On the arm of Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson began Sunday’s game by ending his streak of games without a strikeout. He ended it on a strike to the plate.

For someone who has never been known for his throws home, his throw to beat Kosuke Fukudome home was a thing of beauty. Usually, his assists home have been one-hoppers, a few times off the mound. Sunday’s throw was one of his rare throw from him that had air under it.

“I’ve had that play a couple times this year and I didn’t get it all the way in the air,” Jackson said. “On that one I was able to get a lot of air on it.”

According to ESPN, Jackson is the first center fielder to assist on a double play to close out a one-run victory since Pittsburgh Pirates great and former Tigers coach Andy Van Slyke on Sept. 27, 1988. That Pirates team, of course, was managed by Jim Leyland.

It was one play where comparing Jackson to his predecessor, Curtis Granderson, doesn’t open a pandoras box. Granderson wasn’t known for his arm when he roamed center field at Comerica Park, but when he needed to be could put everything into a ball. This was the first time I can remember seeing that from Jackson.

As it is, that’s three times in a span of about two weeks that Jackson has made a defensive play that helped alter the course of a game. Whatever your opinion of his offensive season or his role in the lineup, he’s showing why he deserves to be out there.


there have been outfields for the tigers in the past there was cobb there was kaline there was even chet lemon and now there is austin jackson all great outfielders grow into there postion and become stronger and adapt to there sourrondings even though austin jackson has been with the tigers for his second year i think we can say austin jackson has finally adapted to his surrondings and now when players come to bat they might want to think twice about hitting out to right field because when a man has control of his surrondings he can not, he will not, he won’t let anyone interfer with his abilites and one heck of a cannon arm

Wow, that’s one heck of a run-on sentence!🙂

amazing the kinds of stats you can find out!
the play was a thing of beauty

austin seems like a good person too

Gary Pettis won two Golden Gloves with the Tigers while batting under the Inge´s line. But he was 9th of the order not first.
Ajax is owed a dinner by Verlander after receiving the Cy Young and deserves to be regular but he he is being hurt by been keep in the wrong spot

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