Turner scratched from Erie start … now what?

Jacob Turner was set to start for Double-A Erie on Saturday at Akron against Drew Pomeranz in a matchup of two of baseball’s top pitching prospects. It was going to be a scout’s delight, especially if that scout happened to be with the Rockies, whose ace Ubaldo Jimenez has drawn interest from Detroit and Cleveland.

Sounds like quite a showcase, except that Turner won’t be starting for Erie on Saturday, according to a source. Drew Smyly, the highly-regarded Tigers draft pick from last year who had been promoted to start for Erie on Sunday, will start on Saturday instead. It would’ve been his day to pitch on normal rest if he had stayed at Class A Lakeland anyway.

As for Turner, his whereabouts are unknown. He isn’t in Akron with the SeaWolves, having left the team Friday, and Tigers officials weren’t answering questions about his status Friday night. SI.com’s Jon Heyman reported early Saturday morning that the Tigers are calling up Turner. But Duane Below, the Tigers’ scheduled starter for Saturday, was spotted in the Tigers clubhouse after Friday’s game, and he wasn’t seen packing his bags.

That leaves three possibilities:

  1. Turner could be on the verge of being traded. A report from Foxsports.com’s Ken Rosenthal stated the Tigers are now willing to deal Jacob Turner in a package for Jimenez. But a report later Friday from Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com suggested the Tigers were out of the running for Jimenez for now. Unless the Tigers get a top pitching target for longer than a two-month rental, it’s unlikely they would trade Turner, who’s expected to compete for a rotation spot next spring.
  2. Turner could indeed be on the verge of joining the Tigers. Detroit just happened to move him up in Erie’s rotation over the All-Star break so that his start conveniently fell on the same day as the Tigers’ fifth spot currently held by Below. Tigers officials still said at the time that he wasn’t a consideration, but sources suggested there was some serious thought on the matter. At the very least, he became an insurance option. He has better stuff than most pitchers available on the trade market, and the Tigers ended Friday with seemingly no clear path on their trade pursuits.
  3. Turner is away from the team for other reasons. As crazy as that sounds, it’s conceivable if a family issue popped up or he had other personal reasons.


Casper pulled from the line up yesterday Turner today, somethings up!

Casper was never in the MudHens lineup to begin with. He had a day off.

I think turner and wells may be headed out together.

Yes! Jimenez is on his way hopefully

I have seen some ridiculous chatter over what the Rockies want for Ubaldo. Like, get a load of this, Boesch, Porcello or Scherzer, AND Turner.
DD would not be able to show his face in Detroit if he made a trade like that.
I’d trade Turerner even up for Jimenez and maybe throw in Raburn.

Latest I saw was the Tigers sending Frubush and some unkinown to Seattle for Doug Fister.
Fister is OK—not a strikeout artist but will coax a lot of ground balls. That can be a double edged sword sometimes for us though.
My guess is that one of our outfielders would be included in a deal like that. Raburn, Clete Thomas–hopefully not Wells. Wells could be a pretty decent player a year from now.
There’s also Ryan Strieby to consider (who is pretty well blocked from playing in Detroit).

I wouldn’t trade Turner at all.

You have to look to the future, the near future. This year’s team will either win it or not as they are. I’m looking ahead to a team without Ordonez, Guillen, and Leyland. A younger, faster, more athletic team with young pitching. It’s right around the corner. I don’t mean years down the road. Make the trades over the winter when desperation isn’t a factor.

The Ubaldo trade would be preposterous , Scherzer one to one or perhaps a position player from aaa. But Boesch,Turner and Sherzer was a fit for Lee, or Halladay not Jimenez
And Fister ?. outside Mariner´s home only King Felix can win the same way they do at that cementery for batters

Or they will go for both? I mean Fister,and Jiménez

I like the idea of keeping Turner. But I do admit if I had the power and the Rockies offered me Jimenez straight up—I’d take it.
There is absolutely NO advantage trading Porcello or Scherzer. We need to round out the rotation not diminish it.
Looks like the deal could include a relief pitcher as well.

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