Tuesday: Tigers at Rays

Remember when Jim Leyland said last weekend that one reason for calling up Inge now rather than Sept. 1 was that they have a lot of left-handed starters ahead? Well, this is one of those days. And David Price is probably the best of the lefties they’re going to face.

Thus, Magglio Ordonez, Ryan Raburn and Brandon Inge are in. Brennan Boesch, Ramon Santiago and Wilson Betemit are off. Jhonny Peralta is 0-for-9 off Price, as is Miguel Cabrera. Victor Martinez is back at DH after missing last night’s game with back spasms.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  9. Brandon Inge, 3B

P: Brad Penny


  1. Desmond Jennings, CF
  2. Johnny Damon, DH
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Ben Zobrist, RF
  5. Matt Joyce, LF
  6. Casey Kotchman, 1B
  7. Sean Rodriguez, 2B
  8. Kelly Shoppach, C
  9. Reid Brignac, SS

P: David Price


dang indians’ had a walk off in the day game today

Boesch against LHPs:302. Against RHPs: 279. As every Tiger´s fan knows

and .752 against lefties and .822 against righties


and .220 OPS on turf😉

but maggs splits are not as good as boesch. i’d rather see boesch in their but whatever maggs is getting 10M this year and only got 3 AB’s in the past 7 days.

I could be wrong, but for some reason I think that gap in average between LHP and RHP was bigger, earlier in the year.

Correct, Boesch in his first 62 AB’s against lefties was hitting .355/.417, now after 106 AB’s .302/.356.
Boesch though is still inexperienced and seems very impressionable. Probably more than anyone needs confidence from the manager.

Boesch has faced Price and done all right. The guy with success against Price is VMart. hitting 500 with 3 HRs!!!
So let’s peck away, create some base runners and wait for VMart!!

Batten down the hatches. Brad is pitching today.
Will be a long game even if he pitches well.

1st break goes to the Rays. Kotchman on the bag instead of off it.

We got the next break–Jennings was safe,
Penny looks flat –overthrowing.

Nothing like taking advantage of your opportunities to score?

I expect we will see Penny Xerox this game like his others.
Give up a hit, start nibbling, lose a few hitters to walks, throw a wild pitch, give up a single run early, get away with stranding some runners and then giveup 3 or 4 in the 3rd or 4th inning

I haven’t seen much breaking stuff from Penny. They are going to sit on that fastball thats not moving and tee off.

Jackson just looks silly at the plate most of the time. He has one nice looking game and then about 4 bad. He sure isn’t the same guy we saw last year?

Penny drives me crazy. He’s not thrown a a 1st pitch strike yet. He is laying in a fastball over and over again.

Just read the Chet Lemon remark on twitter. I well remember when he came over from the White Sox (remember those jerseys?) Oh, and how he caught a high fly ball? Cool memories….I even remember the Centerfielder before him….Does anyone else?

Penny has nothing and we are fortunate to be behind by only a run.
Get Below warming up in the 4th.

Well, so far he’s kept us in the game. The offense isn’t showing up much against Price. I guess they’re afraid he’ll strike them out since they aren’t exactly trying to work the count.

Raburn was slow and caused a run to score. Next time throw under the arm , after the rookie get hit in the face he wont do that again.
Is AJax using non reglamentary spikes? Guillen, Jones and Zumaya got in problems for less than that

Will the Tigers score a run tonight? The 8 ball says “not likely”. Haha

Tigers playing polite baseball today. They let Price have a 5 pitch inning?
Meanwhile Penny has been behind every single batter he’s faced.
Courting disaster.

Boy, that 5 pitch 5th inning was tough on Price? Tigers hitters are terrifying tonight huh?

Both teams playing polite baseball.
Not sure why the Rays started 1st pitch swinging now–I guess becaues Penny was not getting it over up to the last inning.
He’s remarkabley held up. But, please JL, he is on borrowed time. Have somebody ready because smoke and mirrors evaporate and break.

Inge on—there’s the break—gotta sac bunt here.

Of course not!!! Way too fundamental for Leyland to think of. AJ had struck out twice against Price. The stars were aligned for a bunt. Absolutely.
Leyland needs to win games too. It’s not all up to the players.

Penny has been fine, par for the course for him. 1 run through 5 innings is usually good enough. However, David Price is putting it together lately and he has a lot of talent.

Rays are good, very good. We are lucky they are not in the AL Central.

I think that was a mistake not letting Austin bunt in that situation.

Well we need to take advantage of the Ray’s inability to put Penny away. He has struggled all night and yes, he’s actually done a good job of pitching in trouble.
It is up to the offense, and Leyland, to figure something out against Price.

I hope Miguel can get something here. Victor looks like the walking wounded.

Cabby—you gotta be standin’ on two on that hit.

Brutal. Bad base-running- the ball was hit hard you gotta make sure it gets past the best 3rd baseman in the league..
We squandered this and Cabby should now be on 3rd

Young was right to run to home. He broke the posiibility of DP and kept the inning alive.Runers on first and third. you go on contact .If the other team go for DP , you score.

Thank You Alex!!!

Walked Raburn to get to Inge.

I wonder where there 3rd baseman is.

their not there.

Regarding the cabrerab hit, he hit it hard and I think that >oyce played the carem (spelling) perfectly and cabrera would of been a dead duck, he isn’t fast enough. Regarding Young, longoria made a heck of a play I chaulk that one up to bad luck. Not the usual bad base running we do???

Good grief, you can hear the kids talking in the stands. Unbelievable, the lack of attendance. Tampa doesn’t appreciate baseball, let alone good baseball.

Its pitiful

Absolutely agree. This is a solid team, where is everyone? If they cannot support the team in Tampa, move them to Charlotte, Portland or somewhere where people care.

Penny has improved over the season. He looks like he’d like the ball in October. Not afraid.

Don’t make me eat my words, Brad. Don’t worry, be happy.

Jeff Jones is making a case for Penny, looks like.

nope. Here comes Daniel. The good Daniel or the bad Daniel?

Penny was pretty okay today? He kept them guessing I guess? Hopefully the pen can do better today than they did on Sunday?

Penny was a lucky Penny tonight. I’ll give him credit for gutting it out but you don’t want a guy pitching in October that can’t throw strikes and is pitching behind in the count to hitters..
Schlereth in tough here. He has had trouble pitching in pressure. Not enough control when it counts.

Kinda surprised to see Upton batting I thought he hurt hus shoulder?

Big Mouth Billy Bass just started singing “Take me to the River”.

bad daniel

That’s too bad. I kinda figured Schlereth would get wild and damon, to his credit, didn’t bite.
I think Perry coming in here agaisnt Longoria has almost zero chance of success.
Leyland continually underuses him then expects him to come in at times of extreme duress. I wish him well but the odds are he gets wild or gets hit.

Bad Daniel for sure. Now it’s gas can Perry? Can he do it?

Huge sigh of relief!!!

Thanks Phil. You have been rock solid lately. Totally different pitcher.

I bet Betemit is puking on the pine.

Inge looks the same to me—-Ramon—why did you make it look like it hit your foot? I’m pretty sure it didin’t.
Hope Coke has some more magic left. If they can get a guy on they get Longoria and then Zobrist.

Bottom of the 9th, 2-1 Tigers. They weren’t supposed to win this game so let’s see what happens now.

Well I honestly don’t think that pitch hit Santiago? I don’t get it? Even in the replays I didn’t think so? What did you all think? Inge had one good game and now he looks the same as he always has! BAD.

But he made a sign of being hitted. So if not touched he faked it too well

Didn’t touch him.


Damn—Phil you were doing so well with the curve ball—whaddya thinkin?
He was downright awesome and had JD eating out of his hand.

Oh boy phil, come on 1 more!

stinking Damon! Why didn’t you do that when you played for us?

Xanax time. I can’t stand it.

That intentional walk looks pretty ominous right now. This is gut wrenching.

Walk him—just walk him.

Walk him!!!!

Did anyone else think Zobrist swung at that pitch they ruled a wild pitch? Sure looked like it on the replay? Too worried about the wp to ask for an appeal I guess?

Not smart Z has seen everything —walk him

Yippie unlikely win! Nice job Coke!

Holy crow!!!
I thought punched one into RF on that!
That game was a gift to us.

Coke was a hero tonight!!!

Wow, the Tigs are making a real nice habit of winning the close ones, even when they shouldn’t.

Why shouldn’t they? The played an elite team with an elite pitcher. Good grief, I’ll take it proudly.

I was with JL on every move tonight, excepting the Jackson non-bunt, until the final hitter. I wanted to walk Zobrist after the wild pitch and go after Joyce. When things are going well, they go well. It was a well managed game.
Don’t know why the Rays got so swing-happy but it probably cost them the game.
I still think Coke could be a starter, but he’s much better as a reliever and that’s what I’d have him be. Hope DD feels the same.
I suspect Santiago sold that HBP before he realized the ball had gotten away, maybe? Or maybe it really hit his foot.
Inge, not surprisingly after hearing his comments, hasn’t changed at all as a hitter. As if anyone thought he would. What makes him think a big league hitter can get by on pitch reaction alone? I think he’s wasted his talent.
Winning these close games is bound to help us down the road……….right?

I was thinking the same thing about swinging at non strikes, but the umpire did have a very low strike zone and that may have had them swinging more.

I said this morning we should have pitched coke, perry and maybe shlereth

santiago faked that hit i’m pretty sure

Coke was dominating, but got by by the skin of his teeth at the the end. He was almost unblievable and really should have diposed of damon with that down and away breaking ball.
All’s well that ends well.
Two very good pitchers have now been beaten in this series.

The fun of the game. Wondering what would have happened there with the curve? Coke may of hung it and it would have been in the right field seats. Damon had a defensive swing and got lucky. Rays fans are probably saying the same thing about the pitch to Avila. What if he had thrown him another heater? Two great wins and a six game lead.

Sure didn’t look like Santiago got hit. Of course he didn’t realize the ball would get away and the wild pitch would have been much more beneficial than the walk so I give him credit for doing whatever necessary to get on base. Nice game – tough to watch, but nice game. Credit where it is due – Penny didn’t pitch a lot of strikes but he got the guys out and in the end that is what mattered – he held up, Perry did his job (I was almost unable to watch him) and Coke has the swagger for that situation – pitching held up in a game where our offense couldn’t put too much together. That folks is a sign of a team that is getting it done, winning the ones in the past we never would have won. We already got the split we were hoping for and the Tribe and the Sox are helping us as well.

I too think Miggy would have been out at 2nd base, and Young was right to run, that was a tremendous play by Longoria.

OK, so had no idea Delmon was Dimitri’s brother – I gotta pay better attention…

Oh yeah, and what got lost in it all was Peralta’s sac fly – great job.
Poor Victor, man looks like he can barely run but he keeps delivering at the plate. Hard to take his bat out of hands but goodness he looks like he can barely make it around. Alex on the other hand gets around those bases pretty good. Once again he came up huge. Iron man for sure!

Cabby has to be thinking double when he hits the ball like that and not “OK I got a hit”. It takes a perfect throw and if the throw goes to 2 then Young comes home..
Tahe cliche about doubles being made out of the batters box is true. Also, Cabby is playing heavy and is a better ballplayer when he is 10 pound lighter.
On Young’s being nailed at the plate, you don’t go on contact if it is smoked down the line to the 3rd baseman. You have to wait to see it gets past. Same as down to the 1st base line. Anything away from the lines your gone. It an easy judgement but it is the way it supposed to be done..

Was it Joyce who caught it? If so, he has a cannon.

But yes, this team is starting to exhibit the qualities of a winning team. Keeping the game close, doing the job outside of “the formula”, finding a way.
I won’t go so far as to say Penny threw a good game, because he didn’t. He did pitch in adversity and did wiggle out of trouble. But, let’s not think he is even a .500 pitcher with a .500 strike ratio in a stretch run. You can’t keep getting away with that. Much of our win had a lot to do with the inability of the Rays.

The Rays don’t play well in that near empty dome. No surprise there. They demonstrate their real talent on the road, although we managed to sweep them at Comerica.
JL made several non-book moves last night and I liked every one of them. He attacked situations instead of reacting to them. If Perry had given up the big hit to Longoria, JL would be roasted this morning, but the kid has to contribute if he’s going to be up here. Perry has to come in thinking that the hitter is dead meat with him on the mound. If he had half of Coke’s confidence he’d be very valuable.
Anybody see Coke’s postgame interview with Ryan Field? He answered a few questions then told Ryan he wasn’t listening, that it sounded like (putting his hands to his ears) “la la la la……” Field wrapped up the interview, turned to the camera and said he hoped the viewers were listening. Sending it back to Shannon Hogan, he asked if she’d been listening. Shannon covered her ears and went “la la la la….”
I like her.

Read a little about the quake in Virginia. Had not idea the event was that serious. Glad to hear it wasn’t worse.

Bad enough to make me run outside. Did get to talk to a lot of neighbors out there. 🙂

shannon hogan >> mickey york

One of these days, I’ve got to have a looong talk with that boy. (Jed Clampett, 1963)

Great game last night and I’ve got to admit I thought we would blow it between the 7th and 9th. Actually never thought Penny would keep us in it.
Real sad about the lack of fan support in Tampa. Wonder what they were averaging for attendance when the team was horrible?

I’ve wondered if it’s the amount of retirees living down there who already have a lifelong team allegiance. I assume the northeast teams draw well. It may take a generation or two, if they can hold out that long. They’re trying to get past the generational thing in Washington with the Nationals.

I wonder what exactly is wrong with Victor’s knee. I’ve sprained mine several times in the past few years and it does hurt. Limp for usually a couple weeks and a couple more just to get it right. Now, I’m alot older than Victor and that is how my knee responds so I’m not sure if age and sprains correlate. Or maybe, it’s not just a sprain.

At the NYT there is a good history about Cabrera

On Young’s being nailed at the plate, you don’t go on contact if it is smoked down the line to the 3rd baseman.
You wait and double play.Especially with Cabrera and Vmart .You run a keep the inning alive.
It is better two on base , one out ,( a hit is enough to score) than 2 outs, runner on third (you need a hit).

Last night showed why Phil Coke needed to be in the bullpen all year. Not because he couldn’t be a starter, but because a reliever that can go multiple innings and get good hitter out is golden. Last night was very encouraging by the way Coke came through and by the way the Tigers battled against a very, very good pitcher.

That is a good article. I see the hearing is set for Sept 12 – the team does not need a distraction so hopefully it won’t be.

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