Alburquerque out at least another week

Friday marks one week since Al Alburquerque took a line drive off his head during batting practice and went on the seven-day concussion disabled list. But while though he’s now eligible to be activated, the word from the Tigers medical staff is that he won’t be ready for at least another week.

Alburquerque was examined by an MLB-certified specialist on Friday, which he has to be before he can be cleared to play again. The word from the specialist is that he’s still showing mild symptoms, so he was certified to remain on the concussion DL.

“He feels still just a slight bit of pain in front of his ear,” head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said, “and it’s enough that it’s cause for concern. In this day and age, there’s a lot of research out there.”


I will update Dan’s earlier figures with the 7 games VV has been used in a tied game situation:
Saves (35 PA): BA .148; OBP .252;
Non Saves (21 PA: BA .307; OBP .409;
Tied Games (7 PA): BA .476; OBP .542.
Heck, I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to make any sense out of it.

First off, thanks Dave. Exactly what I was looking for. And it ain’t pretty. That won’t do at all. It would appear that JL will need to take that into account, yes, but Valverde needs to do better than this. For example, JL could have used Benoit in the 9th on Wednesday, but if we go to extra innings, at some point Valverde has to pitch. Those are some strange numbers.

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