Sunday: Tigers at Royals

The news is still good on Victor Martinez, who was moving around the clubhouse all right this morning. He’s not in the lineup today, but it’s reasonable to think he could be in the lineup Tuesday at Cleveland.

With the DH spot open, Magglio Ordonez gets a day out of the field, which could be huge given the heat here today. Andy Dirks starts in right field against Bruce Chen, who has allowed better than a .300 average to left-handed hitters this season.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Ryan Raburn, 3B
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Magglio Ordonez, DH
  6. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Andy Dirks, RF

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Alex Gordon, LF
  2. Johnny Giavotella, 2B
  3. Billy Butler, DH
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  5. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  6. Mitch Maier, CF
  7. Brayan Pena, C
  8. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  9. Alcides Escobar, SS

P: Bruce Chen


A couple of very interesting changes here. Firstly, Ordonez has been dropped in the lineup to allow Raburn to bat 3rd! Secondly Raburn is playing 3rd base and not 2nd.
Is Wilson Betemit the next discontented Tigers?
Carlos is 0 for his last 4 games and 1 for 18 in the last week with 1 RBI.
Not playing particularly well on D and Betemit, who was supposed to be a solution to a problem, sits while much maligned Raburn plays 3rd ahead of him. The poor guy (and I’m not wild about him by any means) is relegated to the bench in an obvious playing time situation at his old ballpark and aginst his former teammates. That’s a bit humiliating I would think.
I would definitley have Raburn playing 2nd today and Wilson at 3rd.

Considering Betemit is hitting .308 for the week and Guillen is at .056

He’s made some good, timely hits. Better than we had before.

I think it’s wise to give VMart the rest today. Please do not have him running the bases unnecessarily Leyland.
September call-ups will actually be pretty important for us. Allow us some speed and late inning defense. And a 3rd catcher.
Wonder if Inge will be back soon? I’m guessing yes with the way Betemit is not being played as much as he was supposed to.

So you think we have Aubrey Huff all over again? It appears that JL and DD aren’t on the same page with mid-season trades. Possibly, don’t know.
Funny that Raburn wasn’t involved in much of anything at 3rdbase last night and only messed up a play when put into RF for defense.
Guillen and Ordonez have track records, they say. I actually prefer Raburn and Maggs 3 and 5 like this with Chen on the hill.

Me too–Raburn can do some damage if he’s pitched too. Maggs has been nondescript and hitting mostly singles.
RHP on the mound I would prefer the give Boesch the 3rd spot.
Improves the speed on the bases ahead of Miggy too with Ordonez batting after.
RHP means I would like to see more of Dirks, at least we could have a lineup ahead of Cabby with wheels then.

I like the insight of KC analyst Frnk White. He really knows his baseball and avoid the shtick we get from his colleague in the other booth, Rod Allen.
He and his partner certainly have a different perspective on our Tigers than our management would like their fans to swallow.
I think it’s high time we saw our whole (or most of it) batting order contribute and produce runs they are capable of. The under achieving in this regard puts a lot of pressure on the rotation, which may be starting to get good again.

Is there any “beef” in those prescriptive pre game comments on the “Jim Leyland Show”. I mean the candy-coated pablum questions from Jim Price are sickening. It seems to me they try to avoid the JL vitriol by cow-towing to him by deliberately not asking any controversial questions. I guess this is what comes from working for the same employer.

Chen has been struggling. His doctor ordered him to feast on some Tiger meat.

Good luck Max. Looks like you might need to throw a perfect game today because the hitters are already looking forward to the day off tomorrow.

Lefties bat over 300 against Chen so Raburn is 3rd and Dirks 9th.Undertood

206 last 10 days. 222 in August. Regression to the media

Max looks like he is on today. Francouer is a tough out for any Tiger pitcher. I think he hits us pretty well. Max is throwing hard and is command is prety good.
Time for our hitters to hit.

Gotta go back to work. Hopin for a sweep. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cabrera no double?—-no comment.

We’re gonna have to play catch-up after the Royals bat in the 4th.

Oh good a wild pitch??? God that drives me insane talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Our hitters look pretty lame today through 4. Cy Chen continuing his mastery of the Tigers.

Max too often gets ahead of hitters 0-2 then starts nibbling then gives up a hit after he’s shown all of his 2 pitches he’s throwing today.

Max better simer down, his team is appearently going to give him little offensive help.

Guess they are throwing this one away as well.

Max was ahead of all the guys who got hits that inning. 0-2 on the rookie and on Hosmer and 0-1 on Maier and Pena.. He’s really having trouble with the LHB because all he does is throw the change and a fastball. Hellooo!!!

I don’t understand how our offense, which soundks like it shoul be good, has good stats, has potential for growth, etc, can run into these periods of impotence that come on suddenly and last for 2 or 3 series. I don’t get it.
Really the offense has not been good at all this series and we are very fortunate to have escaped the 1st 2 games with wins.

Looking at the radar inn kc right now and there isn’t just storms coming they lok pretty intense?
Max isn’t great today, looks like his control isn’t all that great today. Like you said Dan he gets ahead of most batters but maybe picks and then has to throw em right down the middle.

I really unfortunately don’t feel like the Tigers have it in them to come back from 4 down.

Someone mentioned before that Jackson never seems to get his uni dirty by diving or sliding for a ball. Does anyone else think he could have caught the Maier triple with a dive or a slide? What gives with him? A day after he made that great save at the fence…..standing up.

Personally I think this team takes the Royals too lightly. The rookie is having the time of his life at our expense. He looks like he has the tools, and the character to be a good ballplayer for a long time.
Unless we come back this time through the order it ain’t gonna happen.

I give up on Jackson as being capable of being an all-around good ball-player. His bunting is worthless.

So far the most exciting stuff I’ve seen this game is the K.C. grounds crew.
Excellent job of getting the job done under duress!

I’m glad the guy didn’t get crushed under the tarp roller. Talk about having his day ruined………

When you dive , you must be 100 % sure. If you fail, especially at Copa , it could mean homerun inside the park.
I tis the same with catchers , last week Avila tried to catch a wild pitch and a runner scored. You dont try to catch the ball, you put your body there so the ball remains in front of you.

When Magglio dives , he does it Tony Armas style, sliding with the face up, so if he fails his body will kept the ball there. Not many OFs do it that way

We’re back in this game with none out and a man on second and Chen probably done. If the guys can get their minds off the plane ride and put together some more good ABs, we may pull something off here. It is permissible to sweep a series, fellas.

Holy cow Duane. Maybe that will pick the guys up? Horrible AB for Boesch starting off 2-0 against the RHP and popping up with man on 2nd.

Jhonny (and Gene) made the right play on Avila’s single IMO. You don’t often see a perfect throw and that’s exactly what it took to get him. With nobody out you might not try for that but with 1 out I was pleased to see some aggressive base-runnng for a change.
That HR by the rookie looms large.

Agree, never give the first or third out trying to reach third base. But with one out , it worths the risk

Well Cabby you are due for a big fly.. Now would be the time.

Damn—I said BIG fly not HIGH fly.
C’mon guys, make us believe.

Too many guys left on base again, there would have been more had a couple guys not been thrown out stretching..
9th inning coming up and Soria has historically handled us pretty well.
We can get to him but it will take some good at bats and a break.
Boesch had a bad one today. Sure hope JL slots him into the 3rd spot to get him going.

Well-Max deserved to lose. He pitched well generally but when it mattered he didn’t. When he would get ahead of the hitters he couldn’t give them anything else to think about..
Max has to figure out how to put away LHB. It’s pretty much that simple. It’s keeping him from reaching the next level as a pitcher.
Cleveland next and they are going to be tough.

This game showed us Tiger fans just how woefully slow we are. The lack of speed is going to hurt us down the stretch. Too many give away at bats from Maggs and even Cabs today. I just haven’t seen that awesome swing from Miguel in a long time.
Agree with Dan that Sherzer just can’t put batters away. From a count of 42 pitches to begin the fourth, and then be right at go after the fifth, especially being ahead o-2 and 1-2 on many, is going to cost us too. If we maintain the 4 game lead after th Texas game, less pressure on the upcoming series. If Cleveland wins tonight, we need 2-3 in Cleveland. Pevy looked really strong today. This might really be the Twins swan song.Finally, you should get really worried when you sit and tell your wife what Tiger batters will do in their at bat, and you’re right 80% of the time. It ain’t going to be easy.

That should be 90, not go. Regrettably go is not a number.

Rain, huh? I figured we lost or went into extra innings since I hadn’t received a text message yet with the score. Still haven’t. I’ll watch the game tonight. Very disappointed, though. I don’t want to watch more men left on base. Good lawd, we must lead the league in that. Miggy needs to slow down and take deep breaths. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kansas City has done nothing for years except revel in being spoilers for other teams. Remember ’06? We couldn’t put them away.

Jeffie throwing out Peralta at third was the play of the game. The homeplate umpire was a joke all day. That’s the best MLB can do?
I suppose the subconscious goal will be to win one game in Cleveland and move on.
I swear it seems we’d have a better team without Guillen and Ordonez. Is that possibly the case?

Yes, I’m afraid it is.

What about Wilson Betemit?

Better than the alternative. Has actually hit with RISP and no check swings.

I enjoyed the game except for the score. What a throw to get Peralta out. In that heat and the crazy strike zone, we did alright taking 2. Now, this next series should be something. Hopefully, we’ll prevail.

JL is back in favourite mode. No matter what anyone says, I firmly believe JL does play favourites, literally.
Guillen is not hitting. His fielding does not justify him in the lineup either. Meanwhile, Betemit sits, Raburn plays out of position, Santiago sits, even being ignored as a late inning defensive replacement.
It’s very strange. The excuse for not playing the guy that was supposed to solve the 3B dilemma (BTW, he doesn’t really) the last couple of games will be something about him hitting better left than right. Trouble is, there have been games when a righty was throwing that they played Kelly there.. I am wondering if in the back of JL’s mind he has a bit of subliminal resentment for Betemit taking over Brandon’s job.
Far-fetched I’m sure but there has to be some reason Betemit is not playing after all the theatre surrounding his arrival and Brandon’s departure.
JL most certainly plays favourites. I’m pretty sure Ramon is not a fav of Leyland’s.
Raburn plays (he is a favourite) and rightly so right now. He is heating up and is one of the guys on the team that has been pretty consistent with some hits lately.
Not sure how long a guy has to stay down when he’s DFA’d to the minors but I expect we will be seeing Inge soon—sooner than September if Leyland gets his way.

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