Friday: Tigers vs. Indians

Jim Leyland offered up his reasons today for his lineup choices. Wilson Betemit starts at third over Don Kelly because he’s 7-for-15 with two home runs off Josh Tomlin. Ryan Raburn starts at second because of the other starting pitcher: Max Scherzer is more of a fly ball and strikeout pitcher, rather than someone who relies on ground balls, so Leyland opted for offense at second base. That’s an exception to Leyland’s usual preference.

“If there’s ever a situation where the offensive part is even, whether it’s Betemit, Kelly, Raburn, Santiago or whatever, normally, I’ll play the better defender,” Leyland said Friday afternoon.

Look for more on Leyland explaining some of his lineup decisions in the notes tonight.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, RF
  3. Delmon Young, LF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Alex Avila, C
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Ryan Raburn, 2B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Michael Brantley, LF
  2. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Carlos Santana, C
  6. Kosuke Fukudome, CF
  7. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  8. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B
  9. Luis Valbuena, 2B

P: Josh Tomlin



Interesting. These lineups have drawn so much attention that he feels the need now to explain them. It does sound like he basically has the right idea.
I’m not thrilled with Joe West working this series, but at least Angel Hernandez isn’t involved this time. I’m waiting for the day when Country Joe calls a dozen balks and both benches have been ejected in their entirety.

God luck to Ryan Raburn today. I hope he hits 2 dingers and fields everything flawlessly. The fans are ready to single him out.

I mean “Good” luck!

Max is guiding his balls tonight so far. He sometimes just seems to look to the ground and heave ho!

Stupid wild pitches–they just killus as they take away the DP—which we would have had there on ACab

Shaky but encouraging. Haffner was no easy out for Max.

Well I am at the game. Not thrilled with the 1st ab’s by our guys. They couldn’t have made it easier on Tomlin especially when Scherzer threw a billion pitches. Was Scherzer getting squeezed, there seemed to be some moaning and groaning from behind homeplate. I cannot tell from where I sit?

Since coming to Detroit, Valverde Has pitched the top of the 9th in a tie game 7 times once last year which he gave up a 2 run HR in a loss. This year the first 2 times were back to back walk off wins against Texas in April. The last 4 times he gave up runs and lost the games. His record: 2-5.

Not whole llot of what I would call quality At Bats throughthe 1st 4 innings. Is this gonna be another vanishing act by the hitters?

Jim Price said that was bad base running by Jhonny. Too bad, they would have had 2 men on base. Anyway, he talked about how the Tigers need to improve their defense because it’s been inexcusable. Listening to the radio while walking my dog.

Price has been openly more critical lately. He does know baseball. I’ve enjoyed him more this year than previous though I’d like to see him confront Leyland once in a while.

I must say this one doesn’t feel good. They are due to get to Max and we seem totally unable to hit this kid. He could probably throw 12 innings today with the pitch count he got going.

Uh-Oh, Max has attention divided. That’s a bad sign.

My Oh My. AJ!!!!

Max ran into a little trouble and the middle of the lineup last inning. He handled it pretty well.
I hope he’s got 1 inning left in him tonight.

GK—did you see that pitch!!!

If it’s the one I think you are talking about you could see the players were visibly annoyed! Not to mention the crowd behind the plate!

These freakin’ Indians. And all of this is the fault of West the ump. I don’t like complaining balls and strikes but that non-called strike was so blatantly wrong.

Well there oughta be a law!
Max has had had 2 really doiminating outings (other than that 1 inning last his game)
Clearly he should have got out of that inning unscathed.

And Miggy swings at the first pitch

Nice hitting by Alex and Jhonny too. Alex especially. Very impressive swing.
And , to get Jhonny engaged again (he was a bit funky for a while), is very important.

That was a VERY well pitched game by Max. He had to get five outs in the 7th with his pitch count a mile north of 100. Make that a “Country” mile. That may have been the worst call I’ve ever seen. Gk, it’s a good thing you weren’t watching this one on TV. You may have shown up at the umpires’ hotel. We’ll have better tomorrow with Tim McClelland. He’s slow but he’s accurate.
Nothing like homeruns to get some runs on the board. Basically four runs on a night when we weren’t hitting much.
Regarding JL and the lineups, I’m okay with using matchup stats but only if the sample is large enough. I’ve seen him claim to base lineup decisions on a 1 for 6. That’s just a weak reason to play who he wanted to play in the first place. If he starts using Santiago for Fister and Porcello, I might believe him.
Those splits on Valverde are rather astounding, actually. JL may want to make him a last option in those tied home games. But we’ll have to back him up if he does.

Heard a rumor that Dirks has been sent down and Inge recalled!

Not a rumor it’s true.
When I got to the park and saw that Joe West was the home plate ump well let’s say I wasn’t excited. I could tell that the crowd behind home plate was not thrilled at several points of the game.

By bringing Inge back they only logical guy to go down is Dirksie.
Brandon has played good D in Toledo and has been finding the fence. He still Ks about once a game and that will certainly not get better.
He may turn some doubles into outs or steal a few leadoff singles. I hope he has benefitted from his month at Toledo.
Fister can use him at 3rd but I would think Raburn will play 2nd. After all he is hitting .500 off the lefty (1 x 2). I’m sure that will justify JL doing whatever he damn well pleases tomorrow! Personally I hope the play Ramon.

Chicago loses Humber to the DL and Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers are on waivers by Houston. Think they’ll jump at that?
Speaking of the Sox, how would you like to have your manager hitting Dunn cleanup behind Konerko, with his .168, 11 homers, and 40 RBI? I can see continuing to play him, but hitting 4th? Granted, I’m not entirely familiar with their situation.
If Inge can’t hit any better than he did earlier this season, he may have to retire. Other than that, I like the plan………..if JL sticks to it. That remains to be seen. Brandon seems to have that knack of talking himself into the everyday lineup.

Now, last night was fun. Scherzer definitely wants the ball in October. Let’s see who else does.

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