Tigers calling up Turner, closing in on deal

Forget about Tigers top prospect Jacob Turner going to Colorado. It appears the right-hander is coming to Detroit. But if the Tigers can complete trade talks in the coming hours, it also appears that it won’t be a long stay.

Turner was abruptly scratched from his scheduled start for Double-A Erie last night and left the SeaWolves, who were in Akron for a weekend series. That move, which was confirmed Friday night, prompted speculation he was about to be traded, especially after a Foxsports.com report suggested the Tigers were willing to include him in a trade package for Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez.

Instead, he’s expected to be called up by the Tigers to start Saturday night against the Angels at Comerica Park in what would be his Major League debut. SI.com’s Jon Heyman first reported the call-up.

Now, that start is sounding more like a spot assignment. CBSSports.com’s Danny Knobler reports that the Tigers are hopeful of completing a deal today with the Mariners for right-hander Doug Fister. That trade could include Tigers left-handed prospect Charlie Furbush, Knobler reported.

It wouldn’t be the blockbuster some might have hoped the Tigers would do with Jimenez, but it would fill Detroit’s fifth starter void quite nicely without forcing Detroit to sell out its farm system. Though the 27-year-old Fister owns a 3-12 record, his 3.33 ERA ranks 20th among AL starters, ahead of every current Detroit starter not named Justin Verlander. His 1.17 WHIP ratio ranks 15th.


Heyman: Fister dealed to detroit

Knobler figures it’s Furbush and Wells for Fister and Pauley. Hate to see Casper go. The guy is an athlete and he has “looseness” about him that will help him handle the rough times and slumps that are inevitable.
I hope he’s wrong about Wells being included. I would much rather have seen Thomas or Raburn go.

Fister and Pauley, 2.25 era , 0.99 whip, rhp,ASG material, for Wells, Furbush and who else?

I wonder what the “PLUS” means too! It can’t mean Purcey because that would mean “MINUS” so perhaps cash?

Best of luck to Charlie and Casper. Particularly Casper. I hope he sets the world on fire in Seattle. We missed the boat on him. We should have put half the effort at given him playing time than has been afforded Raburn or Inge.

Fister’s regular turn in the rotation would normally be tomorrow. Maybe they’ll slot him in for Monday and give Max an extra day?

The other shoe just dropped:
Francisco Martinez from Erie.
This means they are totally committed to Castellanos. Martinez has MLB potential.This is good trade for the Mariners.
I think it will be good for us as well.

We need another lefty in the pen. I’d keep Below and give him a shot at it. Turf Purcey.

Monday is an off day.
Can’t say as I’m happy about this one. We gave up Furbush, Wells, and Martinez for Fister and Pauley. Pauley had a good first two months and has been pretty poor the last two months. No good track record before, either. We should have kept Wells and held out Martinez for a different transaction. Bad deal. Desperation. Sorry.

Hang on Rich because it might get worse for you. The latest has it that ANOTHER player to be named going to the Mariners may be “significant”.
I’m surprised by the Martinez inclusion myself.
Let’s make the best of it and give Fister the support he needs. I can’t say as I know much about Pauley other than he has decent stats this year. Good WHIP. Walsk less than 3 per 9 IP

Martínez is a venezuelan from the Tiger´s academy here. His manager in the summer league said las t week that he sees him ready to MLB.I guess that Castellanos is blocking any further development for him.
This year the divion is them to lose. The Indians depends on rookies, White Sox are trying to win while reducing payroll and Twins are riden with injuries.
So is a win now, keep my seat situation. Anyway, the core of the team is under control till 2014. Verlander, Scherzer,Fister if he delivers, Cabrera, Martinez, Boesch, Avila, Jackson,Dirks.

I’m fine with Fister alone for the right price. I think Pauley is an unknown commodity, judging from his performance so far. We’ve already overpaid. The “significant name” could be anyone from Brandon Inge to Carlos Guillen.
One good thing is that when Pauley comes into a game we can all go “Yo Pauley!” I don’t think we’ve improved our chances at all. Perhaps a GM on the hot seat shouldn’t be allowed to make any trades I definitely have a different viewpoint than management when it comes to what kind of team to put in Comerica Park.

Fister is 1-6 against the AL central including 1-1 against the Tigers.

So I guess we’ll see another minor deal involving Purcey or a DFA. I think it’s a good deal for Detroit it fills some obvious holes. The only sad part is Casper, but really when was he ever going to play? Maybe next year he could platoon with Dirks in Maggs spot. Martinez sounds like has potential, but you gotta figure he’s at least 2-3 yrs away with Castellanos ahead of him. A lot can happen in a few years😉.

Pauley since June 6, nearly two months worth:
19 IP 20 H 10 R 10 BB 14 SO 2 HR 4.74 ERA .267 BA .368 OBP .440 SLG
If you’re going to use stats, you have to include trends. This is the part of the deal I don’t like. JL is going to run him out there everytime a starter takes a deep breath.

I suspect they would promote Castellanos now. Makes sense. (By that I mean to Erie)

Yikes–that is bad. When I heard they were going for a reliever I was hoping it would be Brandon League.

Sure has been and will be an interesting day. not to be forgotten is how to hit. We need to be able to scratch out something vs Haren.
I’d rather see Dirks in there again than Maggs. I don’t have much confidence in Maggs right now. He was doing OK but you know the singles game and the lead feet really gets to me. I pretty much give up on anything that is hit to RF that isn’t hit 200 feet straight up.
VMart really impressed me yesterday. He probably is the real MVP on this team.
He has even given us some pretty decent games behind the plate. He has solved the riddle of the DH position that has for so long been ineffective here, even with Sheffield..
Ramon had an excellent game and looked like a spark plug to me yesterday.
Still waiting for MCab to assert himself. His numbers may readout OK but he looks “off” to me.

Cabrera looks “off” to me too, but I can’t put a finger on it. I think perhaps his ABs look different. I’d agree with Victor as MVP on the offensive side. I really thought he’d get more starts behind the plate, but that’s JL. Certain parts of his lineups are etched in stone. I was wondering if they may want to reward Santiago with the start at secondbase today, but probably not.
I’ve always had a good impression of League. Since we didn’t get him, I didn’t look up his numbers. Maybe Pauley will work out, but I figure I may as well put it out there and be either right or wrong. If not, we get accused of hindsight.

I agree with Rich about Cabrera. This deal looks good if Pauley can turn it to his “prior to june 6th” form! I’d still like to get another reliever – maybe trade Below or Oliver for one.

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