Friday: Tigers at Twins

I’m off this weekend, but here’s your lineup for the opener at Target Field. No Brennan Boesch, as expected, due to the thumb. On the flip side, no Joe Mauer for Minnesota.

1. Austin Jackson, cf
2. Magglio Ordonez, rf
3. Delmon Young, lf
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1b
5. Victor Martinez, dh
6. Alex Avila, c
7. Jhonny Peralta, ss
8. Ryan Raburn, 2b
9. Brandon Inge, 3b
P: Rick Porcello

1. Ben Revere, cf
2. Trevor Plouffe, ss
3. Justin Morneau, 1b
4. Michael Cuddyer, rf
5. Jason Kubel, dh
6. Danny Valencia, 3b
7. Rene Tosoni, lf
8. Matt Tolbert, 2b (Nishioka scratched)
9. Drew Butera, c
P: Scott Diamond


I guess Ramon is wearing down after playing a few days in a row? Raburn at 2nd? Otherwise lineup ok!

We’ll the Tigers hitters really put the fear of god in that AAA callup pitcher that first inning. Does anybody have any faith in Porcello?

Honest to god it would be something to have a second baseman who could field tthat position? Honestly? I guess we are getting the bad Porcello?

They have Santiago but he needs rest after playing fouur games in a month

Porcello looked not good that first inning but got out of it?

Well the two singles to lead off the inning were a waste, Avila Peralta and Raburn wasted it. The curse of the AAA callup goes on?

Rick Porcello has turned into a horrible pitcher these days. I don’t know what his problem is but he can’t do anything right these days. And when he isout there pitching you just know it isn’t going to be any good.

I guess I’m talking to myself tonight.

Porcello is horrible–for a guy who has a good sinker, a changeup and a fastball that touches 94, he has no out pitch.
0-2 to the #9 hitter after pretty much getting out of a jam he created and he can’t throw a good pitch.
We’re extremely fortunate to be down by only 1 run

You got that right. Pathetic.

I worry about RP. He has the arm, the size, the talent, the youth.
But he gives up more hits than Carter has pills.
Our hitters have gone to sleep again after that outburst.
No way RP will keep the Twinkies off the board before they take him out. Though he has been slightly better than the he was earlier.

He was rushed into MLB. So never had the chance to polish his game. Now, they have to deal with the consequences of a bad choice.
Of course, a good defense would help him.

Nice play by Inge at 3rd. Those are the types plays he used to make often, but we haven’t seen in quite some time.
As I tyhpe Peralta waste another opportunity to score runs and let Mr. AAA off the hook.

VMart comes through…….again. He has been more of a clutch than MCab this year.
Clutch being the defining word.

VMart leads MLB in avg with RISP. Cabrera is third after Hamilton

Kudos to Porcello for sticking it out and finding something.

Porcello got better as the game went along, he actually started to look good! Cokes looking real sharp!

Really poor at bat by Inge in the 8th. Couldn’t bunt, not even close then nothing with 2nd and 3rd against a minor league pitcher that we didn’t want.

Leyland needs to give Pauley some work.
Any word about “Q”?

The weather at the game is exactly the same here in MI. A beautiful, beautiful day. Perfect for a ball game. The CoPA would have been packed.

Oh, the pleasure of having a nice easy game, so far. No gutwrenching.

Mana, I do not agree with Leyland here for the 8th. He has pitchers that need work and he can take the opportunity to save Coke for more stressful use tomorrow.

Oh yeah, JV is throwing tomorrow.
Well, I still would have used Pauley. We need to see what he can do.

Seriously don’t understand why they are using up Coke with this kind of lead. Put Pauley in, isn’t this the perfect situation to use him. Coke should be saved for closer games in my opinion.

As many games as we’ve blown to Minny I don’t blame Leyland for not taking any chances this time.

Rick certainly dug himself out of some holes early. At one time he had about 20 balls to 10 strikes pitched. And once again the ump was not giving him that low pitch that FoxTrax and Gameday show as strikes. Avila left 9 runners on base. They didn’t need the runs anyway but I hope his day off helped his legs and bruises because it sure didn’t help his hitting. Now they need some runs against Pavano Saturday to help JV get his 20th.

Avila regained consciousness after his day off!

I thought Perry and Pauley could have pitched the 8th and 9th, yes. Phil Coke has become one tough hombre. I would have saved him for sure.
I have an opinion on Porcello. A few weeks ago, word was that they were trying to get him to add velocity on his fastball. Talk about reaching back further and all that. It was about that time that his effectiveness went into the cellar. Why not leave well enough alone? He doesn’t need a mid-90s heater, all he needs is a well located fastball to set up his other pitches. He improved tonight when he and Avila went away from the fastball in favor of his other pitches. I’ve never seen an organization so blindly in love with power arms. That’s my take on the Porcello situation, anyway.
I’m wondering if we’re being fooled about Cabrera, in that he doesn’t stand out any longer as our entire offense. That’s a good thing. He doesn’t seem to be doing it all because he’s not doing it all, he has help now. Maybe that’s why it appears he’s not doing as much when all the numbers say otherwise.
We are getting good pitching, good ABs, pretty good defense, and a touch of luck, all resulting in an 11-4 run at just the right time.

Good observation, Rich, imo. We got V-Mart, Mr. Reliable, Avila, Delmon. That’s 4 heavy hitters that didn’t exist last year. Well, we had Reliable for 1/2 a year. I would have liked Miggy to get something there with the bases loaded, but VMart had his back. Tis a wonderful thing to see.

And Peralta with better numbers than Avila but ignored . Even his defensive has improved.
Avila batted 300 plus on April , June and August but around 200 in May and July

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