Alburquerque throwing, Boesch not swinging

Mixed news on the Tigers injury front today. The good news for them came from Al Alburquerque, who was cleared to begin throwing again and was set to throw a side session this afternoon. Jim Leyland told MLB Network Radio that they hope to have him ready to come off the 15-day disabled list around Sept. 1, and he echoed that sentiment to reporters later.

Alburquerque hasn’t pitched in a game since Aug. 9. While he has been out, Phil Coke has found his old form to take over a big role in setup duties, and Ryan Perry has made an impression with his consistency. Add Alburquerque to this group, and the Tigers bullpen looks a lot deeper than it did a couple months ago.

“That would be music to our ears if we could get him going,” Leyland said.

The flip side of that is the situation they face with Brennan Boesch, who has been diagnosed with a partial tear of the ulnar colateral ligament in his right thumb. He’s going to need surgery, but the Tigers are hoping they can get it comfortable enough that Boesch can play out the season and then have offseason surgery.

“What we’re trying to do,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Monday, “is work with the stability of the thumb.”


Yeh regarding Al – oh no regarding Brennen. We definitely need him out there, we don’t have many true power threats and he is one of them. Not to mention he is a left power threat!

Why he is not in DL? They are two players short now

If I am the Tigers management, I am shutting Brennan down. Certainly the DL but probably for the season.
He’s too young, too good, too much potential and too left-handed to take any chances.

too left-handed – like that one!

Thank you Jason.

“Tigers manager Jim Leyland said he is hopeful Alburquerque will be able to be reinstated Thursday, when teams are allowed to expand their rosters.”
I presume he will still be post-season eligible because of coming off DL???

I heard Rod say he was in touch with Zumaya who said he was rehabbing and hope to pitch next year.

key word: hope.

I swear Max forgets how to pitch when he gets ahead in the count.

Verlander and Fister and pray for rain

He is going to have to be at his scrappy best for us to have any hope this game. The 3rd is looking ugly.

Max ain’t fooling anyone pitching inside tonight.

Oh Max—you are one frustrating pitcher. Good stuff, good arm, good head but you just make bad pitches way too often..
This kit Giavotella has clobbered you. There’s no excuse for that.
Looks like we may be playing September ball already.

OK Max, they have given u a chance to get back into the game.

All of a sudden our rotation looks shaky again!
We have good runs with the rotation but there is no real comfort level with it.

Well, at least Max was consistent, he kept on going inside just to make sure they were not lucky hits.

The Big Club has not been interested in Fu-Te Ni all year. He has quietly had a good year in the pen and then as a starter. Threw another really nice game again tonight.

Well just got home from the game, and yes it’s not over quite yet technically! And all I’ve got to say is @&;!’,%^*+==^#}{{!!!??!’,!!!! So freaking mad! This team almost had me fooled. And I’m not going o get on the hitters too much 5 runs should be more than enough to win a game. The problem is that beyond JV and maybe Fister, this rotation has absolutely NOTHING. Porcello, Penny and Scherzer are all inconsistent to bad. This isn’t a rotation that is good enough to get to get to the post season let alone do anything once you get there. The last two days have been inexcusable and my guess is by the end of the weekend there will only be a game or two separating the top three teams. That’s right I said it. They almost had me fooled. Shame on me!

We got about a turn and a half through the rotation but the last two starts have been bad (Penny) and abysmal (Scherzer). Unfortunately, there is that sneaking suspicion that we only shut down a Rays team that can’t hit in their ballpark. At any rate, 20 runs in two games is no way to be pitching this late in the season.
Max had no location whatsoever, which is a common failing when he’s not on. Combined with Penny, we’ve spent the last two days throwing BP, fat fastballs right down the middle. The Twins, of course, haven’t scored any runs tonight as I write this. Scherzer has too much movement in his delivery and has trouble repeating it. Penny is just Penny. He has to have all his pitches working to hold them to three runs. None of this inspires confidence in a Tigers fan. This weekend, Chicago, Verlander, Penny and Scherzer.
I wish JL would be more proactive when his starter is so obviously and totally ineffective on a given day. He always waits too long. You can at least get a reliever up just in case.
The KC series has loomed as a trap series, and it’s on the verge of becoming one. I’m not going to go so far as to say we’re screwed, far from it, but this is a dangerous time right now. And I stress right now. Still a month to go.

Hopefully Fister shows up tomorrow? Because let’s face it including JV who was not great for him on Saturday to a bad Penny on Sunday to a horrible Scherzer today. But I really do think the standings could like a lot tighter come Sunday. Chicago is pitching well and frankly Cleveland is pitching well and we are not.

Well, our lead could shrink as quickly as it expanded, but all one can do is hang on and enjoy the race. Although not an excuse to be satisfied with the status quo, this IS better than it used to be in Detroit. But, and it’s a big one, you have to win it sometimes.
In many ways, it’s easier for the players than for the fans. It’s their job, they do this everyday year in and year out and most importantly, they have a degree of control over the outcome. Standing by helplessly is very difficult. They can give these calm interviews while we’re going nuts. I was a player, a manager, and a playing manager, and believe me, it’s better that way. I never got nervous during a game like I do watching these guys. I used to love the close ones.

Inconsistent. All around inconsistency. We’re not getting much out of our short stop and 3Bmen. 2nd base amd RF are a bit of a merry go round. Austin Jackson is not getting on that much and creates very little havoc on the bases. The starters have been off and on.
There is not the feeling that the opponents are afraid of our lineup. They don’t try to pitch around Cab and/or VMart.
Let’s hope for better tomorrow.

Seems to me they are trying to pretend that Boesch is going to be OK. Meanwhile they need to be cogniznat of who is going to be on this roster on Wednesday.
They are going to get nothing out of Boesch with his hand the way it is.
Why risk hurting him more/
Call up Dirks. Put Boesch in the DL.

Yes, we had a few bad games. What Tigers have you all been watching? You know they are inconsistent. WE are in 1st place. Enjoy the ride. I would also rather be playing than watching. I broke my thumb when I fell rounding first base. I tried to bat my next time up. Ouch! Yeah, call up Dirks, we can’t have an ineffective Boesch in the line up. Go Tigers!

Well the Tigers I had been watching the last several weeks, have been playing and more importantly pitching very well. These last few starts have not been poor they have been horrible. And this team has a history this year of giving up a lot of runs to light hitting teams. Go back and look at the box scores for the Twins, the A’s, the Mariners (especially them) the Giants, Angels and Dodgers. And this team has a habit of not playing well in September while the competition this year the Soxs and Cleveland seem to be playing better these days not worse.

If Boesch was put on the DL during September, he can be replaced on the playoff roster, correct? That aside, they may end up DLing him retroactive to his last game played. I don’t have much hope that he can play over this injury. He did this swinging a bat? How does that happen?

If Boesch was put on the DL now and Dirks was recalled they basically could choose which one goes to the post season roster. If he goes on the DL during the playoff, he can be replaced and is done for the year. I guess they wait is out and Dirks is back on the 1st to play right field against righties.

Did they fire the coach that worked with Porcello and Scherzer last year?

The Minor League Pitching Coordinator was fired. AJ Sager, Toledo Pitching Coach worked with Porcello and Scherzer last year.

They fired Jon Matlack. No mention of it on the Tigers site.
“Raburn has been dealing with a jammed right ring finger he suffered on a slide into second base Saturday. Raburn said it was the fourth time he has messed up the finger on a slide, breaking it the previous three times.”
Does it even occur to these clowns to slide feet first? I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this is how Boesch first injured his thumb.

I think you’re right Rich.

I know Brennan holds onto his batting gloves when running, my guess is that would help avoid any major finger injury when sliding, of course if it is when he is running off of a hit then it could happen. He says it happened on a swing. Not sure though.

Great article in the News about Matlack. It says he is candid. Again, it is a great read for all you Al Avila fans. Sliding. Who is Rickey Henderson? Sports science should do a spot on which is faster. And, how sharp were Ty Cobb’s spikes?

Waiting for a 3-run homer?
We have SEVEN of them this year!
And 2 Grand Slams.
130 homers and 80 are solos.
It would be a real luxury to have a long ball hitter on this team. One that can hit 40 homers a year and with men on base.
Why is it that we have 3 guys on this team who are aging, not hitting, spending time on the DL and all likely playing their last season as a Tiger all in the same year?
Shouldn’t managment have seen this coming and not waited for it to happen?
Management saw Inge, Ordonez and Guillen as starting regular ball players on a contending team. Now that’s what I call Hope & Dream.

And they expect Zumaya to be in the bullpen every year.

Good points, Tiger Girl, I thought the same thing re the batting gloves. If he says he did it on a swing, I believe him. Must have been an awfully funky swing.
How many of us have gotten into hot water on the job for being candid?
The headfirst slide is a pet peeve of mine. When we were kids, we built a sliding pit in the backyard just to practice our slides for fun. I mean,we weren’t even on an organized team yet, but we worked on those slides. Had a great time. I spent the next week knocking over all my friends on the basepaths………………..

Chicago just increased their chances of winning the Central by benching Dunn. My question: did Ozzie bat him cleanup right up until the time he was sat down?

prolly – ozzie is a bone head IMO

You know I can not say anything about management. Rich, we did the same as kids. In our freshman year in HS, we had sliding practice and I got to teach everybody from what we learned as 10 year olds. I also do not like the head first slide.

Tonight we got Maggs and Raburn in the lineup: Jackson CF, Ordonez RF, Young LF, Cabrera 1B, Martinez DH, Avila C, Peralta SS, Raburn 2B, Inge 3B, (Fister P)

7-3 duing the last ten games and a five game lead is still a good spot. We do need a good start from Fister and Porcello in this series. The double plays hurt Sunday, but the bats have not gone cold with the bad pitching the last two days. I am looking forward to watching Turner, since I missed his first start due to the stupid black out rules.

Good luck with LHB hitting to RF.

I hope we don’t hear a tale of woe from JL if Boesch gets DL’d. The Tribe have had a ton of injuries this year and right now have their outfield of Sizemore, Choo and Brantley all out.
Can we take advantage?

We’ve had as close to an injury-free season as you’ll ever see. Most of our roster issues stemmed from individual lack of performance by some. Unless over half the roster goes on the DL in September, we have no excuses to make there.
Matthew Leach’s story on the main site about the “big trade of 2009” nails it pretty good. NY and AZ received talent and we saved money.

The portion of the deal I did not like at the time is not mention much. I generally is thought that we gave up Jackson for Max and Daniel, but we could of kept Jackson and Kennedy. I thought at the time it was too much, but I do not think they wanted any part of Kennedy. He was coming back from the same surgury as Bonderman.

Mark, really? He sure has had a remarkable recovery then.
He’s one of the better ones around.

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