Verlander, Porcello will pitch in Cleveland

The pitching assignments are out for next week’s series at Cleveland, and as many figured, Justin Verlander will start Thursday’s finale on four days rest. Rick Porcello is being moved up, too, and will start Wednesday on his normal rest. Doug Fister starts Tuesday’s series opener as planned.

That means Brad Penny will be pushed back a day or two and start next weekend in Baltimore, either Friday or Saturday. Max Scherzer will have the other one, with Fister starting on Sunday.


Verlander has been pitching on 4 days rest all year. What’s the issue? There is no difference to JV if there is a day off in there or not. JL’s decision has more to do with keeping his rotation in order than anything else.. If JL plays his cards right he can actually skip a Penny start and improve our chances in 7 straight games!!

I’m guessing the issue had to do with whether JL would not take the day off into account and keep all five pitchers in order. Meaning, then, that JL would start the Baltimore series. Glad he’s not doing it this way. A) We need to start our stud against the second place team; and B) we should always take advantage of a day off to get our stud in there a game earlier.

I agree, I’d rater see Penny face Baltimore, but at the same time I’m also interested to see what next week’s rotation set up looks like. I get that we want every opportunity to win, but at the same time I really hope this doesn’t throw off our starter’s routines. Right now, normal rest, but next week we’ll see how things end up. Lets hope all of this mixing and matching results in wins!

Fister, Porcello, and Verlander in Cleveland works for me. Just get some infield defense in there for the first two guys. Besides, if a big league starter can’t work every fifth day, the manager is overthinking things.
I lucked out Wednesday in seeing Fister instead of Penny, but the payback will be seeing Penny in Baltimore. I have second row behind the Detroit dugout for one of those games. If it’s Penny, do you think it would help if I kept yelling “throw the d–n BALL!!!”

Maybe he won’t be so “grumpy” for a night game!!!
I have a feeling though Penny was grumpy on his birthday. By that I mean his day of “birth”.

Penny is due for a decent outing and a win. (There, I can be an optimist!)

NOOOOOOOOOO! I just bought tix for Friday’s Baltimore game with sole intention of seeing Verlander pitch. Great, so does that mean I get stuck with Penny AGAIN?

CG–I heard Penny is to be skipped.

Penny will have to pitch either Friday or Saturday. Fister can start Sunday on normal rest, but no sooner. That leaves Scherzer and Penny for the other two games.

Thanks, Dan. I can only hope that is the case. This Friday will make five games I’ve seen this year and if Penny pitches that will mean 3 of the five games I’ve seen were with him pitching. He lost big in the two I’ve already seen.

its really a no brainer. verlander will be going on normal rest as will porcello. i was going to see fridays game in baltimore then thought they may do this with the rotation and bought tix for sundays game instead. i am glad i did. should be cool seeing fister start

From what I hear, Penny is a nice guy. Off the mound, I guess. He is due for a good one. If you get into the postseason, you only need four starters at most, sometimes three. If we can just get there, it might be interesting.

I think it was Porcello’s game to lose. Why do you think those pitchers are in the bullpen? Because that can’t start! Rick is a big boy now. He needs the confidence like JV has. If he gets in a jam, he can get out of it. Now let’s score some runs!

I like this move. I just hope JV’s arm doesn’t fall off.

Tonight lineup:
1. AJax, CF
2. Boesch, LF
3. Magglio , RF
4. MCab, 1B
5. V-Mart, DH
6. Jhonny be good tonight, SS
7. Carlos, 2B
8. Raburn, 3B
9. Avila, C

If they can sweep Kansas. They will out of reach of Cleveland in the series

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Another game with coaches and base runners blowing it. Over the past few weeks the Tigs have messed up on bunts, were thrown out at home and on the bases stretching hits, missed infield ground balls, etc. That probably equates to the loss of 6 to 8 games over the past two plus months. A good team can’t do that and expect to take first in any division. The answer? New coaches and tutorials on baserunning 101.

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