Tuesday: Tigers vs. Rangers


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Wilson Betemit, 3B

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Elvis Andrus, SS
  3. Josh Hamilton, CF
  4. Michael Young, 3B
  5. Nelson Cruz, RF
  6. Mitch Moreland, 1B
  7. Mike Napoli, DH
  8. David Murphy, LF
  9. Yorvit Torrealba, C

P: Colby Lewis (former Tiger, albeit briefly)


It’s gonna be hard to win this thing this year without Austin Jacskcon making a realiistic contribution. He’s been off and and on but the K’s are consistent.
My feeling was they should send him down and have Bull Durham and the situation straighten him out. Can’t do that now with Wells gone.
He’s mission critical and as I have said before if there is ONE thing for McLendon to work on —it’s him.

With Texas, a good games a fast game.

Max is just not as good wihen ahead on strikes as Justin. He lost a couple of guys after being way ahead. Slider is great but not every time. He hangs it more than anyone would like to see..
I think he is vry good and with potential to be extrmely good..
Needs to stop aiming at times and needs to find a way to throw to 1st with something on the ball.

Austin’s head is not in the ball game where it shoul be. Lack of hustle on the sac bunt (which was a good one) could have cost us an out. We got lucky.

Breaking my rule by commenting during the game. Your #2 hitting must sac bunt with 3 and 4 coming up. We have left too many on base. Maggs would have had a sac fly. Poor managing (duh) imho. C’mon Max,shut ’em down,

Better get that bull pen going.

Jones coming out now after the walk. Scherzer has found his rough patch this inning. Was getting ground balls earlier sure could use one now.

Bases loaded nobody out. We really need a big inning here with the way Max is having difficulty with 2 strikes.
Uehara has been hard on us as an Oriole, as I recall. He seems to be able to get the bid strikeout when needed.
Avila needs to give us a good AB here. He was dynamite in this situation earlier in the year.

Sorry I got the wrong guy in from the pen!

Thank goodnes for Alex because the Tatayama guy made us look pretty bad. AJ is so lost right now. He has no spark and he didn’t look good good running out that DP either.
Leyland needs to consider Dirks against some of these RHP we’re facing.
I like AJ but he is not playing well.

Alex comes thru. Wilson, did not you know it would be an outside pitch? AJ, do you know what a safety squeeze is? We might need that extra run. GK,to use your word, pitiiful. Austin needs help. Hey SOC, do you see that? Why? 2 stike outs and a GIDP. It is your game Max!

Benoit will only get worse this innng–better get someone else warm.

Why can’t Leyland feel what we here so often see and feel?

you’re too short sighted – and benoit is being paid too much to not soak up some innings

I mean that 4 pitch walk after the HR told the whole story.

Now you gotta look back and get real angry over all the men left on. Cab himself left RISP a couple of times..
You can’t afford to lose games you should have won against top notch competition. These guys are pretty capable of beating the snot out of us the next 2 games. And to let this one get away is unforgivable.
I’ve not been a Benoit fan at all this year. Have never felt comfortable with him out there.
If we lose this one (and I have a bad feeling that we will) it will be very demoralizing.

Never have been impressed with Benoit. How can you come in and walk a batter? We should also have at least 6 runs. We have the hammer, let’s use it! And yes, I would rest AJ for at least 2 games, or maybe a week!

Frame to frame replay. It was out. The first play in the 5th was safe

A better glove extension by Cabrera and it was a clearer out. But it was out

Memo to Adams:
You are no more at Petco Park. It will be worst at home

That game had major disappointment writen all over it. I don’t know how Valverde does it but he gets the job done time and time again. I’m sure he’s doing this without his vaunted splitter.
Cab should not have been backhanding that grounder.
Peralta made a nice recovery and the replay showed he could have been gotten the out call. Thought for sure Cruz was gonna make us pay. Kinsler hit a no-doubter (but foul). That was a wicked 8th and 9th innings.
And Benoit gets the WIN!!!. Max gets nothing
Go figure.

Felt like I just had my “19th Nervous Breakdown.”

Just left the game, I am half duck right now. It seems to me that Scherzer gets out of wack when he is in the stretch?? Offense speaks for itself, lots of singles agaiin t9onight 14 hits?? We really should of had a few more runs. Benoit surprised ke he has been much better of late but has only pitche 2 innings in the last week ans a half . Hate to make excuses for him, but it makes a difference. When Boesch hit his homerun, the guy next to me (my spouse). Got me in the eye with an elbow. This game cost me a black eye I will probably get.

That’s taking one for the team GK.
Peralta played really well out there at short today. He did have that one bobble but made a good play on it in the 9th.
The kids, (and our future) Avila,and Boesch carried the day.
The way things were going I half expected Dirks to drop that last out. There was a lot of white showing.
Pauley doesn’t throw hard-nice breaking ball though.
I hope we give Fister the support he lacked in Seattle Wednesday night.
I hope Valverde can get his splitter going again. He’s been doing it on smoke and mirrors.
As demoralizing a loss that would have been I think it inversely was a huge win.

Wells and Sizemore each had a homer in their game

Thank goodness we got the win last night. Game was forever slow and so very wet, but we stayed until the end, albeit we watched the last out in the concourse on tv, my kids were so tired and wet, it was a grumpy wake up this morning.

Max looked good except for that one inning he couldn’t find the strike zone. Benoit was a disappointment, but geez, doesn’t take long for the boo birds to make their appearance. New reliever did not have an impressive outing to say the least, and who knew Coke would get us out of a jam? I do like his entrance to a game and his choice of warmup music.

Valverde is a treat, watched him walking to the pen after the first half of the first inning and seemed to enjoy the attention, even more fun to watch him enter into the game, he had to throw more outs than he was awarded with, glad he kept his composure, which he does so well.

My daughter was too tired to get the impact of Boesch’s homerun – huge. She went to the railing, we were 7th row in the left field line seats but couldn’t get his attention.

shouldn’t be so tough on Pauley, he didn’t do horrible, just giving up a hit right away was tough on a tough night. Somehow the rules of baseball are odd, Max pitches decent, 2 earned runs and gets a no-decision, Benoit gives up 3 runs in an inning, blows the lead, and gets the W?

And bummed I didn’t see anything out of Carlos except for a walk last nightl

One thing though, our batting average overall is so much better than a few months ago, no one lingering under .200

I’m hopeful about Fister/Pauley but whew, did we ever give up a lot to get them compared to other deals that other clubs made. Martinez and Ruffin project as major leaguers. Wells is a palpable loss and Furbush can step right into their rotation—actually throws for them tonight.
That being said, if Fister’s starts this year result in us winning 6 or 7 games it is a good trade. Not so sure about Pauley. He got hit pretty hard last night. But if he can come in throw strikes and get ground balls that’s all we can ask.
Sizemore hit a dinger off Felix last night to straigt-away center field.Felix was impressed.
I still think Wells is going to be a star.

RABURN will play tonight – watch out for that. Keep a close eye on his defense at 3rd….is it significantly worse than kelly’s?

The only change I would make is Dirks for Jackson, but I am not a SOC!

Last night’s game was difficult to listen to on the radio. The reason I had it on radio is because my hotel here in Michigan doesn’t have FSD and MLB.TV is a local blackout, of course. But tonight I’ll be at the game in person. Haven’t been inside Comerica since 2008. Hope this won’t be a throwaway game. I drove 550 miles to see this, Leyland!
I was surprised they made the correct move with Purcey, or Purr-C. Good one, Dan.

Welcome back Rich! Hope the game goes our way with the new guy.

Rich—not sure if you want to do this but sometimes you can use an anonymous IP server and get those blacked out games. Of course I’d beware of the free ones but I do recall a couple that offer free trials of eiter 14 or 30 days. I’ve used them in order to watch the Tigers when playing The Blue Jays as they black out the whole COUNTRY!!! Not just the Toronto metropolitatn area but were talking 3 and half million square miles. I guess they don’t want anyone in Halifax or Vancouver or Nunavut (yes, that is a real name), deciding on watching the game on TV rather than traveling 2,500 miles to the Rogers Center to watch the game.

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