Martinez’s chances for Tuesday sound good

Neither Victor Martinez nor Tigers manager Jim Leyland said they expect Martinez in the lineup for the Tigers’ series opener at Cleveland on Tuesday. But they sounded increasing optimism that he could be.

“I think so,” Leyland said before Sunday’s game, “but I can’t swear to that. I don’t know what’s going to happen. … As we always say, the only thing that ever takes care of injuries is time. But I don’t think it’s going to take that much time.”

After the game, Leyland said, “He’s doing good. He’s doing really good.”

Martinez sounded similar.

“I feel pretty good,” he said. “I’m obviously a little sore. I think the off-day [Monday] is going to help a lot.”


Dan, as for playing favorites, no comment. We need to score some runs. Again, no comment on how the Tigers put their line up together, but I would put my best players out there and keep the batting order the same. I would also change things up and bat Cabrera 3rd. He does look good but not great. Carlos needs a rest and so does Magglio. They do not have good swings right now, ever since the Angels game.

So do you put your best players out there or do you rest Maggs and Carlos?

Jim Leland got his contract extended for another year and DD til ’15. Whoopee!

That ruined my day. At least wait to see if we win anything. If we blow this, I can’t do another year of JL. Just can’t do it.

I knew this was going to happen. Everyday that passed, I got a little more hopeful that it wouldnt. But it was the white elephant in the room and now we are stuck with JL for at least another year. But they havent won anything yet. Why not just wait? We have been teased too many times before and so far they have avoided the 2nd half swoon. But the 2009 gag job started right after a 3 game sweep in Tampa on Labour Day when they opened up a 7 game lead. They proceeeded to go 11 -15 in the final 26 games to choke it up. So we are not out of the woods yet. So I ask again, why not just wait?
The fact is that if they do not win this division it would be brutal. Of their remaining 48 games only 4 games are against a team with a current winning record (4 against TB). The schedule is in their favour. And whenever a JL team is expected to do something, they find a way not to do it. The division is there for the taking. And there is alot of division games left. We have done a great job so far this year within the division but in September of 2009, we went 1-5 against the Royal, 2-4 against the White Sox and 3-5 against the Twins. So I think all Tiger fans have the right to be nervous and skeptical. We have seen this movie before.
By announcing this now, nothing good comes of this. If they blow it, they have to publicly say that JL is still the guy to lead the team next year. This after he would have blown the division in the most winnable year in recent memory. I have friends here in Toronto who wish they could be in the Central and be right in the hunt.
Why not just wait?
Go Tigers.
— Bob

Rich, mine too. Bob, I could not have said it better. Dan, no comment. And, are Carlos and Maggs our best players? Sorry, but I have to ask. Why now? If the Tigers win, a reward is in order.

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