Penny takes issue with Maddon’s comments

A day after Rays manager Joe Maddon said he would’ve had no problem with Sean Rodriguez charging the mound on Brad Penny Tuesday, Penny said Maddon had the wrong idea what happened during his exchange with Rodriguez in that game.

Maddon suggested Penny yelled at Rodriguez for hustling on a fly ball to left that led off the seventh inning.

“For anybody to bark at another player for … hustling is absolutely insane, ludicrous,” Maddon told reporters after Wednesday’s game, according to the St. Petersburg Times. “And if Sean had just charged the mound, I’d have been fine with that at that particular moment.”

Penny said Thursday morning that was totally false. His problem with Rodriguez, he said, was with his yelling in frustration while he rounded first base.

“He’s just screaming and cussing because he got out,” Penny said. “I guess he should’ve hit the ball out of the park like he does every at-bat.”

Rodriguez entered Thursday batting .213 with five home runs this season.

“He’s screaming [curse words],” Penny continued. “Well, what are you supposed to do, hit every ball out of the park? Come on. To me, that’s a sign of disrespect if you scream it that loud. I mean, you don’t have to go out of your way. All these kids can hear you. It’s not too loud in here. So to me, that’s not being professional.

“Why would I get on somebody for not hustling? That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. I love when guys hustle. I may get on them for not hustling, maybe — not their guy, our guys. I have no problem with hustle.”

Rodriguez’s hustle, ironically, won the game Wednesday, beating out a throw to second base as the winning run scored.

As for Maddon’s suggestion of charging the mound, Penny had similar sentiments.

“For the manager to say I’m fine with him charging the mound, that’s stupid,” Penny said. “First of all, fine, charge the mound. I don’t care. I mean, they don’t build fences around the mound. But for him to say that over something he obviously has no knowledge of what happened, it’s amazing.”


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The hitters are disappearing again today. They let Hellickson off the hook early and now he is taking advantage of us.

That is bizarre

Our hitters need to support Fister today. The guys is light out right now. He has a history of pitching well without support but we have enough talent on this club to produce more than 1 run and 2 hits.

Let’s see if Santos can bunt JL!!!

Good job by Santos and great job by AJ

There goes the perfect game. Oh well, Fister is still doing great.

I can’t believe how good Fister is today. I missed his last start and it appeared he may have been similarly brilliant.

Strike out fools today.

seriously why would you send gimpy home on that.

I don’t understand why Lamont has this fascination with waving VMart home. He is almost never going to make it safely.

I would love to know what team has the most players tagged out at home, we have to be close to the top if not the top.

The bigger problem with Lamont sending a guy like VMart is the injury factor. I know he’s gonna be thrown out but he doesn’t slide well, often at the last moment makeing a decision not too, has a bad knee and back. I mean why risk him and his important bat in the lineup?

Totally agree Dan

Oh boy getting nervous here in the 7th. A single ties this game up fast. Ok good got the pop up to end it!

Lots of pretty lame ab’s by the Tigers hitters today, but Inge let three hittable pitches justvsail by him and then look shocked he was called out on strikes?

Here we go with the “Formula”.
Ida stuck with Fister.

And Benoit just proved why. Double and shoulda-been homer, so far—-

Oh boy. I think I would of kept Fister in as well, but I don’t think it a bad decision either.

He came back with a vengeance though and really did a nice job in mowing down Damon and the ever dangerous Longoria.
Now a 1-2-3 stress-free inning from Papa Grande?
Is that possible?

Inge is not gonna help us with his bat. You can forget that dream.

Well, it won’t be easy for VV. Kotchman is a bonafide hitter now. Zobrist hurts us and Joyce has punished the Tigers since they traded him.
Hang on tight!!!

Ya know we keep hearing about Jose and that he really isn’t throwing that splitter, but I haven’t heard the reasoning behind it? Has anyone else?

The next thing we will see is defensive indifference

Damn Joyce. VV can’t throw anything but the fastball. Please keep your eye on Joyce VV

Papa Grande didn’t deserve that one. He laid the fastball in and he got hammered. I’m surprised Joyce didn’t tie the game with the pitch he got and the pitch to Fuld was nothing, right down the middle.
Numbers don’t lie, but Valverde needs to rediscover his splitter.
Great win for Fister and I sure like to see his intensity, pace and approach.
Credit Santos with a good game behind the plate.

Yippie, but does anyone else feel like we have been living on borrowed time with Valverde. I love the dude though, he cracks me up!

Again I sure would like to hear why he isn’t using that splitter!

I think the inference is that he may have injured himself and can’t throw it.
I will say that at one time that pitch was virtually unhittable. It struck fear in opposing batters. I just hope it returns.
The guy is so wierd, I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t throwing it because he sent it away on vacation of his own accord!

Wow! 30 out of 4 ain’t bad, but we coulda swept ’em, we coulda been a contender. Just kidding.

well, 3 outta 4.

So far, it was a perfect trade.Even if he took his run support with him. Benoit has been perfect since May. There is a article on that in the Tigers webpage

I missed that entire Penny-Rodriguez business. Must have happened quick, I did watch that game.
I like the way we scored our second run today. I also liked JL taking off the bunt after that first weak attempt by Santos. I said out loud (to myself) just hit a grounder and he did. When it’s going good…………….
This Rays teams can’t hit in their ballpark but that doesn’t take anything away from Fister and the rest of the staff. We’re nearly two turns through the rotation now with good starts, not counting Porcello.
Valverde has the luck lately but that won’t last. If he’s injured, it needs to be addressed. Better to move up Benoit and Coke than to blow games in the 9th. As it is, Papa Grande is Papa Ticking Timebomb.
Don’t know what JL’s plans are, but I’d just go mainly with Raburn to replace Boesch. Ryan is hitting now and outfield is where he does the least defensive damage. Stick with the current plan regarding Magglio. Don’t mess with success.
Gene Lamont needs to be replaced before he gets Victor killed. There was ONE out, he didn’t need to send him on yet another suicide mission. I don’t understand this coaching.

I watched the Tb signal. according to Mlive , Detroit broadcast ignored the incident.At TB they highlighted it

Missed the whole game, but thrilled to see we got a win with a lot of our usuals out of the line up. 3 out of 4 on a road series – excellent

They made a mistake not putting BB n the DL a week ago. They could have called up Santos earlier, or Dirks and had him fixed by Septmeber. It was clear he was favouring his thumb in his swing and he was a pretty easy out.
I said at the time it would be far better to make sure he was OK rather than pretend he was OK and force him back to soon.
I would not be surprised to find him on the DL this time round.

Couldn’t agree more. Put BB on the DL, keep Santos here. We are playing with fire with no real backup catcher.
I thought Santos caught an incredible game yesterday. The guy is good defensively. And if we justify Inge’s roster spot with defense, then Santos should be on the team.

Inge thinks there are 20 teams in line for him. So, time to put him on waivers

The Tigers designated him for assignment in July, which is pretty much placing him on waivers. Those 20 teams could have claimed him. He is back now and will be here the rest of the year and (gulp) next year. Someone needs to tell him he needs to use center and right fields at the plate.

Santos was a godsend today. He did a great job! And, so did Fister. Throws fast, doesn’t he?

Santos filled in very well. Fister was absolutely terrific!

Also, Raburn looks more relaxed in right field. He has the arm for the position and looked pretty good out there. He is NOT an infielder.

I know management will respect Inge and Magglio and make sure they are on the 25 man roster for Sept 1st
If it were me I would axe Schlereth and add Danny Worth.
I thought about Rhymes but Worth is more versatile and has a little more pop. Worth adds a dimension of bunting and stealing. He’s been very good at both. Most of his errors were at 3B, not short or 2nd.
Inge goes only because of his alleged defense and his emergency cating experience.
I believe you need more speed in the playoffs.

You need Q in there and if he can answer the bell then I think you can afford to drop Perry. Pauley gets more ground balls and is less likely to walk a hitter.

I wouldn’t take Schlereth. He has great stuff but can’t be trusted yet. Still prone to wild pitches and walks. I actually trust Below more though I think Daniel has a great future ahead of him.

Back to speed; this is where things get messy. As painful and unfair as it might be, I would take Dirks over Magglio. Magglio would only be able to play as a pinch hitter and I don’t think a playoff roster can afford that. A pinch runner and defensive replacement is far more important. Raburn makes Magglio redundant.

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