Mariners take Chance on Ruffin as PTBNL

With Chance Ruffin now one year past his signing, he’s officially eligible to be traded, and he’s off to Seattle. He was the player to be named in the Doug Fister trade. The Mariners immediately called him up and designated Aaron Laffey for assignment to make room for him. He’ll join Casper Wells and Charlie Furbush in Seattle.

Ruffin is the second relief prospect to be moved in as many days, though technically he was dealt long before the Delmon Young trade Monday that sent Lester Oliveros to Minnesota yesterday. Ruffin is the bigger loss; at worst, he was seen as a quality middle relief candidate with a chance for setup work.


I really don’t like what we had to give up for what we got. This is another one of DD’s bonehead moves, IMO.

Yeah, that officially makes it a bad trade in my eyes, and I wasn’t too thrilled with it even before Ruffin was named. Oh well. Desperation isn’t good. I’d have kept up with Below myself. If these guys don’t throw in the upper 90s, they don’t get much respect in Detroit.
Santiago for Raburn, which is great, and Kelly for Betemit, which is very curious. And a lot of people are noticing. Did it ever occur to JL to play the same lineup two days in a row? A lot of managers do. Maybe JL is using the old Bobby Knight trick of drawing the attention from his players and onto himself.

Actually, I am glad it was Ruffin and not Smyly. Ruffin, while he has the toughness to close, does not have the pitches to close in the majors. He will probably be a good set up man. Smyly has the chance to become a legit starter.
Yeah, this trade does not look good so far. I miss Wells already, although Delmon Yound takes away some of that sting. Fister needs to step it up!

Totally agree about Smyly/Ruffin. I was actually hoping it would not be Smyly.
But, Ruffin as the 4th guy was too much. They should have been able to throw in a Gonzalez or Weinhardt IMO. Gave up too much.
Will reserve judgement on Fister and Pauley for another 2 weeks. Fister could be effective if he can keep the ball consistently down.
Pauley needs help from Avila. Seems to throw the wrong pitch at the wrong time.
I think (hope) these guys will be OK.
What we really needed though was kinda what we gave up, a LHP starter!

Ironically, with Oliver still around, Smyly dealing and even Below, they have no shortage of lefty starters in the pipeline.

That’s true Jason but they are a commodity and are useful as trade bait if not in our own rotation. Oliver has a great arm but I see a kid who looks intimidated not intimidating. That’s a shame.

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