Saturday: Tigers at Twins

1. Austin Jackson, cf
2. Ramon Santiago, 2b
3. Delmon Young, lf
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
5. Victor Martinez, dh
6. Alex Avila, c
7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
8. Wilson Betemit, 3b
9. Ryan Raburn, 2b rf
P: Justin Verlander

1. Ben Revere, cf
2. Trevor Plouffe, ss
3. Justin Morneau, 1b
4. Jason Kubel, dh
5. Danny Valencia, 3b
6. Rene Tosoni, lf
7. Luke Hughes, 2b
8. Jason Repko, rf
9. Drew Butera, c
P: Carl Pavano


I like the lineup, still no Mauer!

Terrific I hope they get this sound fixed? It can’t be just me my other stations have sound.

Yeh sound is back but justin doesn’t look very goo so far.

Well JV had a rough first inning as far as efficiency but luckily gave up nothing! His guys got him a couple of runs so hopefully he will settle down a bit!

At that pace he barely would make the 5th inning

JV will get his 7 innings today.

Sorry dan his ump is squeeezing jv. I think he thinks so as well as it looked as though he was talking to the ump after the inning.

other than the 2 solo shots they sure are making things aweful easy on Pavano. Quick easy groundball outs he is getting. Heaven forbid they let JV get a little break, I guess they can’t wait to.get out on the field any play defense!??????

It is not only the ump.Some of them have fouled 7 times.They are doing their job unlike the Tigers

Ya they are fouling some pitches off but there have been some horrid calls. And to say different counts don’t matter and how the batter attacks the at bat. Well it makes a huge difference this ump has cost JV a ton of extra work.

Going after the ump it is not the best way to solve the will make things harder for him.
The problem was, as usual, the soft grounder of the first batter. Hustling players have always made him mad. Gomez was an expert on getting into his skin. And they are making him work hard, too hard.

I hate to disagree he spoke to the ump calmly, the soft grounder was the least of his problems. It was a horrible strike zone followed by a lot of fouled off pitches.
As I speak Justine just gave up a couple of jacks and a single. He better get his head of of his u know what.

Didn’t mean to type justine there and not justin.

Boy tigers are hitting weak grounder after weak grounder?? Yuk! Pick up the pace guys!

Geez Justin walk a guy with a 183 average? and then a double off a hiter with little power to tie the game. The ump was killing him earlier he’s doing it to himself now. Terific. He probably won’t get #20 today unless our hitters too hiting weak grounder after weak grounder.

Yikes, we better get it going.

Not often JV has pitched poorly this year. Today he’s made too many bad pitches and has been behind in the count too much.
A liitle arrogance maybe with Hughes. That was a pesonality trait that held him back in his first few years. Got arrogant with Repko too—Repko hit his curve for an upper decker and JV tried to get him out with it this time in the 6th. he almost didn’t and very nearly got behind in the game as Repko hit the ball really hard again.
Too bad Coke was overused yesterday, he would be valuable today as Schlereth can’t be counted on due to control inconsistency.

i swear every time I watch the Tigers on TV (as opposed to MLBTV) they get beaten and often beaten badly.

I know Dan these Saturday games don’t seem to go to well most of the time. I hate to say I’m disappointed in him, which it completely unfair, but you expect him not o get shown up by the likes of a repko and a luke hughes. Arrogence, your probably right

Way to go delmon

Maybe I should go out to the garage again. We got a run. OOh, another hit and run.

At this point in time DD is looking very astute. Betemit, Fister and Delmon. Delmon is a swinging demon. Couple of cheap hits yesterday but he has powered the ball since coming to us. Been robbed a number of times too.
The problem wit this game will be our bullpen now. I’m expecting we’ll see Schlereth next inning, maybe after Butera hits.
I hope Benoit is sharp today because Valverde hasn’t been.

you said it dan

Here we go. Another gutbuster.

Try telling me that 5th pitch to Butera wasn’t a strike?

And then a bloop single. Tell me he didn’t get hosed again? This ump horrible.

Amazing how often the umps call low sliders or curves balls, getting fooled by how low it is when at the catcher.

Ben Revere has some really nice speed!

Schlereth got away with murder. He got 3 outs and on every out he made a mistake.

How ’bout we win a division title, go deep into the playoffs and maybe win a WS before Justin makes the HOF. I know Justin has his goals and they are lofty goals (making the HOF) but, please, Justin get us to the WS.

I’m goiing outside again. Can’t stand it.

Well Valverde has the 7-8-9 hitters coming up. We couldn’t ask for a better scenario for him at this time.
So much depends on Papa Grande and I must say he has me concerned.

Another perfect work by Benoit


Wonder of wonders, I did receive the Fox feed for the game. This happens about once every three years.
That umpire wouldn’t call anything low in the zone, nothing. He made JV come up and that’s when the Luke Hughes and Jason Repkos of the world beat you. Both pitchers did well under those circumstances. Porcello would have gotten killed with that strike zone. This was a case when the strike zone had a big impact on how the game played out. Bottom line,we won. That’s all that counts.
That’s all I’ve got for now. Back to listening to Irene pounding on the windows.

Cleveland pulled another come from behind win out of their “behinds”. They had 2 outs in the bottom of the eighth a single, a walk then a 3 run homer to come from behind again! Seriously sick of them and their lucky comeback!

Well, I don’t know about lucky but just the other day, maybe it was Manny Acta, anyway I don’t know where I heard it but if a team still believes they can win and don’t give in, anything can happen. Teams have been know to lose a bunch of game going down the stretch and “boom” there’s that team that never went away. I hope we stay in 1st.

Good to see the team get this win for JV. Raburn is doing OK. The guy is hustling and backing up plays in the OF too. He got an important bunt down.
Betemit another important hit and Delmon Young is really playing ball.
MCab delivered today too.
The hens will come home to roost in Cleveland. They can’t keep winning games like that.

I expect we will see Raburn at 2B, Maggs in RF and Inge at 3B tomorrow.
With the way the club has been playing and winning, it’s getting hard to argue.
Still, Inge does not look good at the plate.

Carlos is starting rehab at Toledo. He was terrific those few weeks after the last DL stint, at least with his bat, the glove just so-so. Still, if healthy, he can make contributions for the stretch run.

I don’t think Cleveland is lucky any more than the Tigers are lucky. They’ve played over a mass of injuries to key players but still believe that they’re in every game. At home, they believe in their own mojo. Manny Acta, one of those managers who was “out there” a couple of years ago, has done an outstanding job.
The Tigers, while not as dramatic, have gotten it done lately with a solid workman-like effort. Take yesterday for example. Here their ace of aces, Verlander, had shockingly lost a 4-0 lead. Instead of falling to pieces on the road, they simply went out and immediately tacked on two more runs to their total, and that was the game.
The series in Cleveland next week will be another gut-wrencher. They had 35,000 screaming maniacs in there last night, an atmosphere that I’ve experienced firsthand. But the series that worries me starts Monday. Four home games with KC, a team we’ve looked past many times over the years. We’re going to find out this week if the Tigers have really taken that final step forward.

Drew Smyly threw another beaut for Erie yesterday. The Tigers have needed LHP for a couple of years now-much focus on Oliver and Crosby but this kid is passing them by.

We sure could use an update on Alberquerque and Boesch. I saw somewhere where Guillen is ready to rehab. Hard to get excited about that.
Q is an important factor for us, very important. He is the one guy you can bring in with men on 2nd and 3rd and legitimately feel you can get out lf the inning.
Boesch has tools that enable him to carry a ball team. He had been struggling, (a combination of removing him from the 3 hole and his thumb). I think they missed the boat by not putting him on the DL 3 weeks ago. He is critical to the lineup and needed for the end of the season and the playoffs.
Take care of this valuable asset.

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
3. Delmon Young, LF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Alex Avila, C
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Ramon Santiago, 2B
9. Brandon Inge, 3B

(I’m surprised Raburn is not at 2B)

I believe the MAGIC NUMBER is now = 26!!!!!!

Penny put that on a tee for Kubel!

I don’t understand the bad at bats. Cabby and Peralta striking out and seemingly very hittable pitches from a very hittable pitcher who has been downright awful lately.
Thanks for Ramon.

I agree. Peralta seems to have slowed down a little. And I won’t repeat how I feel about Cabrera since the allstar again, but he just isn’t quite the same guy we are used to.

So you walk Revere only to have him steal 2nd on the 1st pitch. There goes your best friend Penny the double play ball

Cabrera Pre ASG:
.311 .430 .980 with 59 rbis (92 games)
Post ASG:
351 .428 .977 with 24 rbis ( 39 games)
Leads the team in rbis and avg since ASG

Again with Jackson, Boesch ( in the second post), Magglio , Raburn before him…

Ordonez on defense is a contradiction in terms. I think we have seen the last of him as a rightfielder. He’s almost useless.
I understand bout Cabrera even though the numbers say otherwise.
He has grounded into DPs and struckout at times where he previously came up big and clutch.
Also not pulling the ball into the seats anymore. When he starts to do that—look out.
Not blaming him just saying things are different than we have been treated to before.

KC ahead of Cleveland 2-1 in the 9th. Better game to watch than ours I must admit.

Seriously don’t want to argue with you about this. It doesn’t mean he’s not great, it means he is having and off year for him, he may or may not this year make it to 100 rbi’s and probably won’t make it to 30 homers this year. Those are well below his averages in his career. He averages about 116 rbi’s and mid 30’s in homers.

33 and 118 counting this season. He could reach the homer total with a hot streak. His RBI total is due to Jackson and Ordonez, among other replacements, hitting in front of him.

Hi all. I got so bored watching Penny that I’m checking in here. This guy will never get any defense played behind him working so painfully slow. Cabrera has bailed out Inge twice, once on an unnecessarily hurried throw (probably didn’t know the hitter’s speed) after a good stop and once on a routine grounder. Ordonez is bad today.
My opinion was that Cabrera isnt hitting homers to the opposite field, so we’re not even agreeing on what we’re seeing different, if there is anything different. I’m thinking there isn’t. We expect him to come though every single time.

He is still damn good he is just not as good, hence he probably will be well below. His average career numbers. Still better than almost anyone out there.

Tribe: no magic…magic no: 25

No question about Cabs bat and talent. I do expect him to get red hot again. When he does he changes everything.

Inge can’t bunt? Or does Leyland think it’s more likely he will hit a 3run homer instead of a double play?

More wasted opportunities today. Guess Cy Dunsing is just to good for them. Why is Penny still in this game still, is Leyland and the team just conceding this one?

Old school´s way. Those runs does not count. Dont kill a rally in its bud

Penny has given up 4 runs on two fastballs right down the middle.
I seriously question counting on this guy to round out our rotation. I’d rather see Below.

Two men on with none out, unfortunately followed by our three worst hitters. Oh well.
Raburn jammed his finger on that ridiculous attempt at a headfirst slide yesterday. If I was manager, a headfirst slide would cost you 500 bucks. Learn the correct way. You lose all your momentum going headfirst and you risk injury.

I gave my 25 man roster suggestions a couple of days ago. Ordonez was not on it. I contend dirks would be more valuable than a RH PH and that Maggs is redundant with Raburn here.
I also would have liked to have seen Danny Worth, believe it or not, replace a bullpen guy. Danny can play 2nd or short and more importantly can get you a bunt when you need it. He has good speed. Been hitting a bit lately but he is a determined gritty fellow.
I’m sure they’ll keep Inge and he can serve as the backup catcher.

Nice clutch hitting by VMart..again.

7th run just came in for the Twins, guess you shouldn’t have walked Tosoni a guy batting 187?

There is no way you should be allowing these hitters to put up these kind of numbers on you. Its unacceptable in my opinion.

Theoretically we are still in this game. It doesn’t much feel like we are.
Especially waiting for Brandon Inge to hit that 3 run HR!!!!

Honest to god another freaking double play? You’ve got to be kidding me

We’ve hit into 4 DPs today. Indicative of a team that can’t bunt, hit and run or steal.

The Tigers do not have a prayer pitching to anybody with the name ‘Luke”.

It was a bad day all the way around. Pitching fielding and hitting all pretty bad

It was actually quite a feat to score 4 runs while hitting into 5 DPs. No game today.
I’m hopefully assuming that Penny isn’t here next season. We’re 12-14 during his starts, not to mention the chronic problems he seems to have working with his catchers. For now, we have to deal with it and hope he can at least not blow the games for us.
If Chicago wins today, they are in 2nd place.
Altogether, a solid 5-2 road trip, so good job. Now don’t let down for the KC series.

Positives for today. Let’s see, Santiago 4 for 4. That’s about it. Oh yeah. If you like to eat a lot of hot dogs, drink a lot of beers and make multiple trips to the bathroom during the course of a game, with Penny pitching you could manage it quite nicely. Seriously, (actually I am being serious) I know this is his style, but it is very boring baseball to watch. Agree Rich, how can a defense stay awake with him pitching? Dan, I’d like to see Below get a start. This turned out to be a throw away game.

We used arguably our worst starter and reliever and gave up 11 runs, so no surprises today. I’d like to see Below myself, but it won’t happen. He could maybe neutralize some of those LH heavy clubs.
You want to win at least three from KC and then the Verlander start on Friday against Chicago. Maybe put a big dent in their hopes.

When I got my text message I almost died. Good grief, I don’t even know if it’s worth the time to watch the replay. Truthfully, I don’t like any game where Inge starts and Magglio in the same lineup. Only one at a time. Seems like the team wins more without Brandon in the lineup. Austin seems to get in a better groove. I don’t have stats to back that up. It just feels that way to me. He’s like a bad luck charm. Sorry, Brandon.

A couple of things for JL to recognize and react to.
Brandon can’t hit, ordonez can’t field and Penny can’t pitch.
Best case scenario is Turner comes in and supplants Penny for the rest of the year relegating /Brad to long man and getting ready for that job in playoffs.

I agree Maggs isn’t going to make the spectacular play, he usually will just play it into a single. Was weird to see him diving? I suppose he is tring to show something to make himself more relevant. To me its not that Penny can’t pitch he just isn’t consistent enough, kinda like Porcello, you never know what you will get.

all around rough game today, but we were due for one. I’d rather lose in games like this than lose a one run game that we were in and had a chance. Might seem odd to say that. Excellent road trip all in all and congrats to all the new dad’s on the team, at least new babies for dad’s.

saw Turner pitch twice last week – Sunday and Friday and he did excellent both games, although he still was bouncing a few pitches on the Friday night game. Friday he was part of a shut out, the Hens won 1-0 with Timo Perez coming through with a single to drive in Will Rhymes from 2nd with a close play at the plate – fun game to watch even without scoring happening.

Penny sucks, he doesn’t even look like he wants to pitch, too much bother for him…

I think Maggs misplayed that ball off the bat and ended up diving while trying to recover. I don’t recall ever seeing him dive flat out. The hard truth is, he is done, Guillen is done, and Inge is done. I don’t expect to see any of them next season, so we can only hope they can contribute something for this final month.
Penny is a one season place holder in the rotation. I heard an announcer, don’t remember who, that described a pitcher on the deadline trading block as “just a guy.” That sums up Penny. Someone you don’t need to take time teaching, but just send him out there every 5th game and cross your fingers. I still think we gave up too much considering Pauley was the thrown in reliever, but it’s darned fortunate that we picked up Fister.
I agree that I’d rather lose a game like today’s then to lose a close one. We can’t afford to let the winnable games slip by. I don’t want this coming down to the final week.

I just hope JL doesn’t play the SOC when it comes to having to do something about Penny.
If he pitches fine OK, but if he continues to have energy sapping performances, then he has to find an alternative, especially in September.
I don’t have a lot of faith in Oliver but Wilk might be able to help. Or Below.
If Turner shows something worthwhile then they should go with him though I expect he is on a severe innings watch.
Nice to see Jerrod Weaver get roughed up on 3 days rest in Texas. 7 earned in 6 innings now brings his ERA close to JV’s.
I’d like nothing more than to see JV out pitch this guy in that area too.
I honestly think that even JL has seen the writing on the wall with Magglio.
He’ll continue to play Inge but I think Magglio will be pretty much a pinch-hitter and infrequent DH now. Especially with VMart being unable to catch.

The role of pinch hitter is my best guess for Magglio, also. He’s our star who took us to glory. He can still contribute in ways JL will find applicable. The young guys gotta carry us through. I want to see Danny Worth again, too.

There are worse things than having Magglio Ordonez available to PH. This is an extremely experienced veteran hitter who knows what needs to be done in a given situation. I’m not sure who he’d be PHing for and when, but he’s definitely part of all this. Likewise, Guillen has that ability, but the roster begins to get crowded. It will be an ongoing story.

agreed on the pinch hitter role for Maggs, his defense is just getting to be too much – 2 balls yesterday I saw he could have caught with better wheels and I only watched a small part of the game. Love him to pieces and hope he could be that guy off the bench we have been sorely missing that can still strike a little fear in the opposing pitcher. He just isn’t hitting enough to warrant him in there right now and that is really tough for me to say.

Just like many of us thought, the Sox are now chasing us being in 2nd place. Glad I was busy yesterday and did not sit and watch the whole game. We have become so spoiled with Miguel Cabrera. Could he be saving some of his energy for September? That would be on Wednesday. Go Tigers! –Dave

Boy I would rather not get smoked in a game. The thing that worries me most about this team is the pitching and that was the downfall yesterday. I hate seeing that.

Hey Jason!!!! Do we have to beg??
How about an update on “Q”?

yea what is up with Al^2?

One of the commentators, either radio or TV, said Al isn’t right just yet. Still has some issues resultiing from the concussion.

Well, we will see a week full of Magglio.With Raburn and Boesch in the twilight zone , they are two players short until sept the 1rst

Jon Matlack fired. Didn’t see that coming.

How about Zumaya?


If I were DD I would speak to the Dodgers about Ted Lilly (who has cleared waivers due to a unpalatable salary situation).
You’d have to get the Dodgers to eat most of his salary.
Lilly has pitched extremely well in August. He is only 1-3 but has a nERA of slighlty over 2 with a WHIP of under.80.
He’s a lefty that could be used to thwart the LHB we have trouble at times in our division.
Just a thought. (i know all about the “Washburn Effect”).

Last I hear about Q was that he was having some weird sensation in his hand, but that was about a week ago? Can’t remember if they said it was tingling or a numbness?

Maybe it will make his slider even more devastating!!!

N.B Lloyd McLendon:
“According to Granderson, “a good percentage” of his success can be attributed to the work that began with two sessions in a Texas batting cage last August with hitting coach Kevin Long.

With Granderson slogging through a disappointing first season in pinstripes, Long worked to shorten Granderson’s swing to help him against left-handed pitchers, a problem area over the course of his career.

Consider the problem solved: Granderson not only has belted 52 homers since last Aug. 14, the second most in the Majors over that span (Bautista, 55), but a Major League-leading 15 of his homers this year have been hit off lefties.

“You just don’t see length to his swing,” Long said. “I’ve heard other people in the game tell me that it’s just not pulls anymore. Granderson was an easy out. Now they don’t know the best way to attack him. That’s a compliment to Curtis. He really got his swing to the point where it’s compact, it’s explosive.

“You can’t discount the fact that there was very little damage done against lefties throughout his career. But now, he’s not uncomfortable against them. You don’t see bad swings, you don’t see a guy who’s waving at the ball. You see the same swing against lefties that you see against righties. So that’s pretty special.”

He still is striking out an awful lot right up there in the AJ zone. Obviously Curtis is doing some damage when he is making contact. But if you look at his game log look where a lot of those homes are hit. Yankee stadium, Texas, Baltimore, Boston and Toronto. All homer friendly parks. That being said I believe Curtis is doing awesome! .
Good news about Q

JL says AL^2 is back sept. 1st. Great news ~ but does this mean his ELBOW is super rested now and he can become more than a situational righty?

sad about Tom K.

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