Sunday: Tigers vs. Angels

Miguel Cabrera gets a day at DH, with Victor Martinez at first base. Don Kelly gets another start at third. So far as I know, Wilson Betemit is not injured. I do know he’s 1-for-8 against Jered Weaver.


  1. Austin Jackson, CF
  2. Brennan Boesch, LF
  3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
  4. Miguel Cabrera, DH
  5. Victor Martinez, 1B
  6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
  7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Don Kelly, 3B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Maicer Izturis, 2B
  2. Torii Hunter, RF
  3. Bobby Abreu, DH
  4. Vernon Wells, LF
  5. Alberto Callaspo, 3B
  6. Erick Aybar, SS
  7. Mark Trumbo, 1B
  8. Peter Bourjos, CF
  9. Jeff Mathis, C

P: Jered Weaver


Cleveland got Jiménez . They sent minor leaguers including a last year pick. They did not include MLB players like was asked to the Tigers. Is that bad the Tigers farm?

It seemed to me like it was some gamesmanship from the Rockies…. Playing the, you either give us this or well send him to your competition. I think they tried that game with the Red Sox and Yankees though they weren’t biting. But yea, I think it’s pretty known that the Indians have higher regarded prospects than the Tigers. They recently have been sellers and we’ve been buyers the last 5+ years.

Well hopefully Verlander returns to his old self today. Let’s be realistic he hasn’t been as god his last 3 outings. Weaver on the otherhand has been consistent all year, impossible to score runs on.
One thing I heard on the pregame show is that Fister and Pauly aren’t expected to report until Tuesday?? This I don’t understand, (atleast Pauley, Fister isn’t needed). But Pauley we need him here. I am sorry, if Beltron and Hunter Pence can report for the next days game, so can this guy. Am I wrong??
Today is going to be a tough road. To me advantage Angels

DD said that they dont want him to fly in a hurry from Washington to Detroit and land there with “red eyes”. The paperwork must be today at commisioner´s office but him can be there tomorrow. Monday is day off.

Wilson Betemit is not injured. I do know he’s 1-for-8 against Jered Weaver.
Buyer´s remorse?

Things always look a bit bleak when we play poorly and lose. They look vry bleak if both of those things happen when Justin pitches.
Let’s hope the hitters start hitting the ball better. Starting today. No more team-wide slumps. Leyland can help this by tweaking the lineup just a little.. If he insists on Cab batting cleanup then get Boesch batting 3rd. Ordonez is getting the sweet pitches instead of Boesch and Boesch can do som uch more in terms of converting those into extra base hits..
Also if you insit on plyaaing Magglio anytime after th5th inning if he gets on is time to consider pinch running.. Magglio can’t run. Simple as that. No speed bad instincts and afraid to get hurt.
I hope to heaven that the hitters treat Fister to some support on Wednesday when he pitches. Let’s get this guy stoked to be here right away.
This team needs to put a winning streak together. Tired of seeing series after series being lost or at best tied.
The Indians are serious about 2011. We need our hitters to start doing the same, and our manager.
Best thing about yesterday is that Coke won’t be able to throw today.
Coke lovers keep i mind this guy has a WHIP of 1.5 in his 2 years here. That’s not what you need out of an important role pitcher.

Austin Jackson has some of the most absurd, pathetic and pointless at bats as you will ever see. I don’t understand how he can watch fatballs down the middle over and over.

A couple of keys for us today are to keep Aybar and Izturiz under control. Aybar plays very well against us.

I sure hope our hitters look better the 2nd time through the lineup.

At least Justin will be able to control the running game.

N.B. to hitters. If it’s close—swing. This ump is gonna bias himself to the masters on the mound today.

Great a by Kelly, aother miserable ab by Austin? Geez

Still they are working a lot. Good for Kelly

Nice Maggio!

Homeruns. Accept no substitute.

Well, i’m certainly surprised but Magglio did bput a really nice swing on that hanger. Made him pay and that is a sign of a good hitter. I like it a lot when Magglio doesn’t have to run.

A natural hitter

Jackson’s approach to his overall game concerns me. I think this guy is gonna get really down on himself.

19 pickoffs, most by any MLB since 2007. Why we only remember when he puts the ball in the dogout?

The Tigers need to pad this lead to take the starch out and make this game a little more difficult for the Angels to get back in it.

Austin is the Tigers’ Lost and found department. Today he is lost.

Imagine Bourne (.303 BA, 39 SBs) leading off for the Tigers the rest of the season. The Braves just got him for Jordan Schafer and three mid-level minor league prospects. We couldve given Houston Jackson and a couple mid-level prospects. I can’t stand A-Jacks as a leadoff hitter. He’s getting worse, not better.

I love Austin, but he just looks lost at the plate to me.

Let’s you guys. Why can’t you support your pitcher when he throws like this?

Jv is looking sharp today

Adams going to Texas not to Lions, er .,Tigers

Home for lunch. Oh, man. I hate going back to work. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on these guys. JV walks a guy in the 7th inning and the tying run comes to the plate?
What’s wrong with this picture?

He is Jared Weaver, 1.83 era 1.00 whip not Jeff Weaver. So a close game was due

Weaver is Public Enemy #1 now in Motown.
Pretty classless and pretty stupid.
I like Avila’s reaction. Smart–he knows he has to keep his head in this game for Justin.
JV has to NOT respond.And I think he realizes that more than anybody.

Was ejected for throwing to the head?

Well carlos was definately posed and I well can’t say I am a fan of that. However I think their was something going on earlier, not sure though. But Mario is right you don’t throw at or near anybodys head.

BTW—I didn’t much like Guillen’s stunt either.

Although that pose is definately out of character for Carlos, but a Weaver is a Weaver.

What’s the deal with this warm up? I thought this was treated differently than replacing a pitcher due to injury. That’s a lot of time for JV to have sit.

On tuesday? Carrasco did the same after Melky Cabrera hit a homer and watched it. Acta said that Carrasco was wrong. And Carrasco said the ball sliped from his hand and to watch a hr was part of the game. So his own manager said the pitcher was wrong

Careful with Aybar.

Well Justin had enough time to throw him out, but instead throws it away. Although is it me or should Martinez have been ableto field it and keep it o a single? Looking for input.

Oh geez. Aybar gets his elbow up and and in on JV and that’s not interference?


Justin is losing it too bad. Ya still great but just doesn’t feel as good does it?

Really pissed right now

Twice in a week

A run scored without a hit

Verlander’s no-hitter is gone because of very questionable non-calls by the home plate ump.
I still say that was interference and Leyland should have been out of the dugout.
The main thing here is to regroup and just win this game.

Jv was his own worst enemy that inning, but hat being said looks like in that replay he was out at home. Ump missed one I think?

I just figured it was going to be Izturiz or Aybar

I tought Abreu, he made him work too much in each at bat

Still the Tigers are winning. It is a one hit game. And Verlander is winning over his main rival for Cy Young in the Clash of The Titans

JV got rattled and that changed the game. Credit to Angels for getting under his skin. Though they had some huge breaks that inning.
I’m pissed at Leyland (Iguess that’s nothing new) for not arguing the interference.

Valverde will likely walk Abreau to start things off.
He damn well better pay attention to the base-runners.

This is one of the most frustrating teams in baseball. I say that now before the 9th.

I thought it would be interference against justin for being in the baseline, not the other way around. Do I have the rule wrong or am I remembering it incorrectly?

Nervous about Papa Grande he hasn’t been in a game for quite a while, could be rusty. Let’s go papa

The third pitch looked like a strike

I think for the most part the home plate ump has been good until the last 2 innings. I think Borjouis was out at home, and I think Abreu was struck out!

I think we are in trouble guys, can pappa work some.magic?

Just as I figured. Boy if they lose this game it will be so demoralizing at such an important juncture of the season.

If he dance what will happens?

One more.


Well we mucked our way through that. Damn shame about the no-no but JV will be the 1st to admit he is responsible for losing it.
The bunt attempt by Aybar is frowned upon but realistically it is a good move in a 3 run game if you are still in contention. I didn’t like it it but it was probbly done as a way to win rather than spoil the no-no.
Everyone knows these guys get on base and all hell can break loose.

Still is against the unwritten rules. Anyother pitcher would go for his head after bunting in a no hit attempt

That actually was a little quieter than Valverde’s usual celebration.. It was a mature reaction . He did not want to see Weaver going Marichal

I didn’t have a problem with the bunt. Realistically it is a close game, and it is part of his game, a team needs to do whatever they need to do to win.
Good job by jv.

The old guys got it done today!!

Bedard just acquired by Red Sox. Seems to me the Mariners squeezed a lot more from us than they did from Boston.

Makes sense, we were more desperate. The Yankees were quiet, Cleveland was not. Red Sox waited to last minute and said take it or leave it.

Royals beat Indians.

I don’t know what Boston gave up, but. Wouldn’t wanr Bedard, he has been hurt a lot. I do like Fister better.

I’m happy enough with Fister but not entirely happy with how much we gave up. Won’t complain because we got a couple of pieces we really needed.

Looking back after some more facts have come forth, here’s how I saw it.
Ordonez stays at home to see if his homer is fair or foul. No problem, I saw Konerko do the same last week. He tosses his bat aside which Weaver construes as a “bat flip.” Jerrod, one of the infamous Weaver brothers (fine upstanding lads, yeah right), then jaws with Cabrera. Miggy brings word to the dugout. Guillen goes up later and takes three mighty cuts, clearly trying to homer, and slams his bat and helmet down after striking out. Next time around, Carlos actually succeeds in going deep (pretty good feat) and takes it to Weaver big time, demonstrating that THIS is how you show up a pitcher. Jerrod, being one of the infamous Weaver brothers, throws at Alex despite the warning. Bottom line? If it’s that easy to get under Weaver’s skin, everyone should do it.
I was okay with the Aybar bunt. If it’s 8-0, it’s dead wrong, but at 3-0 it’s a good play.
Almost lost in all this is that Justin nearly pitched another no-hitter!
That was some good entertainment, folks.

That’s how I saw it as well

I forgot the part about Weaver questioning Magglio’s maternal relationship. Fine young man, that Jerrod.

If that win doesn’t galvanise the team, nothing will. Man, does Justin excel in the big games now or what?
My sister years ago had her leg broken trying to block home plate in an inter school girls softball game. She just shook her head over the Maggs incident and wished in her day she had been up against the Tigs.

Hopefully this link will work from the Angels website about Weaver’s ejection. Some things I hadn’t heard yet. For example Aybar saying Verlander threatened to hit him next time he faces him.
Best game of the year so far!

We were fortunate to win this one. Again we really did not hit well, though much of that can be attributed to Weaver. Hawever, this team is prone to hitting slumberst that come from nowhere and last always longer than one should reasonably expect.
Guillen’s HR was very big, obviously, but a nice piece of hitting at the time, too.

Rangers were smart. They didn’t stop at Uehara they went ahead and got one of the best in the biz with Adams. He’s the guy I was hoping for.
They are gonna be tough and Uehara has pitched well against us.

This was the best game I have seen in a long time.
It is easy to comment during the game but why don’t you all just watch it? Do you all know what Weaver was bragging about? Good for Carlos! An error by JV, who prides himself as a great fielder, a botched pickle play, but guess what, the Tigers won. Dan, was that polite baseball? I hope the Angels and the Tigers meet in the playoffs. I saw some emotion today and I am happy.

Missed the game but caught some replays and yes, I think I missed a lot of what was happening. I don’t see Carlos pulling that stunt unless it is for a good reason, not sure I have ever seen him behave like that.. I am too biased about him and hate those antics but from what I can tell he was defending a teammate and I am ok with that. Entertaining to say the least.

I am going to Tuesday’s game – very excited my first of the year and going with the entire family – 20 of us in total. My daughter just got a Boesch shirt, she is so excited.

Just finished watching the game and interviews. Best game I’ve seen in a long time. Enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn’t believe when they showed Carlos after hitting his HR, but after reading the history, it’s understandable. Absolutely loved it. Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Weaver is really upset about:
Being 2nd best!

awesome comment dan, that sums it up. weaver was a whiny little crybaby this afternoon. i rarely see a tigers game on tv, but this was spectacular.


That was such an entertaining and exciting pitching match up. We were lucky to see two of the AL Cy Young frontrunners square off. Here are some visuals about how the contenders stack up:

Please feel free to use our tools to further enhance your future Tigers analysis:


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