Monday: Tigers at Rays

Justin Verlander and Jeff Niemann went two picks apart in the 2004 draft. Now they get a matchup against each other.

Not many numbers for the Tigers against Rays starter Jeff Niemann, though Delmon Young is 4-for-10 off him. The bigger difference is the splits: Left-handed batters hit .257 with a .712 OPS off Niemann through his 16 starts so far this season, compared with .226  and .646 from the right side. Thus, you see Ramon Santiago and Wilson Betemit starting tonight.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


i’m diggin santiago – play’m while he stays hot. Like to see avila get a day off from catcher tho.

Santiago should be the everyday 2nd baseman down the stretch. No need to weaken the team by playing Raburn – anywhere. I too would like to see Avila get a day off, but who do you replace him with? The only option is to bring up Santos from Toledo, but who gets sent down to make room? No offense to Santos, but by sitting Avila you’re pretty much giving up 4 solid AB’s per game. That’s tough to do when every AB of every game counts.

you replace him with martinez. I’m aware that isn’t happening right now – but i’d love to know when it can happen (that is my point).

Obviously. I’m fully aware that Victor is the backup catcher, but his inability to catch right now was the reason I speculated who could possibly give Avila a break.

that’s alot of AB’s if alex goes down hurt from overusage lol

Right on target. If he end injured , there will be no replacement because Martinez is already recovering from a injury.

but who gets sent down to make room ?there was no need to call up Inge but Santos. Every team but Deroit in AL has a full time DH and two catchers

oh yeah – the big Don Kelly will just catch the game for us😉

We have enough offense. We need defense. Mr Spock said the logical choice is to send Raburn down and bring up Santos. But maybe you just play AA every day until September 1st. The way Ramon is playing 2nd base, why would you put anyone else there? Oh yeah Marty, Santiago can only play 5 days a week🙂

I guess that logic will be tested!

(i mean whether ramon can or cannot (physically) play everyday)

I don’t care how JL arrives at his lineups as long as he gets them right. He’s done that here. This is a good team taking the field tonight, win or lose.
Re Avila, he’d have to catch 10 more games (total of 13) in a row if they wait for September 1 to call up Santos. I’m glad that’s not my problem to solve. In the meantime, I wouldn’t be so quick to insert Kelly as a defensive replacement for Boesch. Brennan isn’t that bad out there, as he’s shown a lot of improvement over last season. Kelly is the emergency backup catcher. Or maybe Victor is now.

Intereresting to see Avila batting 6 tonight.
I think there is logic to have had called up Santos instead of Inge but they are thinking post-season eligibility too. They would rather have the known commodity Inge than Santos.
Even if the were to call up Santos he at most gets 2 starts to spell Avila, They probably feel why bother. Wait it out another 10 days .
Alex seems to be thriving from the workload. Ideally, it would be great to rest him but practically, the guy is bionic back there and can handle it it.

Dan, I know you missed a couple of the Cleveland games, but Avila has been hitting 6th with the Betemit/Inge + Santiago setup. It’s certainly been successful judging by the number of runs we’ve put up against a good pitching staff. I think it also proves that how the batting order is arranged is indeed important.

I did, It was a real treat to get home and see the Tigs had won each day!
Saturday was particularly satisfying what with Fister doing so well.

Niemann looks tough. At least in the 1st inning. I expect he will give Jhonny Peralta fits today with that breaking ball.

Let’s hope VMart is not hurt too bad. He has been a treasure this year.

Pretty impressed with Ramon—-he looks super confident in himself right now.


Eddie Matthews?

Got It!!
He was a great one but I think the best ever all-round 3rd sacker was Mike Schmidt.

I don’t think Justin said anything to to the ump coming off the mound after the Kotchman at bat. He had him fooled and struck out but the ump missed it completely. In other years JV might have been barking coming off the mound. This year he is putting it all together, pitches, temperment, composure and intelligence.

The Tigers 6th inning, with 3 good hitters up, is the kind that really frustrates me.
This is where you have to recognize team play.
JV struggled last inning, he threw a lot of pitches and is getting near the point of tiriine.
The club needed to to get some good and lengthy at bats there to give him a a little rest.
Often that results in trouble for a pitcher the next inning.

The Tigers need to put up some runs here. Verlander probably’s only got 1 more inning left.

I guess Ramon’s confidence is waning. I know it’s harder than it looks but I sure hate to see a guy get called out on strikes with important runners on..
This is tough game for JV. If he can manage to win this one it would be pretty impressive. This of course will be the crucial inning as it will likely be his last.

Man what a clutch hit by Jhonny. He has come through many times this year.

Mr. Reliable.

I wouldn’t use Valverde here to start off the 9th. Probably go with Ryan Perry actually.

Even Al with a concussion might pitch better under these conditions. I’m being sarcastic, but you know what I mean.
We have to keep the faith.

Do I really have to go and take a xanax? I can’t stand this.

My Big Mouth Bill Bass (the plaque with the singing bass on it) just came on all by itself and sang “Don’t worry, be happy.” Seriously!

I like that!

Too many communication problems. Three times they went into each other.Was the speakers problems the cause? If not , another evidence of the lack of fundamentals,
The pitch against Avila was way too low.

I didn’t think Benoit was here long enough to get booed… i didn´t think there was enough people there to boo anyone.

Dimitri Young will try a comeback to baseball ,he will play for Magglio´s team in Venezuela

that is interesting to hear, always liked Dimitri

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