Wednesday: Tigers vs. Rangers

Ryan Raburn is 6-for-9 with two home runs lifetime off of Rangers starter Matt Harrison. That, plus Carlos Guillen’s 0-for-4 history and his playing time the last few weeks, explains why Raburn is at second base tonight.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Ryan Raburn, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Wilson Betemit, 3B

P: Doug Fister


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Michael Young, 3B
  5. Nelson Cruz, RF
  6. Mitch Moreland, DH
  7. Mike Napoli, 1B
  8. David Murphy, LF
  9. Yorvit Torrealba, C

P: Matt Harrison


Playing Raburn today is a good move–especially with those kinds of numbers to consider.It is also good to give Carlos a day off.

I agree. considering the vibe right now i expect raburn to have a good night.

idk man i hear the “vibe” with Harrison is strong and that ain’t good…. But GO RABURN cuz i’d like to see him “bounce back” from his playing time reduction…..even tho i rooted for his demotion

Good boy JL- for putting someone at 3rd who can hit when you have raburn at 2nd!! Anyhow on another note: Who decides who the “player to be named later” is? Because i had the impression we were getting robbed giving up wells&furbush&martinez for pauley/fister……but SOMEBODY thought otherwise obviously cuz ruffin was OK

So far Guillen hasn’t looked good batting RH, and it’s better that Rabum is in for him than Boesch.

well his power hasn’t been there batting righty – the 2 BAs are both ~.265 (.263 and .267).

Dan, you now have me watching to see if Ajax will get his uni dirty. Heck, even a ketchup stain would be a start.
The past two games should have been much easier wins but wins they still are. In recent seasons, they would have been demoralising losses.
Hopefully on the 7th attempt the Tigs can get to 8 games over 500.

I’d like to see a diving catch – he never does those!

this harrison fella finished July 3-0 with a 2.04 ERA – I pray we can start his august off poorly!

Casper and Furbush both had nice games today.

Al^2 is healthy enough to pitch tonight – wonder if it’s a safer to pitch him or Pauley tonight?

A diving looks greats but fail one and is a homerun inside the park even with Magglio running

Don’t forget Sizemore who I felt was going to take some time to feel at home in the Majors. Being so handy against lefties hitting .356/.449 for the season, should only be a matter of time before he hits righties also.

Nice job to get out of that jam in th second. Betemit started a real nice and not exactly routine looking double play

No excuse for not bunting with Peralta. No excuse.

5-1 groundouts -flyout .Like advertised

1st & 2nd nobody down and Maggs up. I know they won’t bunt. But what a shame that you can’t.
Maggs is a DP machine

There’s my point.

Righ on cue Dan!! Another double play

Bad baseball. Baseball that is played according to stereotypical thinking by our manager.
The kind of baseball that does not win championships.

Bunt. Intentional walk for Cabrera. Martinez right handed. Cabrera is 50 points better right handed. But Martinez is 8 poins better against LHP. He is playing bythe Book.

With 2 sac bunts instead of swinging away we would be up at least 5-0 instead of 3-0.
I guess JL feels runs grow on trees.

Dirks or Baoesch probably catch that ball hit by Cruz. I hate seeing Magglio out there.

Boy you think so?? I thought it was little a little to high off the wall. Nice error there by Betemit?? Completely annoyed as weel, by the fact we’ve ground into 2 double plays. Magglio even in his hayday has always been good at grounding into those!

Well-not much defensive support for Fister that inning.
So far, I like what I’m seeing with him.
I sure don’t like the lack of decision-making by leyland though.
He should have enough character to make peralta or ordonez lay one down for the good of the team. It’s absurd he plays that way. I can see with Cab but anybody else should be required to be able to do this.

Well here we go again—what doed leyland do here with Avila up in that same situation?

That’s how you play. Now Betemit has to make up for his error.

Betemit ain’t making many friends.
How the hell can he hit anything on the outside part of the plate?

Fister having problems because of Detroit´s defense as warned

Jackson is bats .189 with risp? Walke okay come on Brennen!

Betemit has cost us 2 runs so far. The one on the rror and the one he should have driven in from 3rd.

2 errors 2 runs! Tigers are doing everything in their power t make Fister right at home??? Not!!!
Now Magglio gets one in the air! Too late.

Well the bunt didn’t work that time. Brennan although I won’t get on him too much I think he was trying to hit it out of the park. After walking Austin thougb he didn’t have a very good ab.

More stranded runners ad they get a lead of double. Terrific.

AJ walks, bases full and Brennan swings at the first pitch, trying for a home run when we need a hit. And yes, Peralta bunts. Oh, and now it is tied. We need new management.

Funny how even with our slowness and league low base stealing, our hit to runs scored ratio is not that bad at 2.02 for 12th in MLB and 7th in the AL with NYY best on 1.69 and Astros worst on 2.37. Even with the rabbits, the Angels are at 2.2.

Gonna be a long game. Fister reminds me a little of Porcello. Lots of contact, lots of ground balls.
Fister must be wondering where his defense is today. They just cost him another run. Arguably that’s 3 runs that would not have scored if your team makes the plays.
Ordonez doesn’t catch anything hit over his head. The only thing he can do is play it off the wall. He’d be great playing LF in Boston.

Another freaking double play are you kidding me? Son of a………!

Weird team–the Rangers. They talked about the Rangers being poor defensively yet ironically they are leading the majors in turning DPs.

Ya Dan, didn’t they also say that they lead the league in errors?

He hit that one a longggggggggggggggg way

Avila great–Betemet; Great Scott. 3 K’s and looks like he doesn’t know how to hit the ball. he keeps that up and Inge will be back for sure.
Lloyd needs to tell Betemit to get a little closer to the plate. He’s so far away they can throw one down the middle and he has to reach for it.

Well it’s up to Fister to show he can protect a lead now. He works fast but needs to keep guys off the base paths.

QS 7 inn. 2 er. Bring on Alburquerque

They are an interesting team—I think they lead the majors in fewest strikeouts (by hitters) even though they are known to be long ball hitters. A team of contradictions it appears.

Martinez, Cabrera and Peralta are 1st 3rd and 5th in MLB ,BA with RISP

Pinch Run for Magglio—please!!!

I like Miggy as much as anybody but all the 1st pitch swinging really ends a lot of innings and rallies IMO. Especially late in the game. He has the ability to hit OK with a strike or 2 why not be a little more patient?

Cabby another weak ab

Here we go with Coke. Not looking forward to this.

Benoit, Schlereth warming in #Tigers bullpen. 3 minutes ago
Then why is Coke there?

Situational walk lefty

Now Coke fails once again and we bring in aguy who is wondering where his magic went. Benoit must have zero confidence today. These next 2 innings are gonna take a lifetime to play.

Little worried about Hamilton over at 1st—so is Benoit.

BSox 1-Evil empire 12.They are sinking faster than the Titanic. 3 rd inning

Well although I agree Coke has not been quite the same.guy as of late, he did get his ground ball, but it funda hole. And let’s face it there are some short stops that make that play.

Playing for Detroit ? I only remember, in recents years, a guy called Everett . But nobody liked him

The Tribe are gonna make a run. They have got a couple of rookies playing well, and they helped themselves fill some holes at the trading deadline.

Nice job getting out of that mess in the 8th!

Uehara doesn’t look like he should be ale to get anyone out. He made Victor look pretty bad. I kinda wanted the Tigers to get him.

If I’m Leyland I bring in Santiago for defense in the 9th.

AND he did!

Well ate least Raburn got him!!!
Seriously though, me too. He’s a nice guy to have at the end of a game.

Nice Ryan! The new Texas guys have given up a few. Let’s hope Papa’s 9th is a little less eventful this evening!

I guess my no drama wish isn’t going to come true. Solo shot there.

Way to recover Papa

Many thinks to Ryan Raburn tonight. Played well and obviously had the biggest hit in the game.
Even though Valverde gave up a long ball I am glad to see him throwing the splitter again. That’s a good sign.

Bet Rich loved that game.

Well, Rich got his money’s worth tonight. Our good luck charm. Way to go Tigers and thank goodness Fister got a W and the defense held up. Nice HR by AA & RR, too. Nice close by Papa. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great wins but man, how nice would it be if AJ could get it going?
I hope all this rest is really helping Q. We’ve been able to get by without having to use him.

Wow—walk off 2 out HR by Ellsbury to beat the Tribe 4-3.
Bedard throws tomorrow for the Red Sox.

is there any reason why when pitchers get traded their W-L record doesn’t get evaporated? i can understand SO, W, ERA, etc. continuing, but why should the W-L? it’s a different team.

You’re right Mike—he’s 1-0 now
So is Furbush. Charlie threw 5 innings giving up 1 run on only 2 hits. 0 walks and 3 Ks
Casper is hitting for the Ms. Got a couple hits today and a stolen base.I hope Tiger fnas are happier about the trade in the end than M’s fans but this could be a win-win.
Still though we gave up more than we needed too..

Yea, but the only one I was sad to see go was Casper…. And who knows if the Tigers play him in Maggs spot next year.

I think Fister will only get better.

That was the FIRST time I’ve ever seen the Tigers win at Comerica. I even made my buddy wait to leave so I could watch them line ’em up. Never seen it in that ballpark. The early frustrating moments were easier to take just because it’s fun being there and it was a beautiful evening and we had great seats.
Fister was very good and I thought he may even have another inning in him. He must have been shocked at our shoddy infield defense, though. Avila really crushed that homer. A semi-low liner that ended halfway up the seats in right. It just kept going. Raburn had a nice night. No defensive lapses and some good hitting. It was noteworthy that nobody booed when his name was announced in the starting lineup. I think JL is handling him the right way at this time. Spot him against some lefties and get him heated up. That’s what worked the past two seasons.
I didn’t really think Ordonez had any chance to catch that one by Cruz; in fact he played it nicely off the wall. His problems are getting to short flies, IMO.
Hopefully I’ll have a return trip to Comerica this year, but it will only happen if we’ve gotten into the postseason.

Nice win guys. Raburn had a great night as did Alex, his bat sure does seem to be coming back around. I was never worried on him though, I think he is going to do just fine for us, some streaks of brilliant hitting with some streaks of not so great, like any player and really as a catcher. Nice performance by Fister as well.

I gladly give up the range of Everett for the bat of Peralta anyday. I think Jhonny P has been my biggest surprise this year, he fields decent and is hitting terrific.

Evan, where did you find the stat on Guillen’s lefty/righty average? I was trying to find it the other day and could not, wanted to see just which side was better for him. He hits more left handed and does seem like his power comes from that side but thanks for the stat on his average – is that this season only?

A sweep would be terrific but won’t be greedy, Penny seems like he doesn’t pitch well at day games, but not going to look that stat up either! Nice to see a 4 game cushion, will be nicer to see if at the end of September! Nice job guys of doing better than your central rivals – we may not be the best in baseball but let’s first worry about being the best in our division.

Great win, although frustrating we can not get the big hit. Raburn is a bench player and came thru. I always liked to swing at the first pitch. I do not know about Maggs batting 3rd, hitting a weak grounder to 2nd.

I hope we give guillen another day off in light of raburns performance last night. We’re going to need raburn later – when either Maggs or Guillen goes down. I just checked Brandon’s mudhen stats……. 0.278BA, 16SO, 15hits in 54 at bats. ugh.

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