After 14 innings, what’s next for Tigers

The challenge when a team loses a game like this is usually mental and physical. Mentally, the Tigers seemed to be handling it fine. It was a lost opportunity to gain another game on their AL Central lead, for sure, but they weren’t terribly worried.

“It was a heckuva game, a terrific game,” Jim Leyland said.

Said Daniel Schlereth: We came out on the losing end tonight, but you know what, that’s baseball. That happens. We’re going to sleep on this and get rid of this game. We’ll be back here ready to win tomorrow — er, I’m sorry, later on today.”

Then there’s the physical toll, which make take a little longer to determine.

With Victor Martinez’s knee uncertain for catching duties, Alex Avila caught all 14 innings Tuesday. He said he’ll be ready for Wednesday’s game like it was any other.

“I’m pretty tired,” he said, “but I’ll be ready to go.”

Leyland wasn’t quite so sure.

“That’s one I’ll have to think about,” he said. “That’s a tough one.”

His bullpen might be another issue. The only reliever who wasn’t used was closer Jose Valverde, and he can’t exactly be an innings-eater. Everyone else pitched at least four outs except for David Pauley, who took the loss in the 14th.

The good news for the Tigers is that they have Rick Porcello and Justin Verlander pitching the next two games, so they’re not expecting heavy use out of their bullpen. But even if Porcello gives them seven strong innings, they’re going to have to find someone to pitch the eighth, and he likely won’t be a fresh arm.

Considering it was around 2 in the morning, Leyland wanted to sleep on it before deciding anything. He’ll have to sleep fast, even with a night game Wednesday.

We came out on the losing end tonight, but you know what, that’s baseball. That happens. We’re going to sleep on this and get rid of this game. We’ll be back here ready to win tomorrow — er, I’m sorry, later on today.”


I went to bed before the game resumed. I was so looking forward to watching the game but 6 am comes early. Thanks for all the comments and I like to read the play by play. If I was a manager I am not sure I would say it was a heckua a game, a terrific game. I would be so mad that we lost. Next question and then no more questions. As a repoter I would ask, why didn’t you bunt? Or maybe someone did. Maybe they were all Trevor Tompson questions. AJ needs some quiet time, like on the bench. I don’t care how good of a fielder he is. Yes, he made a great catch. Did that save the game? We need a bat that can “win” the game.

Well looking at the pitching situation it is pretty much the same for both teams. I’m my estimation looking at the number of pitches thrown, we have Pauley, Coke and Valverde. They probably have Sipp and their closer Perez available.
Not enough sleep this night.

I just looked at the ball that got by Guillen in the 14th off of Hafner, don’t second basemab get at least an out there? He looked to me like he really didn’t put any effort into it. Pretty disapointing.

Guillen looked like he was sleeping on that screamer – and Pauley’s control was non-existant. Oh and no clutch batting – geesh we had tons of hits

I crashed after the 9th inning so was disappointed to see we lost after 14. I have not yet read the box and recap, all I know is Pauley hits a batter to let the winning run score. I”d rather give up a grand slam that the batter had to at least earn. Both pens had to be used a lot so today should be interesting. No one wants to lose a game like that.

Well, looking at the play by play, we had lead off walks in the 13th and the 14th. Would any of you ask the #3 hitter, Dirks in this case, to bunt with Miguel Cabrera coming up next? Our #1 hitter went 0-6 and #2 0-5 with a walk. 3, 4, and 5 batters each had 2 hits. Too bad no one knows the stats on Boesch when he bats 2nd or 3rd.

Felt like Maggs could have replaced AJax after he went 0 for 5

At that point in the game, you have to get Boesh to 2nd with 1 out. Sure they walk Miggy, but you have Maggs sitting on the bench that can PH for Rayburn, that more times than not comes through with a big hit with RISP and a clutch situation.

One thing I can take away from last night is how well, for the most part, our pen pitched. I didn’t see all of it, but did see Below and Schlereth pitch quite well.

Biggest question for me, since I stopped watching after 9 innings, did the girl to the left of the batters continue her antics for the whole game? I hate when I get mesmerized by a fan but she was something else.

Tiger Girl, yes she did keep dancing or jumping..

Did we pull the string on Below to quickly as the # 5 man? Even early, Fister was being hit like a drum. We kept hearing the mantra of needing pitching, but look back to the KC series – three runs, three runs, four runs given up. That’s not a pitching problem. Go to Cleveland – give up 3 runs in 14 innings. that’s not a pitching problem. Timely hitting has been and will continue to be the problem. And I love AJ as a defensive whiz, but he is killing this team as a lead off hitter. Barely over .300 obp, and 125 strikeouts. Talk about a rally killer. Cleveland is not going away, nor are the obnoxious Sox. Twins really do appear to have given up the ghosts. Hpe that Porcello sinker is dipping tonight.
By Greg on August 10, 2011 9:05 am – Reply

Coke pitched surprising well in 12th and 13th. One of his better outings.

Coke had a good outting against an all lefty lineup? makes sense.

Why not let Dirks lead off for a few games? Make Magglio or Boesh your #2 and fill in from there. Even Kelley at #2 might be a play but either put Jackson 9th or make a defensive replacement out of him. If Rayburn really has turned it around maybe he could be a #3.

I think Fister do what he has done all season long, he may just need some settleing in time.

Hey Greg, I think the pitching has improved now that Knapp is gone. Hmmmm, how do we improve our hitting…..What if a player decided on his own to lay down a bunt to move the runner because they know how to play the game?

Yeah, it’s hard to dispute the numbers, especially Porcello’s under Jones’ watchful eye. I think Knapp was maybe a little too tentative for his own good. Definitely need a bunt at least once a game. The best bunter in the system is the third sacker at Toledo. Santiago usually comes through. That failed attempt last night was a biggie.

Dirks wouldn’t be a bad idea, he has speed. Hard to believe big league players can’t bunt, they must have had to do it at some point in their lives. Like watching Shaq try to make a free throw I guess.

I think Pup said the players bunt during the batting practive before games, except on Sundays of course. Tom, Dirks will lead off ONE game when AJ sits. And then AJ will be back at lead off for the rest of the season.

On May 29th, a Sunday, the Giants were taking BP. First they hit, then they bunted….all of them.

I saved myself the bother of watching a disappointing loss and turned in after 12 innings. It never crossed my mind that we would win this game.
I don’t want to hang too much on one loss but this one was a microcosm of why I never pick the Tigers to win the division. Throw out the stats, they need to find a way to win instead of finding ways to lose. That goes for the entire organization, from top to bottom. Poor management and poor execution when it matters most.
I didn’t see some of those passed up bunting situations but, after reading Jason’s description of Hafner’s single past Guillen, I did go look at that play. If Carlos snags it, it would have been a slick pick on a hard hit ball, but that’s what major leaguers are supposed to do. There’s no excuse for running such a poor defensive team out there, especially one that doesn’t score many runs anyway. Like I said, top to bottom.
I expected two losses here, and that’s one of them. Probably we only win the Verlander game, then plod on.

Me too, Rich. All those opportunities lost and just knew how it would end. The pitching was tremendous, the hitting atrocious. Even with so-so defense you got to get the RISP to score and we fail miserably at that. Can’t even put down a decent bunt.

The game was mismanaged. Pure and simple. Leyland refuses to bunt with the big boys or anybody else that has ever hit over 5 homers in a season.
Guillen is doing nothing at the plate, he was up in an obvious strategic bunt situation. Peralta might be a it harder to bunt with but his swing has also been long and wrong lately. Another wasted opportunity.
Guillen has been eaten up twice in the last week by hard hit balls pretty much right at him. That one last night really hurt.
These are games that division winning teams win not lose. You find a way to do it. Leyland does not like to try to “find” anything. He’s still waiting for someone to park one over the fence. That was the only way we were going to win a game last night and we all knew the Tribe would “find” a way, any way, to win. That they would not be caught waiting for the homerun.
In the end their 2nd baseman was better than ours, much better, and it had a big part in determining the winning team.

I’m sure no one will ask Leyland about the non-bunts. Leyland will jump all over the “that’s why I don’t like to PR for Martinez” excuse, as if we are in the habit of playing 14 inning games. I’m sure he’ll be moaning about having had lost his bat.
Tough luck for Pauley. Didn’t see the replay but I question why he would want to be going inside on Fukodome anyway. He couldn’t hit anything all night on the outside of the plate.

Intentional walk, 1st and 3rd, one out. Pitching, defense, and hitting. I will be watching the game tonight but not sure if I want to be on the couch or in the armchair

You said it, Rich. You pondered yesterday the predictions of the series and what people think will happen. Unfortunately, what I think and what I expect are two different things. I expect them to win this series but I think they will lose 2 or possibly all 3. Because right when you expect them to take control of the division they will do what they always do and under perform. I will try and be as optimistic as possible but I have been disappointed too many times to think this will be any different.
They had a 2nd baseman in the 14th inning and we didnt. Our infield defense is so porous and hope they can get it together for RP tonight.
Please prove me wrong, JL. I will gladly eat humble pie.
Go Tigers.
– Bob

David Purcey cleared waivers – hopefully he can right the ship b4 the season is out…we could use another lefty in the pen

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