Friday: Tigers at Royals

Standard lineup against Royals right-hander Felipe Paulino. Royals lineup features the major league debut of Johnny Giavotella.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Wilson Betemit, 3B

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Alex Gordon, LF
  2. Melky Cabrera, CF
  3. Billy Butler, DH
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B
  5. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  6. Johnny Giavotella, 2B
  7. Mike Moutstakas, 3B
  8. Alcides Escobar, SS
  9. Minny Pina, C

P: Felipe Paulino


I hope we see some dirt on AJ’s uni today.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Get dirty AJ—when you do this team jumps.
Also great to see him hacking instead of looking.. There’s one guy that can’t afford to take a strike.

Well, GK, my firend. The ump was generours to the 1st base side of the plate for Paulion. We gotta hope he gives Porcello that edge too.

My fingers type faster than my dyslexia. Sorry.

Well regarding the strike zone, so far not a fan. I don’t think Avila was either with those first 2 strikes that were in pretty similar position to those that were called balls for Porcello??? But you said it not me? Ha ha

Some one asked a couple of post ago about Penny’s day/night record, day: 6-6 5.21 night: 1-3 4.24.

So lack of run support by night or lucky when pitching day games.
Day games means Martínez instead of Avila and usually Santiago or Kelly and Dirks. On sundays day games also no Peralta or Boesch .
Hamilton bats 153 on daygames but went 5-2 against him

That was one ugly strikeout by Victor. Nice to see Texas pitching well tonight against Cleveland??? Not!!! Cleveland up 6~1. Paulino is making some decent hitters look bad tonight, 5 strike outs and its only 4 innings? Geez

2 1st inning runs notwithstanding, we don’t look very good at the plate. This team needs to learn how to pour it on, how to answer back, how to add on.
Ricky has been and is throwing well but he is prone to having a niining where he gets hit around giving up 3 or 4 hits that seem to find there way through the infield.
I can only wonder at how well a guy like this would do with a hot shortstop/2nd base combo with good speed and great range.

Again an infield who can hardley get to anything? Tigers have little range on the infield? It really is a glaring problem.

Well we can’t complain about the breaks too much. A play at 1st and now at 2nd have gone our way.
RP looks good. Anytime you can strike out Butler on a 3-2 you are dealing something out there

I thought Melky was safe too. However that play at first I thought Miggy kept his toe on the bag but I wouldn’t bet my life on it?

Current AL era for Ubaldo:9.00

Alex hit hat a very long way!!!!!!

I think he did keep his toe on the bag but I thought he beat it out—tie to the runner.
Now, let’s pour it on.

Cab is not crushing right now. 3 doubles and 1 HR in his last 10 games.
Peralta has stopped crushing. 1 double in the last 10 games.
VMart too, has stopped crushing. He has 1 double in the last 10 games.
So the image of a fence busting bunch is a little tarnished. JL can’t get complacent with these guys that are expected to be producers.

Ricky keeps getting thos easy ground balls and he should be able to go 8 with his pitch count.

Well this game is far from in the bag. We need Ricky to be able to handle the resto of the order their 3rd time through.
And we need some defense.

I’d be ready to pull the plugs on Guillen and Ordonez after the next inning.

Exactly what I mean—-Betemit looked pretty bad on Butler’s hit. That should have been an out.

Mr Leyaland, why don’t you know what many of us seem to know?
That’s a DP ball and Guillen completely butchered it.

Only 75 pitches.
2 on board. No out . But seven inning.

Now the go ahead run is at home plate. Bullpen call?

The next at bat is a RHB? if so, why Coke?

Bats LH even if he plays 3B

This is what happens with Ricky. He’s still doing his job but now the balls are being hit just a bit harder and the infielders can’t keep up with them.
Santiago eats that DP ball right up. And then we aren’t in this mess.
Now Coke is in and we all know how that’s been working out.
Tough break for Ricky.. Really needs that K pitch doesn’t he?

Well that polor defense is biting us in the butt. Betemit was lazy onthat Butler single. Truhfully I didn’t see the other you were talking about. This game was looking good, but a poor infield and I guess that’s what u get huh?

Talk about meltdown. You just had to know that DP flub by Guillen was going to turn the game around. Porcello pitches a gem and has nothing to show for it.
Coke actually is worse than Purcey since he carries a reputation of being good but shows no signs of it and can’t do a bloody thing against LHB.
Horrible inning–even Pauley contributed by throwing a hittable fastball on an 0-2 pitch UP in the strike zone and not even down. I don’t get it. Brutal

Killer part of our line not so killer lately. How pathetic. A decent infield and this game has a different score no doubt.

And I am pretty tired of watching Cab 1st pitch swinging when the game is on the line in late innings.. I’ve said this before, he’s a good enough hitter to hit in any count.

And no way I bring in Schlereth here—now freakin’ way. I’d leave Pauley in.

Ubaldo is out of the game. 4 runs ,3 er, 5 inninga and 1-3. And our Durbin has allowed one more

According to Jim and Dan, Al’s arm still isn’t right. Now, that is not good news.

He said yesterday he was not 100% but was trying to pitch 100%

Yup. And he isn’t warming up.

Something to expect from someone released twice and having his last chance

ya know the problem has been the same thing all year, for te most part I don’t think our relief guys have the ability to strand runners.

Guillen just couldn’t get there because he’s too damn worrried about cheating toward 2nd base. He was leaning the wrong way and a DP ball slightly to his left just chewed him up. And you’re right–Betemit was lazy on that play.

Soria usually brings the hammer down on us so I am not to optimistic here.

This is the 1st game of an extmely important road trip. And it has started off with poor play. How can this team win this division playing every other game poorly?
We’re too slow to the ball and too slow on the bases. And too slow to come to the realization when players need to be replaced and who not too count on.
Schlereth here scares me –if he doesn’t walk the lead off guy I’ll be shocked.

Boy I hope I am wrong I just don’t feel good about this game!!😦

I can’t stand it.

Sclereth is losing his control. He’s prone to this behaviour.

It was no time for fielder indiference. It was the walk off run

Boy doe Betemit ever owe us. His play at third has me gripping my seat every time a ball is hit in that direction. His wild swinging at the plate leaves some to be desired too.
I’m sure he’d like nothing more than to to do some damage here in KC. No way I see this guy on our club next year no matter what.

Now ,bunt

called stirk. if you are going to bunt , you do it . Dont wait for a good pitch

My oh my–how bad can you look in a MLB at bat. AJ can’t even get a bunt down.
We are not playing like a team that knows how to win.

bunt, ya but he can rarely get the sac bunt down. Dirks gets to 2nd anyway.

Ya brennen!

Whew–big hit by Boesch who was pulling the ball all night. I was hoping he would just try to go back up the middle and he came through big time.
We could use another run.

Cabrera grounds into yet another double play. Sorry he needs to pick it up a bit.

Man I must say I am pretty disappointed in Cabby. He’s not hitting anything into the gaps any more. Lots of DPs. Not carrying the team on his shoulders like he can. We need that and we need AJ to start playing properly.

Way to go Carlos I didn’t think he had it in him.

Bummer we won ;-P

Well we pulled that one out. I should be happy but I don’t like some of the things I am seeing.
I don’t like JL constantly going to Coke in situations he has failed.
I don’t like Guillen playing 2nd late in games.
I don’t trust Betemit.
I don’t like the unneccessary 1st pitch swinging.
I don’t like Ordonez batting 3rd. He, Cab and VMart batting after each other just results in too many DPs.
BTW, does anyone else think Escobar was out on the bunt? I thought his lead foot was out of the box and his trailing foot off the ground when it hit him.
Porcello pitched really well and had to deal with a difficult strike zone from this ump. He was not giving him the low strike.
Schlereth got the job done but they can’t get lulled into thinking everything is peachy keen with him. He gets wild high and that has to be watched.
We face 2 lefties now with Chen going on Sunday. The way Avila is hitting they can’t afford to sit him Sunday. Might seem weird but maybe DH him.
They also have to get Raburn in the lineup the next 2 games and not at the expense of taking Boesch out. Boesch and Avila are critical if the Venezuelean Vaqueros aren’t doing their thing. Can’t take them out of the lineup..

In Venezuela, we call cowboys :llaneros .

In removing Porcello in favor of Coke, JL made the same stupid move and got the same stupid result. Rick had about 82 pitches and with any infield defense at all, he’s not even in that jam. On top of that, the guy most capable of getting out of that jam was the guy already on the mound, Porcello. We have good starters and a shaky bullpen, so you can’t manage the same way other managers do. I know why they do it (job security) but you have to deal with the club you have, not a club someone else has or had. I don’t care if Moustakas was 3 for 500 against lefties. Our lefty is Phil Coke, not Jamie Walker. The smart move was to have Ricky get out of the jam his infielders created for him.
On the same subject, when Porcello or Fister or even Penny pitches, you have to strengthen that infield. Santiago at second and they need Worth up here to handle third. If nothing else, do it in the late innings. We’re not going to hit every night but the least we can do is play some defense when it’s needed. A 3-0 lead in the 7th was plenty to win that game. Neither Guillen or Betemit hit well enough to overcome their defensive failings. We’d have a better overall team on the field with Santiago and Worth.
All that aside, getting the win is the important thing, no matter how ugly or how pretty. Just win the game.

I would never have taken Porcello out, but I’ve been dumbfounded by Leland before.

Worth would seem to be logical. He’s a sure bet to be called up in September.
But then again, so is Inge isn’t he?
The main thing JL has to do is to “manage” these guys. Not play them because of their perceived abilities or their hitting. Guillen will cost us games in the field. I prefer Raburn to himj defensively actually.
They didn’t give up much for Betemit but then again, they may not have gotten enough either. He is another guy who closgs up the bases and goes into periods where he can’t touch the ball at the plate.
They also really need to get a handle on Q. Determine if it’s OK to pitch him or if it would be best to bite the bullet and put him on the DL if that’s what it will take to make him right.

Rangers just beat the Indians in 11 innings in a way that teams that know how to dare to win won.
Incredible hustle by Hamilton and Andrus to catch the Tribe napping and help us out.
The Rangers are pretty lucky to have hung onto Michael Young. That is a fun team to watch play ball.

I do agree with JL when he says it’s his fault for playing Avila into the ground during the first half. I commented on that several times during that period. We have a strong backup in Victor.
I can’t believe Rod Allen said that JL wanted to make sure Porcello didn’t lose the game. Rod is an ex-big leaguer. Is that how they think? I’d say that issue is secondary to winning the game at hand. Rick’s a big boy, he can handle it. You hear the strangest stuff on some of these telecasts. The ball getting past Guillen goes by without comment. Do I have to simulcast the radio feed to get real commentary?

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