Source: Tigers agree to terms with Gibson

The Tigers’ early draft signings left them little to do ahead of Monday night’s deadline for reaching deals with picks, but they got a big bonus signing Monday afternoon. Tyler Gibson, a 15th-rounder who was expected to play college ball at Georgia Tech, decided to turn pro and agreed to terms on a contract, according to a source with knowledge of the talks.

The Tigers have not officially announced the deal.

The deal was pending a physical Monday afternoon. Baseball America and first reported the agreement, including a $525,000 bonus that ranks well above slot recommendations for that round.

Talentwise, Gibson was projected well above that round, but the expectations that he would go to college barring a favorable contract caused him to drop through the early rounds. He’s a left-handed hitter with projectable power, according to scouting reports, and a chance to make the big leagues as a corner outfielder.

The deal means the Tigers have deals with each of their top 15 selections, a haul that help makes up for the lack of a first-round selection.


Well in the span of a few days the complexion of the Tiger team has changed radically.
Two guys, many of us here had little confidence in, are out of the picture. At least they are no longer a centre piece of the picture. I like the fact that our OF got a little younger and we got a hitter who has some power and upside potential. Raburn at 2nd base is still problematic but better than Carlos who had very little range there. If I am Jim Leyland, I have a personal conversation with Ryan Raburn about how many opportunities have been afforded him and how many are left.
Raburn is a bit loosey-goosey out there and really needs to “intensify” himself a bit. This is a race and a a tight one where mistakes will be amplified and head-up play is rewarded.
Dombrowski is trying, I’ll give him that. The jury is out on the Fister deal. My fingers are crossed on that one. I like his pace, I like his confidence, I don’t like the way he gets hit. Really needs to keep the ball down. Everything not on the ground is hit very hard.
I hope we hear soon about VMart. I do think we could use another catcher though they may want to hang tough until September.
If Avila doesn’t get killed back there it will make him tougher—as the old adage goes.

Rhymes must be totally dejected. Feel bad for him. Will plays the game the right way.

Good Luck Ricky—2 RHB in the lineup tonight for the Twinkies.

Well-bad start turned into a pretty good one. Getting Mauer and Morneau to top the ball is good pitching. Needs to pay more attention to the runner though.
I’m pullin’ for Delmon to pull off the dramatic in his 1st AB

That’s great. Gotta love it.


Betemit eats that since it was a single all the way, the next one assuming that Raburn doesn’t botch it out of the inning. Instead here we are giving up so far a 3 spot in the third? I won’t even mention the Tigers wasted a golden opportunity the previous inning! 1st place team, my as…….!

We get used to that don’t we gk?
I’m not sure what are stats are compared to other teams and I imagine it seems more acute to fans—but it seems to me we really are awful with man on 3rd and less than 2 out.
What’s worse is the number of Ks that seem to happen in those situations.
If defense is the determining factor in the pennant race we are in trouble. Safe to say Rhymes makes that a completley different inning.
Fans are booing Raburn now (after striking out).

Man–contact type pitchers on this ball team are in for a world of hurt. Gimmee a guy who instills the fear of failure (like JV) anytime. It’sone thing to throw strikes and and it quite another to make the hitter miss it for the same result.

Here’s a tip for you Lloyd. Your boy Austin Jackson has an uppercut swing. With his lack of power and the large dimensions at Comerica you would be well advised to get him to hit up the middle an shorten his stroke.

Trivia = Paul Molitor (I think)

Two seconds before Thome hit that homer, I said I feel a two run homer coming onam. Unfortunately I was right. Porecelo stinks again tonight. Dombrowski is failing to see te preblem is pitching. We have 1 starting pitcher you can count on and that’s it!

The key to that inning was Kubel. Kubel hammers Porcello and got a leadoff single. RP has to cut down on the base hits. When he does, he wins. It’s pretty simple.
RP still immature-the Thome blast shook him up and he walks the next guy.
That is a great play by Avila. I also noticed that he didn’t offer to help him up either. AJ played that ball a little to casually.
Jhonny Peralta is becoming Jhonny Peropup.

Where have all the starters gone? Long time passing.

Congratulations to Thome although I was hoping he’d do that while we were up by 8 runs. JV could have served one up to him as a parting gift. Class response by Detroit fans, as expected. None better. Way to go, folks.
What is Schlereth’s ratio of curveballs to fastballs? About 20:1? What he’s doing won’t work. A low heater on the outside corner would work wonders.
It looks like we’re stuck with Raburn at 2ndbase. I know there have been worse 2ndbasemen, but I’m not coming up with any names. Anybody got one? He botches plays, like when he fell down on that DP “pivot” that don’t show as errors but do elevate the pitcher’s ERA. I admit I wanted to try him in the infield just because it hadn’t been tried. It has failed. With the addition of Young, we have no position for Raburn. DD needs to get rid of him so JL won’t play him everyday. I seriously doubt we can win the division with such a porous defense.
That was a big league collision at home between Revere and Avila. Good relay from Raburn too, who CAN throw if nothing else. Good play by all three guys. Jackson seemed in no hurry to run that one down, though.
We are 26-26 since June 16th. Two months of .500 ball as we charge toward the division crown. Can you feel the excitement?

This team drives me insane. Honestly and unfortunately this year there isn’t much fun in watching this team. Porcello and Scherzer are only good about every three or 4 outings regardless if they get the win or not. Fister I am going to reserve judgement but not thrilled so far. Pen you can’t consistently count on. When they hit they can pitch and when they pitch they don’t hit. The only consistent thing on this team is JV and JV. They don’t ever seem to put together any good stretches so its hard to feel good about them. They wi a few then lose a few. You just don’t know what you have.

A .500 team apparently. Win 2, lose 3, win 3, lose 1, win 4, lose 2, etc. How about a 8 or 9 game winning streak. We’re starting to slip away.

It is worrisome. Much of it has to do with the defense for sure. This is not a team like Texas that seems to have magnets in their gloves at DP time.
Scherzer and Porcello border on brilliant at times, but as GK pointed out, they are not consistent. Penny is so boring it’s almost impossible to get excited about anything he does on the mound. Fister is a critical component in the rotation and thus far he reminds me too much of Porcello on a bad day. Hit after hit after hit.
I think Rich is right. It would be a good time to get something for him. A 2nd baseman would be ideal but perhaps another starter. You can’t have too many. Allows you to put one in the pen if you need.
Raburn is redundant now with young here and Maggs getting his reps that you know JL will give him.
Keeping Raburn means you do not have a bonafide middle infielder in a pennant race.
DD has made too many moves to end up being stonewalled by hanging onto pieces in the puzzle that don’t fit.
Avila impresses me more than anybody else on this team. Not counting JV. The guy is so composed, so steady. Showed his mettle today against Liriano (and Revere).

Yes, Avila is just turning into a stone-cold stud. Pudge Rodriguezesque. Still, we only have one catcher. Eventually, he’s got to have a day off and Victor is still limping a bit. Nice to see Delmon get that HR. Seems to have confidence in himself and can handle the media. I wonder who will play behind Verlander tomorrow. We have to have a better option at 2nd base. Cleveland plays with fire. Where is ours? Bring some more young guys up from Toledo.

Postgame, JL dwelled heavily on Porcello not pitching well, then as an aside threw in “we had a couple of little defensive miscues.” That’s what he called them. I don’t like that attitude or viewpoint. There’s no such thing as a little defensive miscue unless you’re already in a blowout game. I realize that managers will look past physical errors but come down hard on mental errors. I was the same way. I never, however, played a guy in a position that he couldn’t handle. This is a huge difference in philosophy we have.
As an organization, our strategy in addressing problems seems to be to throw another bat at it. Bad pitching? Get another bat. Bad defense? Get another bat. Heck, bring up Timo Perez in that case. I don’t remember a team ever winning anything with that approach.

After Leland made that “little miscues” remark, I shut the TV off.

I wanted to make a few observations from my trip to Baltimore after the thread change, and all the news today. My wife and I were there for Friday and Sat. games, our seventh trip to Camden.
1. It’s a fun place to go to a ball game.
2. From our seats by the dugout on Friday night, Wilson’s error looked as bad as it was. Inge would have had that one Dan, but W’s bat that night left a better impression.
3. Carlos Guillen seems to strut when he walks around. Never noticed that before.
Sadly he no longer can hit. Glad he can still strut. Still a great guy.
4. Avila is the real thing. He showed that all series long, and even more so tonight.
5. Saturday’s game, we sat between third and the left field line. Saw a lot of Dirks, and when he missed the home run ball, it looked like he had broken his wrist, it hi so hard. Andy is a nice edition to this team. Still learning.
6. We spent all day Sat on the Inner Harbor. Got to the park about 5:00. Would have bet that there would be no game that night. The Hall of Fame ceremony for Orioles actually went on in a steady drizzle from 6:35 until 7:00. At 7:05, the rain stopped for the night. God is good. It was also the first time in a long time to see six straight two out hits.
7. Papa Grande is an entertainer. I see Hollywood in his future after his baseball days. He gets the ob done.
8. Saturday’s game felt like you were in Comerica Park. Even oriole fans commented on all of the Tiger fans. I met people from Flint, Detroit, Muskegon, Toledo, Jersey, and other Virginians. Great fans and nice people. We Tiger fans should be proud.
9. It was the first time that I saw the guys win both games that I attended. The comeback win on Saturday was extremely gratifying.
10. Re Sunday, just had a feeling that we wouldn’t show up. Drove home Sunday morning in some heavy rain. By Charles town, WVA, all the rain was gone.
11. Re tonight, irony indeed that little D gets a HR in his first Tiger AB. Also, one had the feeling that Thome was going to get the big 600 tonight. Classy gentleman, classier fans!
12. Finally these last tow games tell us that our Rayburn is no longer an infielder, that Maggs is riding slowly off in the sunset, that Carlos may have strutted for the last time in Detroit, and we desperately need a Lefty against our central foes. Fister and Porcello have each been lit up in their last two starts(Fister was hit hard in the rain delay). WE have to beat the teams more than just when JV pitches. Switch Below and Fister one round through and see what Duane can do against the lefty laden teams.
13. Last thought. Next year’s Tiger team is sure going to look a lot different than this one.

Great comments.
Funny, I have this feeling that acquiring Delmon was not an entirely altruistic move. Alsmost seems that he provides the justification for diminishing Magllio’s role. Kinda like they wouldn’t have had the guts to do it on its own merits.
Maybe they should have been thinking that way before they traded Casper Wells. Casper got the the short shrift here as far as I am concerned. It was always pretty clear to me he was the better choice than Maggs.
Hit another dinger in the bottom of 8 for Seattle tonight. Game winner, if the score holds.
He’s hit 3 or maybe 4 since the trade. He was one guy I though should be kept as a major piece of a Tiger youth movement. Pure athleticism.

As to 2nd base–it will be hard to run Raburn out there for too long. The fans won’t have it. They will embarass Leyland and they will demoralize Raburn. They were booing him today. Our fans understand how baseball should be played.
Best thing for Raburn and Tiger chances are to trade him. If it means for a prospect, so be it–then bring up Rhymes. Rhymes will help this team.

I disagree Dan, Debbie Downer here doesn’t think anything will help this team but pitching unless the underperforming pitchers on this team need to get there acts together.

Nice comments Greg.
Someone else said it and I’ll say it again, Alex Avila is a certified stud out there. I have yet to see last nights play at the plate, I was listening in the car and those guys were having fun with the play. Just hope his body holds up, I think they have to run Kelly out there for one of these games to give him a break. Bad loss last night, hate how Thome always gets us. I am happy for him but did it have to be against us? Nice though our fans could give him props, more fun for him to do that at home but must have felt good for him to know true baseball fans appreciate any great feat.

I get the Delmon Young trade, he is 25 and has a lot of potential still. When he has protection (like Miggy) he can pound the ball. AND we gave up very little for him. I wish we would have done the same thing for a #5 starter, which are plentiful on the waiver wire now. Rich is absolutely right about needing a LH starter against our AL Central foes. Nice to see folks from my hometown of Muskegon were nice to you Rich.
I said it yesterday, will say it again, we need a second catcher on the roster. If VMart can’t catch we need to bring someone up, even someone like Max St. Pierre.

I also see that Cale Iorg has been sent back to Erie from Toledo.

That was actually Greg who spoke of the Muskegon folks. Greg’s got me beat a country mile in the outgoing department. I’m surprised I didn’t run into you, Greg, since our weekend activities appeared to parallel each other.

What we really need right now is one good turn through the rotation, starting and ending with Verlander, a minimum of “little defensive miscues” for a week, and our regular offense. That six-game win streak would give us a very passable 70-57 record and bring the race solidly under control. Not asking the impossible here.

GK–our pitching won’t do OK with a sieve-like defense. Up the middle defense is crucial. Rhymes is a scrapper, he makes things happen. He has range. He catches the ball whe nit’s hit or thrown to him. He will get on base more than Raburn.. He will turn double plays. He will make the pitchers better.

At the very least, JL needs to use his best infield defense when Porcello and Fister pitch. We’re down to one now, Santiago, but he needs to start in those games. JL is such a steroid-era manager that he doesn’t even think defense. He’s all about who can hit and who needs rest.
Regarding the pitchers themselves, I don’t think they’re underperforming. I think they are what they are. Verlander is great, Penny and Scherzer so-so, Fister as yet unproven, and Porcello is still learning. Rick’s good outing are beginning to outnumber his bad ones so progress is being made. Not many guys are in their third season at 22 years old. Any complaints regarding pitching should be directed to Mr. Dombrowski. He’s responsible for the staff we have, good and bad.

Agree about Santiago. I say Rhymes because I have reluctantly accepted the fact (as has Ramon I’m sure) that Leyland is not going to put him in the lineup.
JL likes Rhymes- not sure if he likes him “a lot” or enough to get a nod over Raburn though. Raburn must have some photos of Leyland in a safe deposit box or something.

Just a couple things that have already been mentioned but important facts nonetheless. They should have just put Casper Wells in right and gave Maggs the farewell trip he’s getting now. I think DD & JL get it in their heads who is “big league” material and who is not and won’t change their minds for nothing.
Along the same lines they should move Below to the starting rotation and see what he can do over a month long stretch. He’s been great in the bullpen and did well in both starts he made. And we need a lefty bad especially against teams like Cleveland who can run a ton of lefty hitters out there.
The Raburn thing is almost becoming a joke. He plays horribly defensively and without fail gets a HR that same game which in JL’s eyes justifies his being in the lineup. I still think he costs more runs than creates. It became pretty clear last night what the fans really think of him as well.
Another thing that became crystal clear last night is that Jackson should not hit leadoff. You need to put the ball in play or take a walk or anything to get on base. If I remember right he came up twice with 2 guys on last night and popped out both times. Leyland’s stubbornness with the lineup is hurting this team. He could be getting Avila or Peralta an extra at bat every game if he moved them up. Enough ranting for now. Doesn’t do any good anyways.

The problem with this team in general I not the lineup. Its pitching and defense. Porcello and Scherzer are inconsistent and getting worse. I will disagree that I think that Scherzer is better than what he is showing, last half of last year showed that. I don’t worry about Penny so much, I think he is what he is. Porcello, I don’t know, I know he is young but he seems to get progressivly worse each year and that’s a concern. Fister I will hold judgement, he certianly was good before he got to Detroit. I am not going get all over him yet.

By the way when I say I don’t worry about Penny I mean he is what he is (which isn’t good) but I don’t figure him too much into it as far as achieving or underachieving!

Scherzer has too many moving parts in his delivery to maintain consistency. He did pitch well Saturday night once he figured out the inside pitch would not be called a strike. The Davis kid was getting everything away and he finally caught up to one. Vlad is Vlad, he does that. I still think opposing hitters hate to face Max, and if he ever gets that consistency he’d be awesome. It may or may not happen. I think Porcello’s mechanics are much easier to diagnose and fix.

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