Wednesday: Tigers at Indians

Alex Avila said after Tuesday’s marathon that he’d be ready to catch again on Wednesday, and manager Jim Leyland is taking him at his word. Given that the alternative is to catch Victor Martinez coming off his knee sprain, there’s a lot of reason for Leyland to do it.

Some other shuffling going on nonetheless. Austin Jackson gets a day off, with Andy Dirks batting leadoff. Carlos Guillen and Jhonny Peralta both get the day off, replaced by Ryan Raburn and Ramon Santiago. Wilson Betemit is back at third base for the first time since last Friday at Kansas City.


  1. Andy Dirks, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  7. Alex Avila, C
  8. Wilson Betemit, 3B
  9. Ramon Santiago, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Ezequiel Carrera, CF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Carlos Santana, 1B
  6. Kosuke Fukudome, RF
  7. Shelley Duncan, LF
  8. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B
  9. Lou Marson, C

P: Ubaldo Jimenez


I WOULD put santiago at the 2 spot and shift everyone (after the 1 spot) down in the lineup

Why on earth would you bat Cabrera 5th?

yeah i guess that is a good point

Big game, hoping to see Porcello continue his winning ways.

Who is usable in each bullpen?

If this was your team to manage would you rest Peralta? Who is the better 2nd baseman, Raburn or Santiago? Should Boesch or Ordonez bat 3rd? C’mon bloggers, prove me wrong (and I love listening to Humble Pie)

just had an interesting thought about ordonez batting third: with someone with speed in batting in front of him is it harder for him to GIDP?

Yesterday, as we all know, was a long day. It sucks not to throw all of your big bats in the line up, but at the same time it can make sense. Peralta is hitting just above .240 in (at least) his last 10 games. So, rest him and if we need him to pinch hit later then Leyland will use him. I would like to say that both Raburn and Santiago are pretty equal at 2B, and are both better than Peralta and Guillen in their respective positions. Raburn has made mental mistakes this year, but physically he’s more capable of playing 2B than Guillen is. Guillen hasn’t batted well these last few games either, and he’s certainly not a defensive player, so why not sit him and give Raburn a chance to show some offense (like he always seems to do in the 2nd half). This is where Leyland and I differ when it comes to Boesch. I get that he’s one of our faster base runners (which doesn’t say a lot for Detroit), and therefore is a better option in the 2 spot than most of our players, but I think that he does well in the 3 spot too. When Maggs isn’t playing I think Boesch belongs there. He sees better pitches and seems to do well in that spot too. Maggs, however is comfortable there and is more experienced of a hitter, so when he’s in the line up I understand why he gets placed in the 3 spot over Boesch. I think it’s good to keep in mind who’s on the mound. Porcello is a ground ball pitcher, and therefore needs the best defense he can get behind him. Cleveland has young guys, with young legs, so when they get on the bases they have the ability to steal and stretch hits into extra bases. We need the best defensive team on the field, and that’s what I think Leyland is looking at with his infield decisions for tonight. If your offensive players who have poor defensive skills aren’t getting it done with the bats as of late, sit them and put in the better defensive players. This is how I’m interpreting this line-up, and I’m hoping Leyland’s decisions pays off!

You know, if Avila can play 14 innings and then return today, so can the rest of our front-line guys. Doesn’t Leyland want to bury the Indians? Every other good team pushes their starters to 150 games, barring injury. Why does Leyland treat this like the Toledo Mud Hens All Stars versus our opponents? These older players are hypocrites: if they say they can still be ball players, then they can play every day. They don’t need two days rest every week. They can rest when they’re dead. Resting our starters is worth nothing when we’re watching the playoffs without the Tigers in them. All we need to win was four runs. FOUR. Yet, lots of our best bats are sitting the bench. There’s a reason why Leyland’s career record is only around .500. He isn’t a genius, people, unless you think that all those managers, like Francona, Girardi, etc who play their front liners 150+ games are all the dumb ones, and Leyland is the smart guy? That’s why our team is the worst division leader in baseball? We should have 70 wins by now, with all of our talent, except……. Leyland has this inexplicable bromance with Ryan Raburn. Can’t wait for Inge to come back, so then, along with Austin Jackson, we’ll have THREE guys in the lineup striking out three times per game…. boy o boy.

Heather, nice writing but what is Maggs hitting his last ten games? What are Boesch’s stats batting 2nd or 3rd? And you really think Raburn is a better 2nd baseman than Satiago? How about Ramon batting 2nd, Boesch 3rd, and Magglio 6th or below. I respect your opinions and it is a joy to know you love baseball! Go Tigers!

Accepting the reality as it is, that this is our starting lineup, I agree with the order 100%, and BTW, Ramon Santiago is a way better 2B than Raburn. In fact, Raburn doesn’t compare favorably against any other bench player at their applicable spots. He’s merely capable. That’s all that can be said about Raburn.

What I totally disagree with is that Peralta needs a day off. If he wants to give Guillen multiple days off, given his past injuries, fine, but Peralta isn’t that old, and you don’t see the Indians sitting Asdrubal C., do you? Dirks v. Jackson is a wash, Jackson isn’t batting well right now, and Dirks has plenty of speed to be a pest on the bases.

I just don’t see why we need three reserves in the game. If we don’t win the next two games, then the Indians will have gained on us, even if we win the finale. We have to win both, and yet we’ve got two weak bats (Raburn & Santiago) plus the unpredictable Dirks, who is just a rookie and apt to do almost anything, from hitting for the cycle to striking out four times.

I can see Santiago hitting second, given his good ability to make solid contact, though.

Joe, so right. The catcher is in on every play. The other fielders for 2 innings just run out to their position and back and then sit on the bench! No comment about management.

If Porcello finishes seven innings with under 100 pitches, will JL send him back out for the 8th with no fresh pitchers out there other than Valverde? That’s what I’m watching for.
On the matter of better infield defense, we’d have to call up some guys from Toledo to accomplish that. This is one of the most sorry defenses I’ve ever seen from a club that’s over .500.
I’m looking forward to the day when there are no more steroid-era players on big league rosters.

Inge will be back up by September 1. They would be wise to callup Rhymes. Not so sure Worth will be needed as he best fills areas like short and 3rd which will have plenty of options already. Calling up a catcher will be a certainty. I would imagine we will see Clete Thomas once again.
One question will be Strieby. no point him being here if he is not going to play, and unless Cab becomes a DH, he won’t be playing enough to make him useful.
As to tinight’s BP guys. Pauley should be available–he certainly didn’t throw toomuch last night!. Coke and Schlereth should be available for a batter or two.
Who will Cleveland have available? And does it even matter? They could have thrown Bill Veeck last night and our hitters wouldn’t have been able to hit him.
The disappointing element last night was the conspicuous lack of “will” on our club. They should have been stoked to have been in a position to win that game. They gave more an aura of “how are we ever gonna score a run?” Good teams do not let themselves lose a game like that.. They find a way to win because “we have to”

As to Purcey: he went unclaimed. Why would w possibly think we could use him? Not one other needy team in the majors even put in a claim for him.
Write him off. You need a lefty at all then take Ni.

The frustrating part last night was that Manny Acta had stacked his lineup with LH hitters and we were able to counter with an entire game’s worth of LH pitchers. Manny wasn’t able to switch his lineup all around that early in the game. All we needed was one stupid run. Talk about a blown opportunity.
JL just mentioned that Scherzer’s bullpen session will be held during the game, making Max available if need be. I never considered that because I never considered JL would actually do something so radical.

That’s the second time this year that Purcey has cleared waivers, isn’t it? Sure, THAT’S the guy we want!

When your regular #2, #3 and Carlos are a combined 6 for 60 (.100) the past 7 days, no worries, things will just work themselves out as they are big league players.
And heck, so what if Boesch kills it at #3 and stinks at #2. A few more starts and I wil make sure he stinks anywhere I put him.

Truthfuly I am sick and tired of talking and hearing about the line ups on a daily basis! I don’t always like them and sometimes when I hate them they wor and sometimes they don’t? Whether right or wrong I assume there is a method orr logic t it. I also think sometimes there could be things going on with players that we are not privy to? But I can continue to talk and worry about them every single day.

No call up to stock the bullpen?
Porcello dont go deep as a rule

Does not go deep as a rule, 79 pitches last time

Predictable poor start.
I don’t think we will see Boesch bat 3rd anytime soon. I wonder if JL is even aware of the nubers differential? It woudn’t matter to him anyway because he is fixated on the lineup the way it is.

Here’s something I have always found rather strange. The umps will toss a ball out of the game if it bounces up to the catcher. Doesn’t matter if it skips off the rubber plate or skims the dirt. It get’s tossed out. Yesterday Avila caught a ball, dropped it out of his glove and the ump tossed that one.
Meanwhile, a guy can rake a ball with a an ash bat off the wall and that ball gets returned to the pitcher!!!

Hiters didn’t put up much of a fight in the first inning? Not really surprised.
Ya know I have come to the conclusion that with some talanted hitters on our team and some pretty decent batting averages. Well it is really a decieving stat as of late. Yes while the can do just enough to keep their batting averages acceptable to good, it is the timely hitting. They just don’t seem to strin them together in an order that works. They hit a lot of singles and their xb power is spotty at best. Too much station to station hittng. Oh ya zero speed.

Porcello is going to have to be better and much more economical than he was in the 1st inning!

Whoa I hope the guys didn’t get too tired in those ab’s that ining what did jimenez have to throw 10 whole pitches? What a freaking joke!

Oh good now Boesch is out. Porecello not doing any better this inning? Uncle! Do over please

Is Penny warming?

Porcello isn’t doing his job not even freaking close. He has proven he can’t be counted on. The pressure was on him to have some length tonight and he choked.

Ever since I learned Leland was extended, I’ve been depressed. Over and over I begged that they make him end the season with a winner. Nope, they couldn’t wait. We’ll be lucky to finish in 3rd place. Sorry to be so negative, but that guy leads nothing but a dysfunctional team so he can go on vacation in October.

I hope we don’t follow up a demoralizing loss with an embarrassing one. You know the kind that we have seen in other years that seperate the men from the boys.
Porcello may have to take this one on the chin because he ain’t gonna get any help from that bullpen. meanwhile it looks like our hitters are content to wait for JV to throw a no-hit shutout tomorrow.. Very discouraging
In the last week Guillen, Peralta, Boesch and Ordonez have ZERO RBIs.
Guillen hitting .091, Peralta .227, Boesch .083, Jackson .190 and Ordonez .143
And no one is really picking up the slack. Cab has 3 RBIs and Martinez 2 in that time span.
Yeah, and Leyland really likes this team and next year too!

Let’s play trivia!!!
Would it be Gates Brown?

I suppose it is feasable going from outfield but Kelly could be throwing more ways than one, and often tonight.

Good point—I forgot about DK.
I honestly don’t see how this team can beat the Indians or the Sox. The lack of fundamentals, speed, defense and consitent hitting are just too much of a liability to compensate for.
If the Tribe beat Justin tomorrow there will be many more pessimists out there.

I guess the thing that is hard to put out mind is the horrible 2nd half Brennan had last year. I actually thought they should have been merciful to the kid and send him down to get straightened around. It did become evident after a while that things were not going to change.
This team looks defeated today and worse uninspired. They don’t look like a team that believes in itself.
We’ll be lucky to score on Jimenez today, unless it is VMart or Avila that provides the action.

What an imberessment! Sorry jimenez has been lit up like a firecracker this year andy the tigers are making him look like cy young! Seriously disappointed in them.

And that’s an embaressment? Geez I’m tired and a poor typer.

I just did something I have never done before. I turned the game off. How long will it take Leyland to win a game now that he is extended through 2012? The pitching last night was great until Purcey…er…was that Pauley? The hitting…no…batting was terrible. Now Porcello is 4 down to Ubaldo. Unless the batting improves greatly, this game is already lost. Is this the beginning of the end? I just can’t sit here waiting for the impotent batters batters to hit when it counts.

Lose, lose, lose and get a bonus. Sounds familiar to me.

Eat some crow Dan. Wow—and JL wasn’t playing Betemit? Maybe JL was trying to make him mad.

Porcello given 3 runs back and he takes little time in giving some back!! What a a…….! horrible tonight.

The only ting to hope for here is that we get a good outing from Pauley. Without him and Fister filling those holes this club doesn’t have a chance to win..
The only thing that can the club to the finish line is the pitching.

Turning this one off guys, I just don’t have it in me to put up with this! They are hittng him like they know what’s coming. They don’t give a crap so why should I waste my time. I have some shows from shark week to catch up on that’s way more interesting than what’s going on in cleveland for sure.

Dontrelle Willis 8 innings 3 earned runs, 1 bb and 10 K. And he lost. Three years wasted for him and the Tigers. He only needed the NL.
Granderson has just batted his 31th hr

Pauley looks like he’s got good stuff but poor selection and location thus far. He’s made those mistakes with 2 strikes and today they have hit him hard when he’s stayed up, course they are whacking everything.
Pauley looks to me like he can be effective.
I look at this team and the best I can say about it is that it should get faster and younger next year. no way you can afford to keep the the slower veterans Guillen and Ordonez, especially with compensating for VMart, and Cabby.
On top of that Guillen and Ordonez have plateaued as far as their hitting goes. We can’t afford to have them in the lineup defensively or apparently offensively.
I would expect we will be taling about who is going to play 3rd and 2nd all over again..
Be nice to find a guy like Kipnis!

We did, his name was Sizemore. It would be better to find a manager like Acta.

I like Porcello. But, when he is bad, he i really bad. I mean 11 hits?
Ahhhh, Grandy. I miss that guy a tonne.
Hope Boesch is OK and if he ain’t—don’t force the issue and damage him.

it isn’t a good game when the Coors Light freeze cam shows nothing more than 2 of our players having their bats shattered by the opposing pitcher. Tough one going on right now.

Pauley sure has trouble pitching ahead in the count.
So far that trade looks pretty helpless. Fister hasn’t struck a guy out yet and Pauley has not shown he’s gonna help much either.

I disagree. I think Fister has looked good a solid 4-5 guy. I haven’t been impressed by Pauley though.

Giving up Wells was a disappointment though I guess DD thinks he can go get a 5 tool outfielder in the offseason to take Maggs spot for the 4th outfielder.

It looks like the experts has Martinez pegged as a DH not a 3rd baseman and we have Victor there for the next few years.

Ruffin and Furbush look like back and forth to triple A guys for the next 3-4 years.

Sizemore was all about ramming the brief period of austeriety implemented by Illitch and DD down the fans throats.. He was highly touted and given that job even though he was damaged goods at the time. DD unloaded salary, Curtis Polanco, Edwind Jackson. tI changed the team and took away the heart of the Tigers. Those 2 guys were dependable and exciting..
Illitch is given a lot of credit for spending but for some inexpicable reason he got cost concious and it changed the complexion of the team.
Leyland must feel like his timing on his renewal was exquisite. If the Tribe sweep us this week do you think we would be getting an announcement of that kind?

I think Jacob Turner throws tomorrow for the Hens.

Okay, we found out Kipnis can hit fat fastballs down the middle and found out he can hit a hanging curveball. So don’t throw him that stuff.
These guys are embarassing themselves and embarassing us. While the crowd in Cleveland chants “Detroit sucks.” Nice, real nice. Could they at least make that “Tigers suck”? Cleveland has some real front runners for fans, I know for a fact.

Moving from Polanco to Sizemore or Kiptis would be disappointing for any fan base.

I don’t think it was a salary dump as much as it was a we are stuck with this team. The Twins looked consistently better than us, the White Sox even looked better than us. We sold high on a couple of guys and changed the look of the team. You couldn’t maintain the payroll we had and be a middle of a weak division team.

I think we are in much better shape now, we are 1 pitcher away from possibly the best rotation in the AL. Our bullpen is coming together. We have a couple of aging vets on the backside of their careers that could be replaced for a couple of young play-makers. But most importantly we are competitive for the pennant for the for see-able future. We need to reload the farm but I see a bright future.

I think we could do better than Leyland, but we should remember that before him we were losing the division consistently.

Is that really you, Mike?

We haven’t won it with him either.

If the Tigers keep sending players and pitchers to Toledo to get “fixed,” why not save all the travelling expenses and bring the Toledo coaches to Detroit? Can’t Leyland still get fired even though he has an extension for 2012? It has happened with other managers. More money than what JL gets has been eaten when overpaid players are dumped. Sheffield, anyone?

the idea of bringing up Bull from Toledo to help the hitters has been running around my head for the last couple of years. Of course hitting in toledo is easier than hitting in the bigs by far, but he seems to a very effective hitting coach.

Every visiting announcing team talks about how good a hitting club we are. Just don’t see it. No pitching tonight either. It hurts to see Maggs not be able to drive the ball anymore. It hurts when Dirks can’t cover centerfield like Jackson. It hurts when your 20 million dollar star looks a little lost right now. Really guys and ladies, right now it hurts to bleed Tiger blue.

JL can absolutely be fired still, and should be if we take another nosedive, such as we’re on the verge of seeing now.

Huge game tomorrow. If JV shuts them down they have somethihg to think about. If they whack us around they will be brimming with confidence.Dirks is no Austin Jackson in CF but he’s not bad. And he’s no Magglio Ordonez in RF either.
Maggs is powerless, slow and a liability on defense. Sorry, but it’s true.
Guillen is pretty much the same.
We’d be better off with Rhymes at 2nd in in our offensive structure at the top of the lineup.

Jason will have the exact quote on this, but JL said something to the effect of not being concerned about the standings right now but is concerned about the way we’re playing, pointing to the hitting most of all. The massive backlash from Tiger fans that you’re probably reading everywhere tonight is caused by exactly that. We know we’re in first place, we’re not all eternal pessimists, but we’re not happy with the way the club is performing at this time.
Personally, I sure hope we win tomorrow because I’m going to the first two Baltimore games and I’d hate to show up there in my current mood. Especially since I’m right behind the Detroit (and JL’s) dugout Saturday night. 😉

My wife and I will be in Baltimore Fri and Sat also. We’re in the section right next to Tigers Dugout in Row 5 on Fri. Hope to say hello. Hope the Tigers come to play.

I guess they need performance enhancers. No, I know they do.

Brennan Boesch: “There’s no need, in a pennant race, to go out there if you can’t perform. I’ve got to get the swelling out, first things first, and get back on the field.”
Now there’s a novel idea. To recognize a deficiency and be responsible enough to take yourself out for the good of the team.
There’s nothing I don’t like about this kid.
Wish a couple of the vets on this team would take his lead.

Well it doest look as though the Tigers put up much of a fight after I turned it off. And please I don’t want to hear about how Jimenez was unhittable. He has been hit around by teams that have supposed weaker hitters than ours. What went on I Cleveland last night was truely unacceptable.

We wouldn’t be discussing the line up every day if it was the same. Who got 2 RBI yesterday? Oh yeah, the guy that was not in the line up on Monday. I am still sad we gave up on Sizemore. Also heard DD on talk radio say that Turner was never offered up for a trade. The Tigers believe he will be special, mature beyond his years. Now let’s work on stepping up the defense. We can hit, we just aren’t!

I know the Tigers want pitching. We ended up with Scherzer. Who did we give up? I miss Grandy also but he is having a career year and AJ isn’t. We need a spark plug at 2nd base. Hmmmmm, who would you choose?

Could not help delving in to see what the SOC’s PR machine would churn out and was not disappointed with Henning’d latest in part:
Point: The Tigers will fade because manager Jim Leyland’s teams always fade.
Counterpoint: Facts aren’t likely to get in the way of a simplistic answer, whether in sports or politics. As has been shown, graphically, the Tigers’ ERAs rose by as much as a run during these past second halves. And that’s because of injuries and young pitchers.
It isn’t likely to happen this time around. Nor is a losing second half in the cards. And that will be due to a pitching staff holding up as opposed to any supposed change in atmospheric pressure or metaphysics that everyone supposes is what’s behind Leyland’s unique problem in Detroit.
It’s hogwash. But, boy, for those who love simplicity, is it ever irresistible.
From The Detroit News:–Breaking-down-the-popular-Tigers-debates#ixzz1UimpgzIv

Yes the Tig team ERA for the SOC era has increased post break, on average from 4.14 pre to 4.57 (+.43) post break. However, the overall AL average also increased from 4.26 pre to 4.44 post break (+.18).
Yes there was one terrible pitching year being 2008 where the ERA jumped from 4.39 to 5.60 (+1.21). However, the team only fell back that year 10.3% from 50.0% to 39.7%.
This is however still less than his average for his 5 completed Tig seasons being a 10.9% fall back.

Geez Dave B, I know you like stats, but this is baseball, not rocket science!

Cybermetrics is big business nowadays. How many runs someone scored, UZR, Whip, all are used now to evaluate players and maybe even to make out lineups. The numbers tell only part of the story, because they can be manipulated or someone else places more emphasis on different stats. I think Leland needs some fresh blood from the farm. Unfortunetly, BI will be coming up too and that’s not what I mean about fresh blood.

Nothing wrong with fact checking an article. Dave B, you may be interested in this book if you haven’t already read it. It’s called “Scorecasting. The hidden influences behind how sports are played and games are won” by Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim. This book takes on sports myths and realities, such as homefield advantage, umpire/referee bias, defense vs offense, etc. There’s a chapter on the strike zone, Gk. 🙂 It’s a good read for anyone who wonders why things are the way they are in sports. For example, they prove that the home team gets the ball/strike calls but only in crucial situations. That should interest anyone reading here.

Thanks Statman, sometimes with the manager you have it can be rocket science. Rosenberg from the Freep has a good article about young talent. Sounds like I should go to Thanks for the tip Rich, my kind of book. –Dave

I agree that statistics in baseball are a lot more involved these days. I don’t know if the really good teams use those things to their advantage or not. I still prefer to see baseball as a game played on a baseball diamond, not on a calculator. If you want to talk numbers, give me the number of Austin Jackson strikeouts or Ordonez’ extra base hits. I’d like to know how many times we score when we have men on first and second with no outs as compared to other teams. Those are relevant stats- ones that point to some of the glaring problems we have with this team.

To me some stats are overrated. The one I really like is RISP. Also what is your average after the 7 inning. We are talking clutch, and the good teams have that killer instinct like some managers that know how to motivate. 1 for 4 with a lead off single or 1 for 4 with a single in the 7th with 2 men on.🙂

These stats matter:

2010 Detroit Tigers AL Central 162 81 81 .500 (3rd of 5)
2009 Detroit Tigers AL Central 163 86 77 .528 (2nd of 5
2008 Detroit Tigers AL Central 162 74 88 .457 (5th of 5)
2007 Detroit Tigers AL Central 162 88 74 .543 (2nd of 5)
2006 Detroit Tigers AL Central 162 95 67 .586 (2nd of 5)

I’m failing to see the stat that says (1st of 5)

Unfortunately, I’m afraid the stat that matters to the Detroit organization is 35,000 attendance every night.

I’m pretty much with Ed on this. Stats can be used to say whatever you want them to say. I used to be in this line of work myself, health statistics. Stats can give you a basis for further investigation but don’t tell the story in and of themselves. Most of the time, anyway. Nothing takes the place of direct observation and we see the Tigers play everyday, so we know their strengths and weaknesses. If you were to ask me to assess, say, the Atlanta Braves, I’d have to rely on the numbers. One example of useful stats to me this season was when we picked up David Pauley. Everyone ooh’d and aah’d over his numbers, but I saw a guy who’s been struggling when I went deeper into it. That has borne itself out so far.

The guy has big shoulders but the amount of pressure that JV has to deal with after 2 eventful losses to a competitor must be acute.
I think games like this one are the ones that worry me most. We have been playing horribly, averaging about 3 and half runs a game this month. Our hitting has vanished into thin air. Clutch hitting, power hitting, good at bats, someone picking up his teammates. All of this is becoming a distant memory. Defense has contributed to concerns. Base running seems to be a contradiction in terms. Things seem desperate.
What is the feeling going to be when JV has a stinker? What happens if that stinker comes at a time like now?
Are we are going to have to suffer through a period of a JL led team disintegrating again? Will Magglio Ordonez be playing RF and batting 3rd in September? Will Leyland still be waiting for Guillen’s magic wand to heat up and carry the day?

2006, overacheived, a bunch of young players, and then faded at the end. It seemed like the loses were to KC. Management? Do you sit Maggs and Carlos for a week? See how the youngsters perform? Rich is right, I am going to the ballpark to see my favorite guy play (in the lineup anyway). We will see what Justin is made of tonight. Maybe we can score 3 runs.

I was right………..about what?

35,000 fans

Too fast posting. Average per day and sell outs on the weekend.

What’s with porcello throwing at cabrera. The tigers did the same thing against the angels and got mad when weaver did his thing.

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