Cabrera to miss Thursday, Santos headed up

Miguel Cabrera will miss the series finale against the Rays on Thursday to be with his wife in Miami for the birth of their third child.

Cabrera is only expected to be out for a day, rejoining the team in Minnesota. Thanks to MLB’s paternity leave list, they can have someone replace him on the roster for that day. And thanks to that, the Tigers can take care of a depth issue at another spot.

Though the Tigers didn’t announce who would be called up once Cabrera left, manager Jim Leyland said Wednesday afternoon they would have a move. Minutes later, Toledo Blade reporter John Wagner spotted Omir Santos packing his bags and heading out of the Mud Hens clubhouse prior to Wednesday night’s game at Fifth Third Field. He’s headed up, which would allow him to start here Thursday and give Alex Avila his first game out of the starting lineup in three weeks. Considering the Tigers don’t have another off day until Sept. 8, the game off could be huge.


Excellent timing on that. Leaves us with a weaker lineup tomorrow but that’s okay. Let’s win this one tonight and all is good.

thank gawd – get that iron-man a break holy cow

Felicitaciones a Miguel y su señora esposa

Congratulations Miggy! It will be a weird lineup not having him and Avila in the lineup. Unless of course V-mart can play 1st and Avila Dh?
Watching MLB channel right now and they have Cabrera out if the lineup tonight as well? Jason is there any truth to that change or are they confused between today and tomorrow?

Another awesome AB by Austin

Boy or girl?

Nice SacFly AJ.
This is good–because AJ often does not deliver with man on 3rd,

Dilemma: Boesch batting 2nd is not working. 3rd he is OK but Delmon has filled that role so admirably it is hard to find a spot for BB.

Well Tigers are certainly going quickly and quietly this game aren’t they? What do you say Dan polite baseball.

We’re in tough tonight.
Davis is going to make it difficult.
Max is throwing well.
Gotta start doing something on the sticks.

Max is having a tough 5th having a hard time throwing strikes huh?

Oh Max you’ve created your own crappy inning.

JD singles but why does he end up on 2nd? Bad fundamentals.

6? doubles in three days

Got lucky. Longoria might hae homered there.
Tiger hittes have to wake up—2 games now and very little offense.

Not Max’s night. We’ll see if the Tigers can overcome his mediocreness? I mean he hasn’t been terrible but certianly not what you would of hoped for

Good play by Ramon.

Jackson hit that hard but no luck in finding a gap?

Boesch looks like crap tonight at the plate. Well a lot of them do. Sorry Wade Davis is not this good.

Miggy didn’t earn his 20 mil there did he? Actually to me he hasn’t been great for most of the year. It just feels like he isn’t coming through at times like that enough.

Not a well played game by us tonight. Caby has to be putting some HRs on the board for us at critical moments. Yes his numbers are good but we have become accustomed to excllence. The excelllences has been diminished. I don’t car ewhat anyone says, that is the truth. He is capable of much, much more.

Maybe after the baby is born he’ll turn it on.

Well let’s put itthis way regarding Miguel. He has 81 rbi’s he will probably get to 100 but barely. He has 23 homers and only 5 since the allstar break, he will probably not get to 30?

His wife has been staying in Miami during the pregnancy. Maybe he doesn’t like being a bachelor.

Okay Perry!

Perry looks strong—real good when he stays down in the strike zone. Hard to hit there.

Miguel has spoiled you. I guess if Verlander starts giving up 2 runs a game people will start complaining too.

Maybe, but the fact of the matter is, he has a decent batting average but his homerun and rbi production is down a lot. In my opinion he doing just enough average wise that the average fan isn’t noticing. But is you watch every game like a lot of us you notice that he is hitting a lot more singles and he isn’t coming through in the big situations. And its not me talk8ing it is the numbers talking. He probably won’t get to 30 homers and may just get to 100 rbiKs but that will be close.

Who’s he supposed to run in when hardly anyone gets on base in front of him. That’s why they picked up Delmon.

Great job there Kelly geez.

C’mon port wine. Cabby is acutally having an off year. Spoiled or not spoiled. He is overweight, He has not hit hit as strongly as he usually does. He has struck out more in RBI situations, less HRs, less extra base hits. Am I spolied? Yes I am.

Congrats Miggy –
come on guys, knowing we are missing 2 starters tonight it would be great to win this one tonight.

Cabrera post ASG:343 .429 .947 with 5 hrs and 22 rbis.

And 380 during the 17 games batting streak that ended on sunday:

I’ll say this before Perry implodes.
I hope they keep him. I like his stuff. I like his arm.
I like his demeanor.
I think he will learn how to succeed.

And he is hitting too many singles because he has been anchored by Magglio. And less rbi because he has been batting with no one on base. With Ajax, Sizemore,Rhymes, Raburn,Kelly,Magglio before him it is a little hard to have an rbi

Yes but in that hitting streak there were. Lot of singles. And you r right some of it may have to do with the people in front of him. But that makes it all more important that he comes through when he does. Don’t get me wrong I am extroidinarily happy he is on my team, but if you think he is performing up to standard this year we’ll he isn’t. I bet you he would say the same thing.

Seriously is leyland not going to get anyone up in the pen? Just going to let Perry die out there?

Wade will go out for the 10th. They made is aweful easy on him.

Oh no Pauley!

According to Dan and Jim, he was very good in Seattle. Not so good, since then. A hit machine. Maybe he wants to pitch in October?

Oh my.

And a lead off walk. Swell.

As expected Pauley was not good.

Great job Duane B!!!
Excellent pitch and impressive for a rookie to make it.

Big Mouth Bill Bass says: Don’t worry, be happy.

Really, this is too much.

Davis threw one of the best games I have seen all year (other than JV)

Must be nice to have a team with speed!

Oh no hit him with 2 strikes? I need to close my eyes. I have done that often the last two games.

I can’t stand it.

Nice inge. You coul of thrown to 1st. You could of not lolligagged it. His defensive glove not so great that inning. He blew the double play

Tough break. mFuny I was just looking at how far the guys was leading off 1st and thinking that may not be a good idea to forget about him like that and then boom.
Below threw well I thought and I have no idea why 3rd baseman don’t simply tag 3rd on plays like that but that game was not destined to be ours.
Brandon had many options there but I think he may have been better off simply going to 1st.

Inge blew it. So count it he has had 3 games back 1 good and 2 bad.

Unacceptable way to lose a game in my opinion.

Looked more Like Santiago’s goof.

No. Santiago got there as fast as he could. Brandon for starters should of made a double play earlier but he bobbled it. Secondly Santiago was playing deep and couldn’t have gotten there Inge should of known that and gone to first for the easy out. He goofed and it cost his team the possibility of winning. It’s on him at least that part of it, the poor hitting and plate discipline is another story.

No way. Inge’s mistake.
He made one on Zobrist too..
Over-rated at 3rd IMO.\He’s no saviour there.

Inge blew the double play and Ramon should of been at the bag sooner. That ball gets thrown to 2nd most of the time.

Not sure but it looked like the runner was out at second. Ramon has the best look and he looked upset with the call. It was very close though. That said, I never like the force at second when the ball is hit to third. Longer throw to first but the runner on first already has a decent head start going to second unless he’s a turtle. The guy was a dead duck at home too. I do like the use of animals when describing baseball plays.

Too bad the game was decided by that fluke play. They gave the Rays all they could handle. Scherzer wasn’t great but he held them. The bullpen toughed it out without Coke, Benoit or Valverde. Except for that 1st AB in his first game back, Inge has not impressed me offensively or defensively.
He blew 2 sure plays tonight.

Odd game. We saw 110 pitches in 10 innings. The getaway game is tomorrow, guys, not tonight. Why so many impatient ABs?
Our pitchers actually got the job done, but I was less than thrilled at the way they were used tonight. Odd game.
I won’t sugarcoat it. Inge came in for defense and blew the game by botching two plays. First the DP, then a routine grounder. I guess the Inge haters are having a field day right now.
This was our best chance to get 3 of 4 here, but instead we played…… odd game.
I’ll be glad to get out of this funeral home they call a ballpark. The atmosphere nearly puts me to sleep.

Honestly, I can’t stand him. That’s allI got.

Let me say I don’t hate Inge but I will say offensively and defensively he isn’t the same guy this year. Although defensively he is still better than anything else we have. Our defense for the most part s sub standard.

It is a boring place to watch a game Rich. It’s too bad because this Rays team is a pretty good one. Is there a better third baseman than Longoria in baseball? It’s hard rooting against him. I haven’t looked at that last play again but maybe Ramon was just upset with himself and not the call. To lose a game this way is more deflating than losing 10-1.

It was very very close but looked out to me!

I like Brandon, but that’s the only play you had? I certainly didn’t like his attitude there, arrogant.

To question JL’s moves again, look at the 6th inning. Ramon on first base with nobody out. AJ bunting Ramon to 2nd? No. AJ lines out. BB strikes out. Ramom still at first. Delmon singles. Could that have been the winning run if Ramon had been at second on a bunt play? Good chance. Y O Y O Y doesn’t he go for the one run again? JL got lucky with all the good performances from the bullpen but blew a real opportunity in the 6th.

Cleveland and Minnesota lost and the White Sox are down 4-0 against Weaver in California so maybe no one will gain a game anyway.

It would be interesting to see a bird’s eye camera view of the final play to see just where all the runners (and infielders) were at the moment the ball reached Inge. I agree with Mayo in that the runner looked out at second but it was such a close play you can’t fault the ump. I’ll bet he was surprised to see the ball thrown to second which might have compromised his positioning. No one ever throws home for the final out (just never taught as the proper play), but that runner would have been out by a mile. And that play was in front of Inge.

Before the final play, there is the decision to walk Rodriguez to load the bases. While I liked the walks last night to Longoria, I never like to load the bases. Too many bad things can happen.
Regarding the play itself, Inge took no blame for anything in his comments. He got a bad turf hop on the DP ball that was “spinning” and he made the “right play” to throw to second on the final play. I’m not taking sides on anything here, just reporting what I saw and what I heard. My opinion is that Inge didn’t know where Santiago was positioned, he threw to second even though Ramon wasn’t close to the bag yet (in itself creating a tough play), probably wasn’t familiar with Rodriguez’s speed, or didn’t know who the runner on first was. Thinking has never been his strong point. It’s all reflexes and athletic ability. He had time to throw elsewhere and probably could have initially raced to the bag at third for the unassisted force. That’s my take.

Forgot to add, he said his bobble didn’t cost the DP, that the guy would have been safe anyway. I was pretty blown away with his comments and attitude, to tell the truth.

Marty, he never looked anywhere but secondbase. His mind was already made up that it was the “right play.”

Ditto Rich. I like Inge didn’t like his attitude there.

I didn’t hear an interview or read comments but to say Zobrist would have been safe anyway on the DP is patently false. If the ball was fielded cleanly that was a crips double play–no ifs ands or butts about it.
Didn’t seem like it would end up a W to me anyway but Inge throwing to 2nd on that play was totally unneccessary. Thining, over or under variety. II have always thought that is when Brandon makes his mistakes.
Not to get too down on the guy but JL needs to not over play Inge because of the image he has iformulated about his defense.
Inge will have his value, but he should not be counted on to provide more than he can fulfill.

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