Game set to resume at 9:45

Rain has finally stopped and infield is being cleaned up here in Cleveland. Chad Durbin will be pitching for Indians when the third inning resumes. Duane Below is loosening up for the Tigers.


Advantage here should be to the Tigers. Theoretically. Masterson is their ace, pretty much, and Fister was still learning. Also we have countered the largely LHB lineup with a LHP and the Tribe are throwing Durbin.
All of that goes out the window if our hitters fall into a torpor once again.

I don’t see the intensity in our hitters that one would think would be necessary to define a champion.. Now is not the time for weak at bats.

Pretty bad ab’s by Tigers the first two innings back?

Cy Durbin is pitching tonight with his. 6.00 era tonight!

A hit and run with Austin Jackson are you freaking kidding me? The strike out king?? Really?

With the stupendous signing of JL today for another year of frustration I resolved myself to trying to contain myself with comments about his manageing. I can’t help it. Why in Abe’s name is he not sacrificing with AJ and why is he running Kelly on 4 straight pitches? AJ is the easiest RHB to strike out in baseball and you run Kelly when he’s tired?
We need runs–make these players do their job. Bunt, move runners along when you have the opportunity.
AJ is driving me absolutely crazy with his inability at the plate. Any hits he gets are pretty much accidents.

Leyland didn’t swing at ball 4 in the dirt. It was the right call…. it is AJ’s fault and he needs to do better or should find time on the pine until a defensive replacement is needed.

Cabrera has been less than clutch lately? Don’t know if he is hurt, if he is worn out or whatever? But seriously been less than what you are use to lately.

YAWN, how many hits is that for Dirks? what a horrible move by JL rah rah

So disgusted with our at bats with a guy on 3rd. This has been going on now for 2 years.


Wasted opportunity after wasted opportunity. Tigers in a nutshell.

Tigers threaten but do not score. What else is new?

Sure they can all hit but do it when it counts??? No way!

Evan–grow up. Dirks is a good ballplayer and should be playing. He will hit. he will run. He will catch. he will do all of this better than Ordonez—but that doesn’ mean it’s best for the lineup for him to bat in Ordonez’s #3 spot. As usual you missed the whole point, entirely.

what- that when replacing a offensively gifted regular with a bench player it is fundamentally wrong to assume he might bat to the level of the player being replaced? Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t…i guess if you talk with the players on a day-to-day basis you might get a feel for that sorta thing.

I think we need a new hitting coach.

Phil Coke is warming up in the BP.

Below has had 2 really nce outings in a row now.
The bad at bats are a a killer, I have seen other teams that can’t hit much but if they get guys on base they can still score ’em. We don’t have one of those kind of teams. We all are still waiting (along with Leyland) for the elusive 3-run HR. I can’t remember the last one.

Those baseball gods must be from Ohio.

Santiago screwed that up in a major way. That in a nutshell is why this team isn’t 15 games over 500. They can’t even lay down a successful sac bunt. Pitiful.

I bet the Indians take BP on Sunday’s.

For how bad this team is at bunting I would be shocked if they ever practiced it. They are either unwilling or can’t do it.

LaPorta up—he’s one guy I am very worried about this series.

Duane Below looks strong. Nice to see. Wilk looked good in long relief as well early in the year.

You’d think with this kind of pitching it would stoke the fire in the bats a bit more. .
Worst at bat has to be Peralta a couple of innings ago.

Scary thing about the bunting is that Santiago is the best on the team. I can imagine the next guy who is successful at sac bunt will be literally mobbed in the dugout afterwards.

Cab coming up. Used to be a time when we would be in a state of excited anticipation of what would be likely to happen. Not at this point in time any more.

Miguel? Are you earning your money lately? The answer is NO.

That whiff of Cab is gonna pick the Tribe up and they are gonna give Benoit fits this inning.

Yikes—I guess we’ll see how a sac bunt looks.

Glad to hear your happy about that pinch hit double for Cleveland Mario! 😦 argh!

Didn’t get the bunt down but still did smething positive. I bet ya they can also get a sac fly which the Tigers can’t do!

Nice Alex

Miguel Cabrera: 11 for his last 27, 17 for his last 50, and 30 for his last 92. I suppose he’d be earning his money if he did all that with more baserunners? I think he’s fine.

That’s my point he isn’t doing it with baserunners. He is hitting a whole lot of singles lately. And the rbi’s aren’t coming like they should be.

I agree. But he is already hitting .318 for the season – I’m just wondering if he needs more oomph / clutch or more baserunners. He does have 9 doubles in the last month…
BTW, I’m just grabbing these stats by clicking through my fantasy league, I don’t claim the depth of the statman.🙂

Holy smokes—Can’t believe we got out of that one. Glad Avila didn’t trip on the bat, I think he kicked it a third of the way up the line! What’s the ruling on that? Not batter’s interference?
That should pick this team up–if VMart gets on pleas do the right thing and PR for him.

Dodged a major bullet there folks. I am so tired come on tigers do something !

Alex up now with a chance here—he’s one of the only guys I trust on this team right now.

As I figured no clutch hits for this bunch! More wasted opportunities.

Uh-Oh. Coke is in. It doesn’t feel good already. I sure misss Curtis. Every time I see Coke I think about it.

Phil just isn’t the guy he used to be , doesn’t feel real good does it?

I’d hate to see a third Cleveland walkoff.

Sshhhhhh! 😦

This crowd is annoying.

One more Phil!

…I’d love to see a Cleveland walkoff! Not sure how jinx rules apply, though I guess with that I’ve neutralized my last comment

Does coke have another inning of magic left in him?

I wish Rugburn could hit one out of there right now.

I’m sooooooooooo tired. 12:30 am.

I’m shutting it off. Can’t stand it and can’t stand any heartbreak tonight.

Pretty pathetic production from our so-called hitters.. And not just tonight, we have not been ripping the cover off the ball for awhile now.
This is going to be a heartbreaker.

Yep. This has heartbreak written all over it!

No, puppo. No, Danno… Tigers will win tonight.

Lead off walk is a killer that typically spells disaster. Of course we had a lead off single and nothing but that’s typical for tigers.

The Tribe did what we should have attempted in the top half of the inning. It did foolow that our non-power hitters struck out but the fact is our manager does not even try to do the right thing with this lineup.

That was too close there by Kipnis. Doesn’t feel good right now

As up—you gotta walk him.

Heart breaker for somebody. I just hope it’s not for Tiger fans who would have these seats filled with fans.

Gotta get a long fly to win this one. Too many men left on once again.

I suspect they will bring in Pauley. Tough situation to be sure. I think I’d rather see him though than Benoit. I don’t trust Benoit right now.

Well–guess I’ll have to trust him.

1:13 am soooo very tired, come on Tigers

gotta sac here with Dirks.

I give up on Leyland—that is actually stupid.

Now with 2 outs the only thing you can do is try to have Dirks steal a base.

No sac that’s disappointing. And cabrera doesn’t come through yet again.

Dirks bunts and you don’t know what can happen. maybe the ball gets thrown away, maybe the unbelievable happens and you actually put a guy into scoring position.
The guy is a dinosaur.Unfortunately he is not extinct.

If Avila is smart he should yard one in his at bat because he is gonna be one tired puppy tomorrow.

We deserve to lose this game. Very poorly managed.
A second chance to take advantage of a leadoff walk and no bunt again. Gotta let that big power hitting .200 hitter Guillen slug his way on I guess.
Fact is if they bunt and get peralta to 2nd, Avila’s lineout probably is a go ahead single as Kipnis would not have been playing near the bag in DP alignment. I know IF, IF but with JL there is no IF. It’s just the same thing in perpetuity

Would be nice to get the leadoff walks to 2nd base. So disappointing.

I’ve seen too much of that from Guillen. It was hit hard but that is a DP ball in the big leagues.

Rod making excuses for Guillen, a play he should of made.

Seriously, if you are going to hit less than .200 with no power. You can’t give up plays like that.

Does pauley have strikeout pitch

Are f’ing kidding walk off hit by the pitch! Good job Pauley. You haven’t been the man since you got here.

Guess that’s a no.

Tikis me turned into that. And we should of been out of the inning earlier. But the real blunder is leaving the leadoff walks on first base. I mean I can see jim’s reasoning, we were getting big hits all night. Hah!

Pauley has been pretty disappointing so far. The Seattle guys didn’t have a good day.
Shouldn’t have got to that point anyway though. Leyland has forgotten how to manage a game that the manager has a part in winning.
Heartbreak for sure, and we all knwew it was going to end t up hiis way..
Tiger hitters just stank. I mean a couple of these pitchers the Indians have are borderline lousy.

At least we found out that the bullpen CAN do the job. I just have to go back to what we’ve heard before–the hitting on this team, though highly reputable, simply vanishes-top to bottom..
The concern with this game is will this outcome galvanize the Indians?

Great job by the bullpen… The hitters looking at cabrea, guillen, and peralta better be getting extra bp. They looked bad tonight. Include boesh in that.

Did we pull the string on Below to quickly as the # 5 man? Even early, Fister was being hit like a drum. We kept hearing the mantra of needing pitching, but look back to the KC series – three runs, three runs, four runs given up. That’s not a pitching problem. Go to Cleveland – give up 3 runs in 14 innings. that’s not a pitching problem. Timely hitting has been and will continue to be the problem. And I love AJ as a defensive whiz, but he is killing this team as a lead off hitter. Barely over .300 obp, and 125 strikeouts. Talk about a rally killer. Cleveland is not going away, nor are the obnoxious Sox. Twins really do appear to have given up the ghosts. Hpe that Porcello sinker is dipping tonight.

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