Tuesday: Tigers at Indians

As expected, Victor Martinez is back in the lineup for the Tigers, who again will stack left-handed hitters against Justin Masterson (.285 average allowed to lefty hitters, .181 average allowed to righties). The only right-handed hitters facing him tonight are Austin Jackson (5-for-12 vs. Masterson), Miguel Cabrera (5-for-12, 5 RBIs) and Jhonny Peralta (0-for-6).

The Indians, in turn, will have only one right-handed batter, Matt LaPorta, against Doug Fister. His lefty-righty splits aren’t very big in terms of batting average, but larger in OPS (.612 vs. .704).


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Andy Dirks, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Don Kelly, 3B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Michael Brantley, LF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Carlos Santana, C
  6. Kosuke Fukudome, RF
  7. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  8. Lonnie Chisenhall, 3B
  9. Ezequiel Carrera, CF

P: Justin Masterson


Well were not going to get no hit today? Haha

Man, great diving play robbed Victor of another RBI in the 1st.

Well not avery good start today.

Jaackson can’t throw anybody out to save his life. I guess Fister isn’t going t be great today, I don’t hold out a lot of hope for this game? Unfortunately.

Great to see the guys come back but not so great to see nobody can come up with a hit after we got the bases full
I sure wish JL could see what many of us can see. Boesch is in the beginning throes of a slump. JL needs to do something with him to help him out. Last year he did nothing but plyug him into the same spot in the lineup incessantly. This is the time to drop into the 3rd spot—no doublt in my mind about tht.
Anybody else having trouble with MLBTV?

plyug ??= “plugging” Not sure where that came from!

Dan a big ditto on all that. Fister doesn’t look real sharp to me today? Looks like its going to get real nasty in Cleveland weather wise?

Not surprised by Jason’s comments about Peralta. All Managers love to play ex-players against their old teams as they invariably lift. Made Betemit’s recent absences against KC all the more perplexing, though just par for the course whenever the SOC states a player is going to be his everyday positional starter.

I must admit I have been a bit confused about the use of Betemit.
Well I don’t think the starting pitchers can come back out at this point. Its been an hour and the tarp isn’t even off yet. Kinda surprised they even started this one. Basically they wasted 2 starters. You could see the storm coming a mile away.

Jason just tweeted that Fister is heading to the bullpen to warm up.

Well–logic dictates he won’t be sharp but since he wasn’t to begin with maybe reverse logic will rule the day.

Bad played by Jackson. He was supposed to take two steps back so when he come forward , the impulse will help his throw. And you keep the ball low so the throw can be cut .
Extremely good play for Fister, he loked like a 1b with the extension. His height made the out clear.
I was wondering about Benemit until , Espn showed the 457 against Masterson by Kelly. And he delivered

Fister can field his own position. Now, that is a joy to behold. Hope they get the game in.

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