Saturday: Tigers at Royals


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Ryan Raburn, 3B
  9. Alex Avila, C

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Alex Gordon, LF
  2. Melky Cabrera, CF
  3. Billy Butler, DH
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  5. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  6. Johnny Giavotella, 2B
  7. Brayan Pena, C
  8. Mike Moustakas, 3B
  9. Alcides Escobar, SS

P: Danny Duffy


I hope JV outperforms what Public Enemy #1 (Weaver) did last night. Weaver is having a phenomenal year.

Verlander is first in whip and oba, k-bb ratio,second in victories, second in era , first in SO. And a no hit.Today, he is the Cy Young winner

Wow—not often you see a LHP throwing 98 mph fastballs. Impressive.

Cab is up after 2 walks. Patient or 1st pitch swinging?

Man–Peralta and Guillen are slumping. I’m more worried about Peralta as I see him more critical all around than Carlos. Actually very surprised to see Guillen playing today against the southpaw.

Not yet killer blows but at least theTigs are scoring some early runs lately.
Nice 6-1 run post break in one run games has been the difference with the Indians 2-6, rarely able to reproduce the late inning heroics.

I would guess that unless Carlos goes crazy at the plate today we’ll see Raburn at 2nd tomorrow and betemit at 3rd.

At the risk of jumping all over Carlos when he’s down—I don’t like the way he plays so casual out there. He likes to throw the ball at times right away at times where he has the time to set his feet and make an accurate throw.

Holy crow–Peralta looks horrible right now. What happened?

We need to play better than this or even JV won’t be able to win much.

Justin is making his job look easy. He is almost unbelieavable at this point in time.
I’m hoping his boys Avila and Boesch come through and add on a run for his hard (or is it indeed easy?) work

Another try at a bunt?

Baseball ´s gods reward who plays well

AJ could work on his bunting. He may have the most sac bunts on the team (who else besides Santiago and Avila ever bunt?), but he is not very good at it.

Unearned run as soon if there are no more hits in the inning?

Double. He went to 3b on the double and score on the error?

Coke for Mustakas?

JV struggles here badly but it doesn’t change the fact that our offense is not doing its job

Roy, your theory works for both sides!!!

Who was asking where the Carlos doubters were?

Is Dirks still with Detroit?

The very least Leyland can do for JV is to put Santiago in to play 2nd base this next inning.
Justin is so darn good but one area of his game he could improve is how he reacts to chepa hits and poor defense. At those times he can get rattled.
2nd and 3rd and nobody out and Guillen does zilch. he’s not a hit in 4 or 5 games now.

Bad running

That was brutal. what is the point of sending a guy who runs like Jackie Gleason on a play like that? And Martinez thought he could dance his way around that one as if he has invented a new brand of base running?
Ridiculous—VMart should have been pinch run for after his base hit. And yes, I know how many catchers we have on the roster. We had better hope he’s not hurt.
We looked pathetic that inning. Leyland should be ashamed of this brand of baseball that he has subjected to Tiger fans.

Oh, please let Victor be OK. We just can’t make it without him.

When I talk about bad baseball I mean the total inability to score runs if the ball is not hit to or over the fence. About not using pinch-runners. About having poor at bats at critica l times, about bad coaching, about players not being utilized properly.

Knee sprain according to Dan and Jim.

He could be out for awhile if it’s a bad sprain. Hope not. We need Victor!

That is complete speculation you cannot just take your best hitter out of the game with the game still that close. Not even close to bad coaching. Keep in mind they were still up by only one run and they most likely still needed Victor in the lineup to hit more runs in

Guillen is hitless since the Weaver HR!

Oh, I forgot about the 1st swinging DPs in tight games and late innings. Miguel is the best at that. Thanks for reminding me Miggy.

Leyland needs to have a talk with these guys. Not just status quo crap. How aften have we seen mindless base running and poor at bats at critical times? How often has Cabrera, regarded as one of the best thitters in baseball, swing at the 1st pitch when being selective would be the beter strategy? How many times has he banged into a painful double play?

I noticed that too.
The problem was not to put a pinch runner. But that with runners on second and third , one out , you never break to home until the ball is out of the infield.

Frustrating not putting the pesky KC away, but a win is a win. 3 for 15 RISP and 23 LOB to KC’s 1 for 3 and 6 LOB.
Even though we are now 8-3 against KC, we can never put them away and have actually only scored 2 more runs against them.
Great to see VV tie the save streak record.
Now 7-1 for 1 run games post break.

In fact Cabrera is 329 ahead in count and 230 behind.
He is 282 late but with an OPS of 1032.
367 with RISP behind Martinez and Hamilton and over González.
Before ASG: 311 Post: 329.
But last 30 days 298

Who will be the catcher tomorrow? Avila, day game after night game played at 100 degrees?

He should have been pinch run for BEFORE Peralta came up to bat.. That was a big, important run. You can’t count on station-to-station dialing to get it in. Late in the game and chances are VMart’s bat won’t come up again anyway.
It may seem foolish or misguided to be concerned when your team wins but I see so many flaws on this team that it seems illogical that they can win–and if they actually do, how can they be expected to perform in serious post-season baseball?
It’s not a good team.
We need to see more of Dirks and though he is not my choice, as a regular, more of Santiago. Santiago should be playing at the end of every single game that we go into with a lead in the 8th or 8th. No way Carlos Guillen should be playing 2nd at the end of the game like tonight.
And Miggy has to start “feeling” these DPs. They are happening frequently on those 1st pitch swinging situations. It’s rally killing. I’m sure he has a good pitch to hit as many of these balls have been hit hard, but he needs to willing to wait for one that he can find the gap with.
As to pinch-running for VMart, if they had he wouldn’t have come away from that game with a sprained knee. JV complained about Aybar being Bush League last week, well that play was pretty bush. I never see anything inventive or creative from this team on the base paths..

Looks like Victor isn’t so injured after all. Scarey moment, real scarey. I’d assume that Avila will have to catch tomorrow, though.
At this point in the season, I’m beyond worrying about trends and just settling in for the stretch. The team has problems, sure, but it now comes down to just winning games in any way, shape, or form. The cliche, which I don’t care for, is grinding it out. Whatever you want to call it, it just comes down to doing enough to win each game. The trade deadline is past, we know what we have in Toledo, and we know what Leyland will do and not do. Now it’s just a matter of surviving the games.
Jackson’s 1st inning catch was a dandy. I think it was better, difficulty-wise, than Granderson’s catch in Cleveland two years ago. Grandy’s was much more crucial, saving the game and all, but Sizemore’s drive was higher and Curtis had time to gather at the base of the fence for the leap. Jackson didn’t have that luxury tonight. Austin’s perfect game catch was better, IMO, but this one was memorable.
We get on the umpires a lot, but I think tonight’s homeplate ump, Alan Jackson, is a good one. I’ve seen him several times and he actually seems to call the rulebook strike zone. Young guy, 33 years old, and I think technically a rookie. I like his work. Now Alan, don’t mess it up now that I’ve complimented you.
For those who complain about Valverde always making it too exciting (my friends in Michigan, I’m talking to you), he’s gone 3 up 3 down for two consecutive games now.

Rich, Jackson’s catch DID save the game, the final score a was 4-3, he doesn’t catch it and it gets to 4-4 and who knows what happens.

Valverde was on a mission last night and what a “relief” to have it go 1,2,3 yer out. Many of Austin’s catches are memorable but that one was definitely out of there and he brought it back. Absolutely spectacular!

Hey Dave B (aka statman), do you know a percentage and/or how many times a team have left a man on 3rd with less than 2 outs? It seems like the Tigers would lead the Majors in that stat. The players must think a little more. They need to slow the game down. Carlos, striking out, Dirks hitting an easy ground ball, Cabby first pitch swinging into a DP. I heard Boesch talking about his approach this year vs last year. It would be nice to have a big lead going into the 9th, but 1 run has been enough for Papa Grande. Right now he is my choice for Tigers MVP. Get the brooms out! –Dave

Not scoring a runner from third with less than 2 out is rampant throughout baseball. I see it all the time and remember back to a day when it was almost a lock that the runner would score. It’s not just the Tigers. Players in general get to the majors without having picked up many of the skills that were considered basic some years ago. There are many reasons for that.

1. Austin Jackson, CF
2. Brennan Boesch, LF
3. Ryan Raburn, 3B
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Magglio Ordonez, DH
6. Carlos Guillen, 2B
7. Jhonny Peralta, SS
8. Alex Avila, C
9. Andy Dirks, RF

Is Wilson Betemit the next discontented Tiger?
I mean Carlos is 0 for almost 20 now. Not playing particularly well on D and Betemit, who was supposed to be a solution to a problem, sits while much maligned Raburn plays 3rd ahead of him. The poor guy (and I’m not wild about him by any means) is relegated to the bench in an obvious playing time situation at his old ballpark and aginst his former teammates. That’s a bit humiliating I would think.
I would definitley have Raburn playing 2nd today and Wilson at 3rd.

Considering Betemit is hitting .308 for the week and Guillen is at .056

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