Tigers get Fister, Pauley

The Tigers’ month-long search for starting pitching is over. Detroit filled its most important need heading into Sunday’s non-waiver Trade Deadline by acquiring right-hander Doug Fister from Seattle on Saturday for a package of prospects.

The Tigers also get right-handed reliever David Pauley from Seattle, fortifying a bullpen that had been short on right-handed middle relief for most of the year. In return, Detroit sent left-hander Charlie Furbush, outfielder Casper Wells, third base prospect Francisco Martinez and a player to be named later, likely a prospect drafted last year. By rule, players cannot be traded until a year after signing their first professional contract.

Fister owns a 3-12 record, but it’s a better reflection of the Mariners’ struggles than the 27-year-old’s pitching. His 3.33 ERA ranks 20th among AL starters, ahead of every current Detroit starter not named Justin Verlander. His 1.17 WHIP ratio ranks 15th. His run support, on the other hand, ranks dead last.

He isn’t a high-strikeout pitcher by any stretch, but he’s someone who — ironically, given his record — will give his team a chance to win.

The 28-year-old Pauley owns a 5-4 record and 2.15 record, allowing 38 hits over 54 1/3 innings.  He has seven holds and one blown save opportunity.


They will report on Tuesday thanks to the Fred Lynn rule

I’m blacked out of Turner’s big league debut, ain’t that great? Getting Cubs-Cardinals. Cubs-Cardinals? Here?

That game will be interesting soon. Hollyday has just impersonated Ty Cobb and will be beaned in his next at bat

nop, they did not bean him

He’s doin’ OK Rich. Looks pretty good. Not paying enough attention to runners though.
Devastasting curve ball.

I thought you all would like him when you saw him. I’ll be able to watch the replay later tonight on MLB.TV. Nice hit, Maggs.

Holy cow. How lucky is Haren?
The 3 outs in the inning came off 2 bullets.. They absolutely teed off on him and he got away with giving up 1.

Jake hits the 1st guy up in the 5th. Gotta pay attention young man. This team likes to run.

Same with Furbush. Nobody teach them how to keep runners near first?

Heads in the game gusys
No way I want Carlos swinging 3-0 with 2 out and nobody ion in the 5th.

Leyland should be so quick to pull Purcey next time he walks someone.
Nice job by Turner todya. Very Impressive.
My Over-Rated in to pitch now.
Prove me wrong as I am a Pepsi fan not a Coke fan.

Typical leyland over-managing move.
Trumbo on deck who was matered by Turner.

Like I say—OVER-RATED. And it’s only gonna get worse before this inning is over.

Halos bat 6 points more against LHP but Detroit have no RHP until the 8th

There goes that stupid left arm up in the air on a LONG fly ball. I swear Coke thinks he’s a hero when he sees the other team hit the ball in the air.

Why Purcey is dressed like Coke?

And the first run is on Turner account

We are not hitting nore are we managing like we are ain a pennant race.
Coke has been completley unreliable. .

And the stupid fan that ran on the field when Turner had a 3-2 count on Kendrick. He had come back from 3-0 and that stupid fan broke his rhythm. That walk caused the over-managing on Leyland’s part.
I wonder if Leyland even thinks about thes decisions as mistakes?

He was 97 pitches by then. It looked right but for the need to use an LHP

Boesch has to be getting frustrated. he has mashed the ball all day off one of the best pitcher sin the game and has nothing to show for it.
Coke was unable to throw even ONE good pitch. Not even ONE.

Turner has had the same kind of misfortune in the Minors this year. Lot of games with not much run support.

Turner can throw more than 97, especially with Trumbo coming up. Bad move by leyland. No way I want Coke pitching to Trumbo.

In his Majors debut , no pitcher usually goes that far

Magglio was able to reach third. Good for someone who cant run

The Angels are playing baseball and we are playing scrub.
How ridiculous is Ordonez not scoring on that play? No slide (guess he “thinks he can dance” like VMart did. That is not baseball. You go hard and the fact they can even make a throw home after a force at 2nd indicates how slow he is on the base paths. We have seen this way too many times this year. We are playing like we are going to lose.
There shouldn’t even have been a play at the plate but the fact Magglio doesn’t go in sliding and hard is mind boggling.
This team will be so much better off without him next year. This year we will have to endure someone struggling to reach .250 and drive in 40 runs. And being run up there game after game by his manager.
We’d been better off trading Magglio than Wells.

Erase comment. Runnes on first and third. You go to home to force the throw and keep the inning alive. But they were able to made the DP?

Is this another throw away game by JL? Why does he save his bullpen on the days BEFORE Verlander starts? Can anyone explain?

Meanwhile C(h)oke continues to flail. Trumbo proves my point about why would you want Coke pitching to him?
Coke cost us this game (along with Leyland) in a pennant race.
Poor Turner-What a crappy experience for him in the bigs. He might be wishing he was traded after watching this perfomance.
The Angels do everything right out there defensively, Bourges has killed us in CF with his D.
Please acquire some speed for this team next year. Watching Ordonez, and Cabrera and Martinez constantly running in sand drives me crazy. I can live with Cab and Victor but to complicate ordonez’s shortcomings with the lack of any kind of speed seems a bit stupid.

The SOC does another save the bullpen and throw the game. Coke should have gone after the first or second hit by pitch run scored.

Dan, I was hoping Wells would be Ordonez’s replacement next year. If not this year. This club is dysfunctional, top to bottom. But the fans still fill the seats.

i can understand given his history why Maggs didn’t barrell thru the home plate, but he should have already scored from 2B not taking the base on the fumbled wild pitch earlier.
Along with his defense, these issues pretty much make Maggs useful only as a PHer.

6 stolen bases that’s just horrible

Starting pitching was an issue, but how maby games are we in or close to being and and this pen always puts it out of reach, there is little or no opportunity to get back into it? No miracle comebacks, and no mojo for this team this year because then pen doesn’t allow it. And I am not in pqrticular getting on Coke I felsz has has done a lot more good than bad, but just the combination is not good for some reason.

We ned more relief help.

Make a list. We also get 12 runs in a win then get 5 hits and a run the next day. It’s no one thing that holds this club back.

Well there was some bad luck today. They often look brutal offensively but that usually means they are striking out a tonne. Not today.
This team disintegrates on demand. They can play well then look like a bush league team the next day..
Too many guys swinging at 1st pitches, Carlos swinging on a 3-0 pitch at a time where it made no sense at all. The hitting slump on this team is universal. It seems that everyone can’t hit at the same time. This has happened a whole lot of times this year. Other teams seem to be able to have a couple of guys keep hitting while others aren’t. We have guys that must be all drinking from the same trough.
Changes please. Get Magllio out of there. Recognize the fact that when someone’s wheels are gone that you need either make them a DH or you play someone else.
Since we already have a DH then that would mean Ordonez is out of a job. Get Dirks in there. Yes, I agree Rich, I was waiting for Wells to fill that role too.
Not sure why Coke seems to be so valued by staff and fans. I found him frustrating last year (when the games mattered). he could not win as a starter this year (yes I know all the stories about run support). Fact is he couldn’t win.
Nothing can be done about that other than to not pretend he is some kind of salvation out there. you have to realize what you are gonna get—that you never know what you are gonna get. That’s his problem.
Tough break for Turner. He deserved better.
They have some work to do with him though with holding runners adequately. It was a problem from the gitgo and one that I thought would be a “turnering” point as the game progressed. you could see the Angels were not gonna abandon their game plan.
Weird eh? That a manager can actually employ a game plan in baseball? We’re not used to that much.
Tigers continue their poor play on nattional TV. Every time I watch them on the big screen I come away disappointed it seems.

Well, I just got home from work a little while ago and will watch the game after I walk the dog. Not having seen Turner, maybe they just wanted him to concentrate on pitches and not holding runners. After all, we don’t know if he is staying with the club or some other team is willing to make a nice trade for him after seeing his potential.

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