 th ball

Yep he sure did!

Betemit has been having the most god awful at bats lately.. JL has the luxury of a lousy LHB 3rd baseman or a RHB 3rd baseman.
Don’t much like the idea of Benoit out there for another inning.

I’m still seething over that at bat by Betemit.

So much for Betemit helping this team. Do his bad throw errors outnumber his hits?

This team has no mojo!

Bet emit has gotten some important hits. But he looked awful in that AB.
No mojo

Cleveland is going to win and Chicago just came back from another 3 run deficit to go ahead.

C’mon guys. cleveland wins these walk-offs all the time. Let’s get this ONE eh!

Well little Santiago showed the big boys how to get it done!

Ramon!!!! That’s the way to show the big boys how to do it!!!
Thank you Doug Fister for keeping us in the game.

All’s Well That Ends Well
That kind of game usually ends whith a homer

From the least expected, often rejected, comes the final blow. Smile Ramon, you’re the hero tonight!

I don’t care what anyone says, Ramon should play every day. If you can run Inge and Rayburn out there every day for a half a season when they bat .150 you can run Ramon out every day. That guy just wins.

KC RHP starting tomorrow, why not have Ramon in the line-up? Oh, yeah, JL is still the manager. The next 2 KC starters have had good and bad games. The Tiger batters, and I hope they are also hitters, need to put some runs on the board. They can’t expect Porcello and Turner to pitch one-run games like Verlander or tonight Fister. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cabrera is having some kind of a problem. He may not reach 30 HR or 100 RBI’s this year. The rest of the team will have to make up difference.

That’s what I have been saying about Miggy, but I usually get bashed when I say something on here.
I am a believer in Fister! In fact he is probably been the most effective as of late. Not bashing JV, (he is Cy Young). But Fister has been great and I believe he has given up 2 runs in 3 outings.

By the way I think Ramon will be in there tomorrow. Kelly will probably be in right.

Tho you weren’t a believer tonight Dan, I know you’re a Santiago fan, so you’re forgiven. And you won’t believe this, and you don’t have to, but just before that pitch I turned to my wife and said, “You know, a walk off home run would be really neat right here. C’mon Ramon!” (It was not a prediction. Just thought it would be great for Ramon) Anyone else jump out of their chair yelling, “Santiago!”?
That was huge considering Cleveland and Chicago are trying to creep back into the race.

Aaron, I’ve been preaching that since before the Renteria trade.

A while back I mentioned I didn’t like the Fister trade. I was wrong about that. I like the attitude and character he exhibits on the mound. Seems like he’s bringing more than just ability to this team. What I didn’t like about the trade was losing Casper Wells who had a good attitude as well and will become a solid player for Seattle. Always hard watching good young players move on.

I guess I’m in the minority but I enjoyed the game from start to finish. Ramon demonstrated how smart we are again, and Ordonez got a huge hit, just like we hoped he’d do at times. It couldn’t have played out any better.
I’ll tell ya what, Doug Fister can pitch an important game for me anytime. Glad we got somebody you can count on a little. He throws strikes, works quickly, doesn’t get flustered, and fields his position. For six innings, that game was eerily like the Galarraga game, going by so fast, quick non-spectacular outs, etc. Phil Cuzzi had a lot to do with the lack of hitting tonight because his strike zone was huge and changeable. This is the guy that called the Mauer hit foul in the 2009 playoffs and set off an instant replay movement.
I’m still not understanding the complaints re Cabrera. It seems like we expect him to do something big every single time up.
I was surprised when Victor went out of the zone on that first pitch, though. My man usually doesn’t do that.
Do I have tunnel vision or does it seem like JL is beginning to do things many fans have campaigned for? You notice he didn’t use Valverde in the non-save situation, opting for a second inning for Benoit.

I totally understand about Miggy. Yes his numbers and splits are good but it is the super-charged times that he seemingly always came through in previous years that he is not this year.
I think he will turn it on and become so reliable again that we again will experience his superiority at the plate.
Kudos to Benoit for pitching 2 pressure packed innings.. And to JL ( faint, shock, awe) for pulling Fister and putting Coke in to face Gordon. That was actually an astute and ssomewhat courageous move.

Incredibly important victory. Cleveland is not letting up and the White Sox are playing inspired ball right now. A loss tonight would have hurt more than the “L”.

I say that about Miguel because it’s true. He is well below his career averages as far as RBI’s and homers. He averages 116 RBI, he may not get to 100 he averages about 34 home runs a year which he isn’t going to come close! That’s why I say his numbers aren’t as good. Moreover, it’s a feeling that while yes his average is great, they seem to be a lot of singles and singles when there are two outs and nobody on. I don’t feel like he I’d driving the ball like he is capable of.

Oh my I need to read before I post. What I meant to say is that he isn’t driving the ball like he is capable of.

Pitching was terrific tonight, Coke has just been terrific and I admit I questioned Benoit going out for a 2nd inning but it obviously was the right call, he did a great job.

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