What Inge’s return means for Tigers

Brandon Inge’s return from exile will come a little earlier than expected. Not only will the Tigers purchase his contract from Triple-A Toledo Saturday, they’ll put him in the starting lineup against Indians lefty starter David Huff Saturday night. From there, a very interesting mix at third base is going to unfold for the stretch run.

Jim Leyland made the announcement on the Inge move, and he explained it as this: The Tigers expect to see four or five left-handed starters between now and Sept. 1, when Inge was expected to come up. Inge has been pounding left-handed pitching while with the Mud Hens, 15-for-38 (.395) with three home runs and nine RBIs against lefties when you add in his rehab assignment in June. Yes, those are Triple-A lefties rather than David Price, whom the Tigers are scheduled to face next week. But they’re also signs of a comfort level.

Though Wilson Betemit’s a switch-hitter, his splits are much stronger against righties (.313) than lefties (.238, 34 strikeouts in 90 plate appearances). He also had been giving up starts to Don Kelly for defensive purposes.

Leyland floated the idea Wednesday. He followed through on Friday.

The move to send down Andy Dirks is more procedural than performance. The Tigers can option him out and bring him back Sept. 1 with no problem, and they should might be able to get him eligible for a postseason roster spot if they choose, in case of a player on the DL. And with the slate of lefties they have ahead of them, though Dirks has fared pretty well against southpaws, they’re not going to sit Austin Jackson, Brennan Boesch, Delmon Young or Magglio Ordonez to get Dirks a spot against them.


The point is, is that he has hitting AAA left handed pitching well??? We’ll see I suppose. It will be nice to see some better defense I suppose?

You’ve already forgotten that Inge defensively has been about as bad as Betemit this year?

how can Dirks get a post season roster??? doesn’t he have to be on the active roster prior to Sept 1st????????????????

DIRKS will not be on any postseason roster

they did this now so INGE could be


I don’t know the technical ins and outs, not my area, but there are ways to get guys in Dirks’ position onto the postseason roster. When you say “sick” is that sick meaning good or sick meaning ill? 🙂
My issue was always sticking with Inge on a daily basis when he was neither hitting or fielding, as has happened a few times the past few seasons. The current plan is good if JL sticks with it. Brandon did finish at .243 last year, so one can hope there will be improvement this time around.
We still need to pitch. Inge won’t catch anything hit into the bullpen. By the way, we have gotten three consecutive solid starts this time through the rotation and my goal was six, so we’re halfway there. Won two of the games. Mister Fister’s turn.

sick as in Ill.

No, Dirks can not be on the post season roster if he is not on the active roster as of Sept 1st. Unless an injury. Rules are pretty specific.

But anyways, I am just ill that Inge is back. Its pathetic.

psssh how quickly we turn on brandon

That’s correct, I think. You can bring them up but not for the playoff run. Only 25 on playoff roster for playoffs.

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give me a break… hes been a below average player his whole career. Turn on what/??? He has been horrible and gotten the benefit of the doubt.

Yea i must have been on acid when i saw him voted to the all star game last year. and we know that requires detroiters and tigers fans to vote brandon in (although, i think shave victorino was his “vote partner” in the NL that year – so maybe you are right and nobody liked him here and that was a fluke). But I still think brandon is being “turned on” very quickly. He batted .247 last year – with .718 OPS and allstar defense. He bats shitty for half a season, and his defense is only par and you act like he’s fucking your mom. gettoutta here buddy.

allstar game in 2009 rather

.247 with a .719 OPS isn’t even mediocre. In fact, that’s quite below average.

As for All-Star defense? Take off the rose colored glasses. In 2009 among “qualified” 3rd basemen in the AL (all 7 of them)… he was DEAD LAST in fielding percentage, DEAD LAST in errors, 5th among 7 in Range Factor, and 4th in Zone Rating.

At the very best, Inge was mediocre defensively in 2009, and below average at worst.

Inge SUCKS, and has sucked for a very long time, both with the bad AND with the glove. The Tigers just gave the division to Cleveland by calling this worthless piece of crap back up to the majors; because I can guarantee you Idiot Jim is going to play Inge at every opportunity, and he’s going to be terrible.

Not that Dirks would be on the postseason roster anyway IF we make the postseason, but I seem to remember something about players who have been with the big club during the season before September. Jason said up there “The Tigers can option him out and bring him back Sept. 1 with no problem, and they should be able to get him eligible for a postseason roster spot if they choose.” If a player is injured, a team can definitely replace him, I know that much.

they have to be on the ACTIVE roster prior to Sept 1st. unless they are on the DL.

Or if someone goes on the DL, they can then be added.

It doesn’t matter if they have been on the ML club previously during the season.

If Jason knows of a different rule, he should post it.

And this will be the move that causes the Tigers to lose the division.

Mark my words, Inge is not going to be a part of a “rotation.” Leyland is going to use him as the everyday starter, he’s going to be terrible, and it’s going to destroy the rest of the season.

At least it means Idiot Jim will be gone next year, so there’s that…

think he’ll bat that much worse than kelly huh?

Batting .177 with a .242 OBP?

9 errors in 69 games?

Yeah. He’s going to be even worse than Kelly. Considerably worse.

Dirks wil probably come back up with the september call ups, not that big of a deal. Besides in the post season he would probably just go in as a defensive replacement.

Getting ahead of ourselves. First, we have to win the division.

I think this move is more about shopping Inge for next year than a long term plan. They owe him a lot of money and if he can hit at least .250 for a short time and solid defense, someone will take him. I also believe that one game that they lost by using Ruffin (in a ridiculous situation for someone with no experience) was “ordered” as part of the potential trade.

trade??? seriously??? They couldn’t give him away a month ago. No one is going to offer anything for him.

Forrest for the trees. I think many people miss the boat and over analyze what is going on. Inge is just one of the guys and a good defender. DD and Leyland care about stats and money to a degree but more about winning the pennant. For whatever reason it seems to me they think (Inge) is best for the team. Loyalty is a two way street and everyone can understand that human element.

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