Kelly to paternity list, Worth recalled

Another day, another Tiger about to become a dad. This time it’s Don Kelly, who was placed on the paternity leave list Friday while he returns to Detroit to be with his wife. Danny Worth was called up from Triple-A Toledo to take his spot.

No word on how long Kelly will be on the list. Players can be on there for 1-3 days. Miguel Cabrera was on for one day for the birth of his son, Christopher Alexander. He’s scheduled to rejoin the team today from Miami.


Danny Worth, one of my favorites.

I like this move. Danny is a good ballplayer and as I mentioned on the other thread, he is the guy I would bring up from Toledo to be eligbile for the playoffs (along with Dirks)
Danny can platoon with Ramon among other things.

Congratulations Don. Does it seem to you that these players babies are always born in the summer. They can’t plan any better than this? Haha.

Other things being replacing Inge. I doubt either of them throw teamates under the bus.
This isn’t the Kelly’s firstborn, is it?

No I don’t think it is his first. I seem to remember a piece on Tigers Weekly about the players and their young Kidd coming to the park and he has a very young son I think?

I think I saw the same piece, and I believe you are correct.

Correct. This is their second child.

Maybe Kelly’s son will be old enough to play by the time Inge finally retires or is kicked off the team.

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