Another Tigers trade? Maybe, but not big

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski didn’t rule out another trade before Sunday afternoon’s non-waiver Trade Deadline. But judging from his remarks, if something does happen, it’s likely to be a smaller swap. The roster, for the most part, is set.

“I don’t know if we’ll do anything,” Dombrowski said Saturday afternoon after announcing the trade for Doug Fister and David Pauley.

“I mean, we continue to talk to people, see if there’s ways to make our club better. Again, you never tell what comes out of the blue at this point. Anything can come out of the blue. But our starting pitching, we feel this solidifies our starting rotation. We’re not going to make any moves with our positional players. The way our club settles is the way it is. I guess if there’s one spot that came out of the blue, it might be a bullpen situation, but if we finished here, we’d be happy.”

The Tigers reportedly remain in the mix for Colorado starter Ubaldo Jimenez, but it’s difficult to see them pulling off a deal unless the Rockies’ asking price drops dramatically. After reports Friday night suggested the Rockies wanted Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer, Dombrowski said Saturday that any trade discussion involving their current starters is and has been a non-starter.

“We have never, ever contemplated trading anybody off our starting staff at this level,” Dombrowski said. “That never has been part of any conversations. Have we been asked for that? Yes. Have we ever contemplated or talked about that? No.

“And when you really stop and think about it, it would make no sense whatsoever, because you’re trying to plug a hole and you just created another hole.”

Conceivably, the Tigers could trade a starter and upgrade to another starter now that Fister is in the fold. But the core group of the Tigers rotation looks very much intact. When Dombrowski talked about his starting staff and where Turner fits in, he talked about them as a long-term group.

Ace Justin Verlander is under contract for three more seasons. Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer don’t hit free agency until the same time. With that in mind, part of the appeal for the Tigers with Fister was that they can keep him for four more years after this before he can become a free agent.

“We’re very happy,” Dombrowski said. “All of a sudden, you look forward and we’re in a spot where you have Verlander and Scherzer and Porcello, who we can see now starting to dial it up like he’s capable, and Fister, who’s a very good pitcher. Four young guys, four guys for an extended period, and we still have Jacob Turner behind them.”

The most likely area for a last-second deal would be the bullpen, where Charlie Furbush’s trade to Seattle removes arguably the most versatile piece of Detroit’s relief corps. More than a long reliever, Furbush was finding his way into specialist situations at times after moving out of the rotation, given his high-strikeout arsenal.

Daniel Schlereth now appears likely to stick around along with Phil Coke, but the Tigers still have to help David Purcey rediscover his command given his recent spat of walks. They could also yet find a seventh-inning arm to complement Al Alburquerque, who remains unavailable while the team medical staff addresses inflammation around his right elbow.


At least it wont be Grissom.He is been taken by Arizona

Pauley is not the 7 th inning man?
Uehara is a big trade by definition so who could be?

Well there was some bad luck today. They often look brutal offensively but that usually means they are striking out a tonne. Not today.
This team disintegrates on demand. They can play well then look like a bush league team the next day..
Too many guys swinging at 1st pitches, Carlos swinging on a 3-0 pitch at a time where it made no sense at all. The hitting slump on this team is universal. It seems that everyone can’t hit at the same time. This has happened a whole lot of times this year. Other teams seem to be able to have a couple of guys keep hitting while others aren’t. We have guys that must be all drinking from the same trough.
Changes please. Get Magllio out of there. Recognize the fact that when someone’s wheels are gone that you need either make them a DH or you play someone else.
Since we already have a DH then that would mean Ordonez is out of a job. Get Dirks in there. Yes, I agree Rich, I was waiting for Wells to fill that role too.
Not sure why Coke seems to be so valued by staff and fans. I found him frustrating last year (when the games mattered). he could not win as a starter this year (yes I know all the stories about run support). Fact is he couldn’t win.
Nothing can be done about that other than to not pretend he is some kind of salvation out there. you have to realize what you are gonna get—that you never know what you are gonna get. That’s his problem.
Tough break for Turner. He deserved better.
They have some work to do with him though with holding runners adequately. It was a problem from the gitgo and one that I thought would be a “turnering” point as the game progressed. you could see the Angels were not gonna abandon their game plan.
Weird eh? That a manager can actually employ a game plan in baseball? We’re not used to that much.
Tigers continue their poor play on nattional TV. Every time I watch them on the big screen I come away disappointed it seems.

Cleveland gets the prize! Apparently they are very serious about THIS year. They landed Jimenez

No speed, no clutch hitting, no middle relief. Pennant race here we come.

Its more than clutch hitting and defense. After watching the first three games of the series ( thursday live), it is easy to see why the Angels contend every year and the Tigers contend for 3/4 of a year. The angels play the right way. They run out ground balls, they dive for balls on defense, and just act like they want to win. I ‘m so tired of watching professional baseball players jog down the line after hitting a groundball. That falls on the manager and the organization. Babcock doesnt put up with that. Why would Illitch allow his manager to put up with that?

The Indians put up 4 in the last with another walk of HR. Good luck to them with the obvious team chemistry evident every time I see them play.
I sure hope we don’t win this thing going 500 since the middle of June.

With divisional games dominating thru to the end, you would have to think one team is going to get hot. Shake my head that the Indians keep looking like the main competition, though Chisox and Twins keep hanging around like a bad smell.
Has to be the wierdest divisional tortoise race for some time.

I might be crazy, but I like Fister and his numbers this year better than Jimenez, in fact he gave up 4 runs in 1 inning and really has been no great shakes all year. I hope I don’t live to regret that. Fister has been way more consistent and while I hate losing Casper, well it wasn’t horrible.
Ya Cleveland came back tonigt because they could, because the pen didn’t put it out of reach. We need pen help, and Purcey isn’t it.

Ya a divsion that nobody seems to want to win.

Well, I just finished watching the game and besides the score, thought it was great. Haren is a tremendous pitcher and always seems to have our number. Nice debut for Turner. Yea, the bp just blew it up. Maybe we win if the score is held close. I don’t have a problem with Magglio. He hits more like Polanco and that’s OK as long as he’s getting on base. The announcers had some nice things to say about the history of the franchise and how great a baseball town Detroit is. The skyline and park looked beautiful. Haren threw 9 innings. How often do we see that? Can’t watch live tomorrow so I’m wishing the Tigers all my best. Go Justin and Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a win.

I just finished looking at most of it myself. Bad luck today. Cabrera scorches one that goes right into Haren’s glove for a DP. Peralta lost a game tying homer to the wind blowing in. Borgous gets credit for cutting off Cabby’s 7th inning drive that kept him to a single and setting up the game changing play. Magglio coming from thirdbase on that play was just sad. No speed, and an understandable unwillingness to initiate contact with the catcher. This is one of the slowest teams I’ve ever seen. Man, I wish we’d kept Wells. Coke has just been plain bad.
That’s the kind of pitching you can expect from Turner as he matures. I am hoping someone down there is working on holding runners.
Cleveland paid a high price for Ubaldo. A very high price. And when our PTBNL is named, we’ll see that we got fleeced. Unless Pauley develops into a consistently good reliever, that is.

Was very disturbed to hear about the quality of the PTBNL. Heard he was significant but never thought it would be another rated prospect.
Seattle did very well on this and will see returns for years. They have 4 chances that one of these prospects make it. Hopefully we did well too.
The trade does keep the payroll down and Fister should be around a while. Hopefully that works out for us this year but our club may not give him any more support than his old club did. When this team goes funky almost evryone joins the parade.
We still have Perry and Ni in Toledo if they don’t find another arm.

The stat that seals this deal had to be made is the stat in Chri Iott’s article that the Tigs are 18 games over 500 with their first 4 starters and now a collective 4-17 with the various No. 5’s.
The price was high, but given the way we have chewed thru the farm’s starting prospects this year, we really no choice. Fister should turn out to be an astute low cost, long term starter for the team with any production from Pauley icing on the cake. Sure glad they came from the AL and without any potential contract hangovers.
The trades should remove any possible excuses for this season, though I have the feeling Mr I. is going to want some management changes regardless unless the Tigs win the division comfortably and aquit themselves in the playoffs.
Interesting the SOC stated “I told him (Turner) like I tell them all, (kidding, of course) ‘make sure your parents get here early, just in case it doesn’t go too good.'”
I am no psychologist but have enough experience and management/business training to know that negative statements, even in jest is just dumb particularly coming from those in charge and directed towards rookies.

Dan, who is the player to be named later? I hadn’t heard anything yet.

The other thing I wanted to say is that there is no shame in losing to Dan he is pitching as well as anybody right now. The shame is the inability to keep it close. Their closer is good but breakable but we ddnt even get a chance to see him because it was out of hand.

How’s this for a lineup using what passes for regulars in JL’s mind:
You have Boesch in front of Cabrera, where he excels. Ordonez and his penchant for well placed singles goes after the big boys to clean up any baserunners left over. Cabrera gets more ABs and hits in the first inning. Doesn’t this make much more sense?

Good lineup. Boesch really might do significantly more damge in front of Cab. The big thing about Boesch is his strike zone. In front of Ordonez it’s huge-nose to toes. In front tof Cab it’s more like a strike should be. The pitchers can’t afford to mess around with him when Cab on deck. Ordonez, yes they gleeflujlyu can mess around with Brennan. Ordonez is also a perfect DP possibility so if BB walks they still have a chance to get out of trouble. Nice lineup though I’d have Avila ahead of betemit.

gk—the PTBNL is likely one of the followong:
Smyly (who threw a shutout last night after being moved up), Ruffin or Brantly (a catcher)

Sunday lineup

1.Austin Jackson, CF
2. Brennan Boesch, LF
3. Magglio Ordonez, RF
4. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
5. Victor Martinez, DH
6. Jhonny Peralta, SS
7. Carlos Guillen, 2B
8. Alex Avila, C
9. Don Kelly, 3B

Betemit must be on the naughty boy bench.

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